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"The end has yet to come"

By Douglas Wong

    Is it really the end of the world on December 21, 2012? I would say absolutely not. Unless you’re of Mayan descent and follow your ancestors’ culture, but even then many of Mayan descendents deny the prediction altogether.
    The 2012 prediction of the end of the world is something that you cannot adopt if religious. The Mayan calendar was built based upon their religion, much like many holidays of the Gregorian calendar, like Christmas supposedly being the day Christ was born. Many religious books say nothing about the end of the world, unless you see it as a coming of the Messiah to help cleanse and restart the world, which is very unlikely as it is something I just invented. The Mayan calendar is cyclical just like the Gregorian calendar most people follow.  Saying a calendar ends at a certain day like December 31st does not mean the world ends. December 31st marks the end of that year, nothing more nothing less. It’s cyclical. The Mayans also saw their calendar as cyclical. Everything a person does follows a calendar. For example, our school calendar we follow, the SFUSD school year ends on May 25, Does this also mean it’s the end of the world? No, it marks the end of pain and torture for many students if not all.

Exploding Earth copy.jpg
    Predictions for the end of the world truly got their spotlight during the Y2K incident when data and digital technology were supposed to be destroyed. The Y2K problem never happened; the companies in the United States used millions if not billions of dollars in their attempt to correct a problem that never occurred. Machines just reset themselves. So the Y2K issue was never an issue.
    These predictions of the end of the world sometimes seem to be thrown out at random times, for example the prediction of the end of the world by Christian radio host, Harold Camping in October 21, 2011. After Harold Camping’s false prediction, he preached another date and never admitted he was incorrect about it. Instead, Camping stated that he miscalculated.
    I believe it is very hypocritical of people, not only atheists, to believe in two different religions, for example Christianity and the Mayan end of the world date.
    In the 2009 film, “2012”, Hollywood projected the 2012 prediction as natural disasters, such as tsunamis and volcano eruptions, destroying all seven continents. In the movie, the protagonists in the movie settled in Africa back where human life first originated by using large arks like Noah’s. Hollywood’s view of “the end of the world” was based on only how the director, Robert Emmerich, saw it. Emmerich tried to include a religious aspect and random science fictional aspects in the movie, two very controversial topics.
    People may believe the movie “2012” but forget the fact that it is not a documentary; it’s an action film. Their main motive for even making the movie was only for money, not to spread the truth. I do not even believe there is a single Mayan or anything related to the Mayans in the movie.
    If a person truly believes in the end of the world on December 21, 2012, spend all your money. Get everything you aspire to accomplish; these things are obviously impossible to do if dead. If you do strongly believe in the predictions, they should force a person to go for their goals. If you do not believe like me, see this “special” day as a regular one.

People in the Hallway

By Maiya Wilson


this guy.jpg

Q: What would you do during an earthquake?
A: Scream and run!

-Leon Jefferson, Freshmen


lupita copy.jpg

Q: What would you do if you were the opposite the sex for a day?
A: If I was the opposite sex for a day, since I have a boyfriend, I would mess with him, or, like, I would see what it’s like to go to the boys bathroom, or I would probably go out late at night.                                         

-Lupita Loeza, Senior


Kelvin copy.jpg

Q: Do you believe the world will end in 2012?
A: No, because it didn’t happen in 2001 or 2004

-Kelvin Minor, Senior


Christina copy.jpg

Q: Have you ever used the boys bathroom?
A: No, well in elementary school I did…actually a couple of times.

-Christina Horace, Senior

Lincoln Market v. Deli King

(The Competition Between Lincoln Market and Deli King)

By Maiya Wilson

     When asking what food service is better, Lincoln Market or Deli King (located on 22nd and Taraval) wins hands down.
    Lincoln Market has been around for years and serves its purpose when you want something quick like chips or a drink, but when it comes to food, Deli King is the place to go.
    From the reasonable prices and their delicious food, like their warm, toasted garlic bread that you have the option of adding cheese or chicken to, or their fresh handmade sandwiches, which they make from scratch to fit your liking, Deli King is winning the hearts of many Lincoln students and local residents.
        After several cases of students like myself, receiving food poisoning from the inedible food served at Lincoln Market they’re losing customers to the up and coming Deli King.
        DELI KING IMAGE copy.jpglincoln market copy.jpg

From the Lincoln Market’s rude service to the students who make up majority of their business, Deli King has them beat. The service there is remarkable and you’re able to get to know the owner who is kind and talkative to his customers.
    When the question comes up which local store is best, the answer should be Deli King because Deli King is here to stay.