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Opinions 02/2011

Yummy yummy in my tummy



      Looking for some great tasting pho? Yummy Yummy will not disappoint. Their southern style Vietnamese cuisine is one of the best in San Francisco, and I’m not alone in thinking so. Many critics on Yelp have rated Yummy Yummy with having great food and a friendly atmosphere, and I absolutely agree with them. Their food is always fresh, and it lives up to its name. It is Yummy Yummy.

    Yummy Yummy’s pho is simply delicious. One can taste the freshness of the broth instantly as it enters their mouth, and the taste isn’t overpowered by cilantro. The beef is soft, tender and never dry. Their regular sized bowls are a generous size too. I can never finish a whole bowl by myself. The price for their pho ranges from seven to nine dollars.

    If one does not have a taste for pho, their menu is filled with other delicious dishes. My personal favorite is their chicken noodle soup. It’s rich in flavor and tastes like no other. They put garlic in the broth that gives it its special kick. The taste is simple but not boring. They don’t try to add extra ingredients to make the taste stick out. The simpler, the better. Their imperial rolls are never disappointing. They’re crunchy on the outside and flavorful on the inside. In the mood for something exotic? Try their raw beef salad. It’s a special Vietnamese dish that only certain restaurants have. It may not sound appetizing, but keep an open mind and give it a try. It has thin slices of raw beef in lemon juice topped with peanuts, cilantro, onions, and mint leaves. They also serve it with a small bowl of sweet and sour sauce to pour over the meat. It’s definitely something not to pass up.

    The Service is great as well. Food is always served with a smile and never hesitate to ask for anything. The waiters and waitresses are always polite and kind. They want everyone’s experience at Yummy Yummy to be enjoyable. The tables and silverware are always clean, and their condiments are always fresh.

    Yummy Yummy is located on Irving and Eleventh Ave. It’s more convenient to get to by bus than by car, because that area has high demand for parking spaces. During the afternoon or dinner hours there might be a wait, but it’s definitely worth it and the wait shouldn’t be longer than 15 minutes.



4 out of 5 stars


by Crystal Lee

Comic Fans Unite!

               Just recently, several comic books series have been turned into movies, whether they are adapted from popular series such as Batman, Spiderman, or the Superman series, or uncommon series such as “V for Vendetta” and “The Watchman.” Since the release of the latest Batman remake, The Dark Knight, there has been a widespread interest in making movies based off of comic books. This interest rose to the point where Disney decided to buy Marvel Comics. Overall, comic books should just stay as comic books. The multiple changes to the plot and poor acting skills are disappointing to fans.

                Comics like Marvel or DC have been well enjoyed by fans since their childhood, and its true there are occasional well made movies. Spiderman (directed by Sam Raimi) for example was a recent remake that was a success with Toby Maguire doing a satisfying job portraying the character Peter Parker. But the sequels on the other hand weren’t as dazzling. Sure, it’s great fan service seeing the original reprising their roles and additional new members. However they lacked the excitement of the original movie since the sequels concentrate more on action scenes and flashy costumes rather than the story line. If the movie director plans on creating a movie based off comic books they should leave it without a sequel. The Dark Knight is another good example. The director, Christopher Nolan, did a poor job writing the script for this movie. Just like his other project, “Batman Forever,” he once again made a movie that lacked interest and contains poor ratings .The fight scenes are good enough to keep you awake, but the story overall was short and blasé. If it were not for Heath Ledger playing the Joker, the movie would have overall sucked. The supporting cast seemed to all be dead, other than the nameless characters who were really working the movie. The actor playing as Batman himself was difficult to hear due to his voice sounding like he had a sore throat whenever he was in the Batman costume. The man who was supposed to be Two-Face was found to be inaccurate, mainly because of the fact he shows up half way into the movie and dies early on, leaving all of Gotham to blame the Batman. But that’s not the actor’s fault, it’s the writers. The latest movie-comic remake, The Green Hornet (directed by Michel Goundry) wasn’t as exciting as the trailers made it to be. Actor Jay Chou lacked facial expression throughout the movie, making him to be more laughable than admirable. COMIC FANS UNITE!

                Comic books shouldn’t be made into movies. Even if they are, the director should be benevolent towards the fans everywhere and keep it at one movie; mainly because of they make the whole thing immensely inaccurate. It’s true it’s the director’s job to create their own version of the comic book series, but that doesn’t justify that they should change or include a random additional part to the storyline just to shorten it enough into a 2 hour movie. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a great example of plot change overload. The fact they include a random actors/character into the storyline as a love interest to the main character, and the fact that the writers randomly change their origins is really redundant. Wolverine and Sabretooth are not siblings people! Overall, comic books should just stay as they are, and obsessed movie fans should just read the comic book if they’re really interested in the series. Directors should also give up on the idea of bringing comics to life, because so far they have been doing a horrible job. As soon as they receive information of a success, they’re bound to bring their own downfall by making several endless sequels. If directors have a heart they would either stop making sequels or plain out stop filming.



by Helen Moy

Vegetarian vs Vegan

    “Can you eat eggs? How come you drink milk?” These questions are among the most common questions I get asked being a vegetarian. It is amazing how little people know about the differences between being vegetarian and vegan.

