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Editorial: "College Tuition: Cause of headaches for high schoolers!"


Thinking about college and everything that comes with it is very stressful for all of us here in journalism. Deciding what olleges to go to and writing personal statements play a small factor. But tuition is the main stressor. As the economy continues to plummet and college tuition continues to rise, any of us get discouraged by the outrageous fees that one has to pay just to attend school at a college or univsersity. Higher education should be more affordable. It would only be fair to make more financial opportunities available for people since tuitions are rising as well. 


Costs for tuition have gotten higher and higher each year, so much so that it becomes discouraging. Many people have to find different ways to pay. This results in people taking out huge loans that eventuallybuild up and cause people to have huge debt. Money issues discourage a lot of people from pursuing higher education, even more now that the economy has been plummeting. 


Rates for University of Californias have risen to about $30,000 a year on average. For California State Universities it’s about $23,000 a year. For Community Colleges in California the averages are about $15,000 a year. Private schools have an average of $45,000 a year. These costs don’t even include the meal plans that one has to pay while living on campus. 


These numbers are just one of the causes of headaches and confusion among us. One big question we ask ourselves is, “Is attending certain colleges worth it anymore?” By the time an average college student graduates from a four-year college or university, he or she would have spent between $50,000-$140,000 in all for their education. Tuition should really become more affordable for people otherwise some people who are well qualified become unable to attend.


College and universityprices also put a strain on families that actually try paying for them. Many obstacles that relate to money are faced, as scholarships and financial aid do not consider one’s current financial status. Rather, they consider your family’s previous year’s income. This causes a huge problem among some families because instead of helping one based on their current needs, they use information from the past to help the present, even though things could have changed.



A burden is put on families due to the fact that since higher education is so expensive, spending has to be cut and decisions on how to spend money are changed. One option is to take out loans, but it takes years after one graduates from college to pay them off. For example, Sara Falls, journalism advisor, took eleven years to pay off her debts from college loans. Some teachers here at Lincoln are still paying off their student loans; and that was back when tuition was at most a third of what they are now.



And all of this for what? With the current economic situation, even finding jobs after going through all this trouble of college is extremely difficult.



Basically there is a hidden requirement of entering and attending college: money. Along with getting exceptional grades and having stellar amounts of extracurricular activities, one also needs to have the money. This new requirement is definitely unfair for many as we are all affected by the economic recession Ameica is currently undergoing.


"How to pack your luggage for maximum use of space!"


by Jessica Wong


I was in a tough situation when I had to stuff clothes, shoes, toiletries, and other miscellaneous items to last me three weeks in one suitcase. I was travelling to Nicaragua, and the organization I was going with only allowed us to bring one suitcase.

Being a girl and having way too many items to bring, I was convinced that my belongings would not fit into my suitcase. Luckily after a few hours of trying different methods of packing, I discovered the most effective method of fitting all my clothes into one suitcase.

I start packing everything into my empty suitcase by putting shoes and toiletries in a corner. Then I place my rolled clothing in, around them. Neatly rolled clothes can easily be packed into a suitcase in several different ways, so I use the rolls to box in the items that are already in the suitcase. Lastly, I place socks and underwear in the pockets and sides of my suitcase. 

With these tips, you’ll hopefully have an easier and more pleasant time packing. You’ll worry less about packing so you can have more time to spend planning your fun vacation!



As many of us will be going away on vacation this summer, these tips will help you to pack your belongings while getting the most use out of the space in your suitcase.

1.     Divide clothes into shirts and sleeveless tops, long sleeve tops, pants, shorts, and dresses.

2.     Start with the shirts and sleeveless tops. Stack them neatly on top of each other. Press out any wrinkles and try to make the stack as flat as possible.

3.     Starting from the bottom of the shirts, tightly roll the stack of shirts up, and set them aside. You may place a rubber band around the rolled clothes if you want to.

4.     The same process can be done for long sleeves, with the extra step of folding the sleeves in before rolling them.

6.     Stack your jeans neatly on top of each other. 

7.     Fold one side on top of the other so the pants are folded in half. 

8.     Starting from the waist, tightly roll the stack of pants down the pant leg.

9.      The same process can be done for shorts.

10.    Dresses are a little trickier to roll, as they are most likely not all the same style. Use    your judgment to roll these the best you can.

"Can violence be the answer?"


by Douglas Wong


Violence can be the answer, depending on the situation. Violence or fighting has been around since the beginning of time, starting with the first organisms competing to survive to humans now fighting in wars. A person must expect violent consequences, if they harm another party.

              Fighting back against another person is a clear, justifiable reason for violence. If the system, specifically the school system, has failed to stop the amount of bullying a student receives, then it is time for that person to take it into their own hands. This is not encouraging anyone to kill a person, but instead to assert themselves. By asserting yourself, I mean by calling them out and standing up. In this case it is self-defense, making okay to react in this violent way.

           The main reason the United States is at war is because of the need for materials and resources. The conflict in the Middle East was started because of oil, our main source of energy, and the United States wanting to control the source. I do not believe fighting for oil is  quite justifiable when there are other methods of getting energy that we are not looking into.

             The Middle East is said to be the first place a civilization, Mesopotamia, blossomed. But of course in order for any civilization or empire to start, violence and fighting must happen to establish their power. In order to show that you can be a strong leader and be respected as one, fighting is generally the way to do so.

IMG_1232 copy.JPG

           The United States ended up invading Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan in order to find weapons of mass destruction and to find one person, Osama Bin Laden. According to the Washington Post, the United States has lost 6,365 soldiers ranging from age 20 to 59 since 2001. The trade for 6,365 soldiers for one man that ended up not even being in the area was not worth it. However I do realize that many more men and women in the Iraqi army and the so-called “terrorists” have died, not just Americans. The justifiability of the US violently entering is split. I believe it was correct to look for and kill Bin Laden, but it took much too long and instead of actually looking for al-Qaeda, they ended up using the group as a way to fight for oil.

           Slavery was a large part in all of the New World’s history and growth. Without slavery, we probably would not have quickly developed economically or culturally. But in no way am I saying the way they were treated it was correct. No person deserved to be put in such gruesome and horrifying situation and treating them that way was not even required when they already feared their masters. Violence or beating slaves was not needed at all.

           Justifying violence has many large twists and turns when addressing certain parts and whose point of view you are talking from. The main part of fighting, which is violence, is to expect consequences, consequences in a negative way. Look for them to hit you.

People in the Hallway



by Maiya Wilson



Q: If you could meet anyone who would it be?              

 A: Lebron James because he is my idol.                                                

-Jessica Garrett ,senior


 Q: If you were a worm, how long would you be?

 A: 2 inches from the ground.                                                             

-Nicole Hatfield, junior


Q: Did you dream last night?                                                                

A: Yeah, but I don’t remember it.                                                          

-Miles Gong, freshmen



 Q: Who is the hottest teacher you know at the school?  

 A: Ooo Mr. Keen is a baaad teacher!

-Cheray Piper, sophomore


Seen and Heard


“Have you ever made a video you weren’t proud of?”

“...I have.”

- Freshman girl with a 

mysterious secret



“Do you want half of my 


- Kind           Sophomore girl sharing her   mustache