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"A past principal reflects on past experiences"

By Maiya Wilson

          Gwan Chan who was principal here at Abraham Lincoln High School from 1992-1997 returns to Lincoln to reflect on her past experiences as principal.
          Ms. Chan, who has now retired from her days as principal and superintendant, has a lot of accomplishments on contributing to the Lincoln Mustangs traditions that are continued today.
          For Chan, Lincoln was completely different from what it is now. When arriving here from George Washington High School as assistant principal, Chan was a little reluctant to become principal at Lincoln high. Because of the rumors of Lincoln’s unorganized management of students and faculty, Chan came in determined and ready for a change.
          During the beginning of her term as principal, Chan believes that she was not welcomed. “I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. This place was a hell hole,” Chan reflecting on her first look at Lincoln. She vividly remembers students being independent for their own rules and their own wellbeing. The rules and expectations that Chan applied to the school were not followed by a majority of students. Chan expressed that she received several harassing phone calls and even letters from several different people including faculty and students.
         Chan’s first plan to turn Lincoln around was to paint the school inside and out. She wanted a fresh look with a fresh new start. Chan took it upon herself to introduce herself into the local neighborhood merchants to inform them not to serve students during school hours, at businesses such as the Lincoln Market. She assigned security guards to guard the exits of the school to prevent students from leaving.
         Chan wanted to, “get the word out that Lincoln is changing, and we are really going to be the best school in the city.” She had less than a year to get the faculty together to turn Lincoln around for its next accreditation visit. She wanted to start with getting support from the parents, which inspired Chan to bring back the PTSA. Slowly but surely, Lincoln was creeping its way to evolving to the school it is today.
        Chan believed that the care-free attitude of the students was not pleasant and had to be changed. Unsatisfied with the disorganization of homeroom, Chan came up with the idea of a principal’s cabinet meeting where each homeroom had a representative to feel they have a say regarding any concerns within the school.
     Filled with many ideas to turn Lincoln around, Chan received more hate by this time the faculty because of her actions and concerns regarding the students. Chan took away the faculty lunch room and parking lot to create more classrooms and a better environment for the students.
     Horrified by the number of different assemblies that were taking place every two to three weeks of school (which caused students to miss valuable time in class), Chan created the Brotherhood Sisterhood Assembly.  “I felt that we were all Mustangs, we should all be proud and work together and get to know each other,” Chan expressed with true passion. Next year will be Lincoln’s 20th anniversary of BSA. Chan believed that creating BSA would increase school spirit which was one of her main goals.
    Within three years of Chan becoming principal, Lincoln became more popular, and the enrollment rate increasing up to 3,000 applicants. But Chan believes that she cannot take all the credit for all of her accomplishments here at Lincoln. She believes that throughout the years she developed a great administrative team and a wonderful student activities director Ms. Kamkar, who she believes can also take credit for many of the changes that were made throughout the years at Lincoln.
       Chan believes that Lincoln High’s principal today, Barnaby Payne, is doing a tremendous job on carrying out the Lincoln traditions that Chan had once started. Chan, who became the San Francisco Unified School Districts superintendent, assigned Payne to become assistant principal here at Lincoln. Chan remembers Payne being reluctant to come to Lincoln High because of his years of working with Middle School students. Chan expresses to Payne that, “this is going to be the best thing for you, the best thing for the kids.”
      Chan expresses in reference of Payne’s leadership as principal that, “I’m extremely proud, more so because he brought with him his whole philosophy division for teaching students. I’m very pleased that he is carrying on the traditions, he is outstanding and I’m so happy he is here.”
      Happily retired from her days as principal and superintendent, Chan reflecting on her days here at Lincoln High feels, “I had my challenges here at Lincoln, but I’m so proud that the staff, students, the parents and the alumni have continued to carrying on the traditions and keep Lincoln I feel the most popular school going.”
      Lincoln High is currently one of the most popular schools in the SFUSD and is the number one school of choice thanks to Chan and her administrative of all their visions of evolving Lincoln to what it has become today.