    Being vegetarian means one doesn’t eat any meat products. Meat products do not include dairy products such as milk or eggs. It basically means vegetarians do not eat anything that has a heart or eyeballs. Being vegan is what many mistake vegetarians for being. Vegans are the people who do no eat any meat or animal products. These products include milk, cheese, butter, honey, and egg. Like the many people that can’t stand the thought of being vegetarian, I can’t stand the thought of begin vegan! Having to live a whole lifetime without ice cream is terrifying.

    As a vegetarian or vegan, it is harder to get your daily doses of vitamins and proteins because those can be easily obtained from meat products. It is even harder for a vegan since they can’t eat or drink any animal products. But as an alternative, vegans drink almond milk, soymilk and eat other soy products.

    A response I usually get from the people who find out I am vegetarian is amazement or shock. One response I got from sophomore Douglas Wong was, “How could you live without meat? I would DIE without it.” Personally, I don’t think it’s the end for the world to not eat meat. My whole family is vegetarian, and there are tons of foods we can and do eat. Pus nowadays there are vegetarian meats that are made of soy and vegetable products. Sure we eat vegetables, fruits, and tofu. But we can also eat pizza, burgers, fries, tofurkey, and much more. Vegans of course, can’t eat the pizza, because of the cheese, which is terrifying to me as well.

    The difference between vegetarians and vegans is simple. Vegetarians don’t eat meat. Vegans are vegetarians that also don’t eat any animal products., As the vegetarian population expands, people should know these simple differences. It isn’t rocket science, and you won’t sound foolish to any vegetarian of vegan!



by William Tien

Quickly or Teaway?

Which is better?

Tapioca competition on Irving Street: Teaway versus Quickly. Who wouldn’t want a drink their way? Teaway opened in 2009 and it has become a sensational success. From cheap prices, self-serve tapioca jellies, and pretty decent service, this place is much better than Quicklys.

Quickly is the only international bubble milk tea shop. But on irving, now that Teaway has arrived, they have taken Quickly’s customers because of better quality and service. Teaway is now the new Quickly’s.

The employees at Quickly’s do not really know how to speak English and are disrespectful at times. They take their time making drinks. Every time I’ve been to Quickly there have been only one or two employees working to serve many customers waiting in line. I prefer small tapioca balls, but every time I go to Quickly’s it seems that they only have big tapioca balls. The employees working there tell me they don’t have then that day or tell me to wait. It’s an item on their menu, they should have it all the time.

My first experience at Teaway was very delightful. Although it was crowded, the line moved fairly quickly. I ordered a regular sized durian shake for $2.99. The shake was whisked with the perfect amount of ice, tasting very refreshing! Even though Quickly’s has more varieties, Teaway’s drinks have better redundant flavors, whereas Quickly’s is more watery.

On 22nd and Irving, this has caused a controversy about who the real copycats are. Quickly’s claims to have been on the block first, but Teaway claims to have self-serve first. Go to Teaway for a more preferred taste!


by Lisa Lam

Dear Anny,

Dear Anny,            

            I’ve had a boyfriend for more than six months, and I finally had sex with him after all the begging he did. I didn’t like it, and I really don’t want to do it again, but he keeps on insisting. I feel like ending the relationship, but I’m scared, what should I do?

Dear Confused,

           Deciding to have sex is a big decision, and it's important for you to feel comfortable and ready.  I would advise you to talk to your boyfriend about it. He might not know how you feel, and if you tell him, hopefully he will understand. It isn’t a bad thing that you do not want to have sex. If you don’t like having sex then you shouldn’t. It is wrong for someone to make you do something you don’t want to. If you feel you are not ready you shouldn’t feel bad.  If he doesn't understand, then it sounds like ending the relationship is best for both of you.

Dear Anny,

           My friends are doing drugs and drinking alcohol. I want them to stop but they won’t, so what should I do?

Dear A Good Friend,

            It’s good that you are concerned for your friends’ well-being. If you have already tried telling them that they shouldn’t do drugs and drink alcohol but they still will not stop, then maybe you should find a new group of friends to be with, especially if you do not want to be surrounded by that kind of environment.  It’s hard to be the one to stand up and say, “That this is good, and this is bad,” but in this case it’s for your own health. You can still be friends with them, and you can also decide it would be best if you were not with them while they are doing those sort of things. Like I said, if you have already tried convincing them to stop with the bad behavior, you have already done as much as you can. Now it is up to them whether they want to stop or not.

Dear Anny,

           What do you do when your family is physically fighting?

Dear Anonymous,

            If your family is physically fighting one another, the best thing to do is get some outside professional help. If someone at home is physically hurting you at home, you need to get help. Tell an adult that you trust that can help both you and your family resolve your issues in a non-violent way. You can always go to Lincoln’s Wellness Center and talk to either Jen or Ian about your conflicts that either you or your family is experiencing at home.

Dear Anny,
    If you’re pregnant and you really wan to keep the child, but living conditions aren’t that good and you’re still in school, trying to graduate on time, what would be the best thing to do?

Dear A Girl in Need,
            When you are pregnant, you have three choices: Adoption, abortion, or having a baby. You are the only one that can make this decision. It sounds like you want to keep the baby.    If so I would say you should tell your parents and your partner. This affects you, your partner, and both of your families. After telling your parents about your situation, then you need to decide upon what would be best for you and the baby. Being in this predicament, you cannot go through this alone. You need an adult’s help and advice. Another thing that to talk to your own family and decide where you’re able to take care of this baby with both the help of your family and partner. Once you do that, talk to your academic counselor or someone in the Wellness Center. They will come up with an academic plan to help you graduate on time.