"Nasty, putrid...maybe even squeaky clean?"

by Kimberly Alvarado
    Public bathrooms can be the nastiest things to come by… But they can also be enchanting. In places like Westfield mall and the De Young Museum, the bathrooms look as if they were built for kings. With a low budget in the school district, public schools do not have that kind of luxury for its bathrooms. Nevertheless, the bathrooms are suitable enough to be in a proper use… Usually. Problems with bathrooms can vary between how disgusting the bathroom is to the point where you are traumatized and will never again use a public bathroom again. I’m freezing, so why am I washing my icy hands with cold water? I really need to urinate, where are the toilet seat covers? I’m done using the toilet; let me go wash my hands. EW! Why is there hair in the sink?!
    Senior Johnson Zhao told me, “One time I walked in the boys’ bathroom and I walked into a stall and saw feces all over the toilet seat. It was so wet and damp… I feel bad for whoever used that toilet after.” But schools shouldn’t be blamed for the nastiness of disrespectful people who have no idea how to take care of their community’s toilets “I like the bathrooms,” sophomore Jocelyn Alvarado says. “People complain too much. The only problem I see with the bathrooms is the stuff left on the floors by other people. Toilet paper, pads, sometimes even people’s blood and poop! Come on, that’s GROSS!”
    Many people do not feel completely comfortable with using a public bathroom even if they have no problem with it’s cleanliness. Sometimes it’s the anxiety that is built up in people that keep them away from the bathrooms. An anonymous junior told me, “I like the bathrooms… They can be much worse. I don’t use them though, because, honestly, I’m afraid I might see something beyond gross and puke all over the place. Also, I am very self-conscious of people hearing me pee while I’m using the bathroom.”
    This trash and these habits cannot be prevented, but the cleanliness can be. One student, a junior named Jamani Holmes admits he has made a mess in the bathroom, and what he says is very shocking, “I don’t use the bathrooms, but if I ever do use them, it’s because of an emergency. When I go in there, I do dirty things. If there are no clean toilets or urinals when I walk inside, I pee in the corner, I remember last year during the PSATs or finals I had really bad diarrhea and I couldn’t find a clean toilet so I just went in the corner. I’ve also noticed some people don’t wash their hands, and that’s just nasty!”
  front page bathroom.jpg

     There are students who care about the cleanliness of the bathrooms, junior Julio Calero says he tries to do the best he can to keep the bathrooms clean and take care of it. He picks up after himself after, “doing his business.” In other ways too, he admires the bathrooms, “I love the art in the bathroom, you know, the graffiti on the second floor?”
     Everyone has a different story and opinion on what they really think about Lincoln’s bathrooms. While the janitorial staff does its best to keep it clean, there are over 2,200 people who have access to them every day.
     In conclusion, the cleanliness of the bathrooms is kept by the janitors, while many students come and make them filthy, whether you like the bathrooms or not, it is all our responsibility to keep Lincoln beautiful, especially its bathrooms. 

K & A: Advice Column

Dear Advice Column,
Should I shave my hair down there?
Dear SeaFour,
Pubic hair removal (if you want to do it or not) is up to you. You won’t die if you don’t, and you won’t set off a huge bomb that’ll blow up the universe if you do.  Of course, you just need to be safe if you do. Being safe means, shaving properly with the right foams, razors, wax, strips, and in the right direction of hair removal. If and when you do decide to shave your pubic hair, there are three very important things needed. The first is a sharp razor. You want a sharp razor, preferably new (especially if it’s your first time) because with a dull one it is very likely that you could gut yourself. (Trust me, no one wants their genitals to bleed.) You could also not get deep enough into the roots the way you want to. There are razors out there in places like Walgreens or Target that are especially made for trimming and removing pubic hair. For women, there are many more options, since they are the ones who shave body hair more often than men do. The second important thing is using foam, soap, or a shaving cream made for removing hair. I heard once you could also use baby oil, not only in the pubic area, but anywhere on your body, and it doesn’t leave any burns, rashes, or itching and leaves your skin baby smooth. Using one of these products really cleanses the pores and opens them up so you can really reach into the roots easily. The third is STABILITY! You need “finger motion swag.” No, not really, but you need to be very careful and gentle because every millimeter of the genital area is covered in very sensitive skin that is vulnerable to any bad care of the skin. You could infect your hair follicles, which can be mistaken for warts or even genital pimples, and you certainly do not want that! You could also get rashes or burns from shaving wrong. Another option is getting it professionally waxed at a salon, but just a little warning… IT’S A LOT OF PAIN!

Dear Advice Column,
How do I show PDA without actually showing PDA?
            -“Clementine Richards”
Dear “Clementine Richards”,
    Does love lurk in the air? Can you feel the love tonight? Can your hands not bear the loving sensation any longer? For the majority of the Lincoln student body and even its staff, there is a certain level when PDA is beyond inappropriate… or could even be really weird. When you are expressing love, not lust, in a public place, like a high school, to another person you want to show it in a sincere manner and not in a disrespectful way to the point where you’re connected by the tongue… or the crotch. When you do things like furious face-sucking, or dry-humping during passing period, not only are you disrespecting the person you’re with by making them look bad and dirty in front of everyone else present in the area, but you’re also disrespecting the environment around you. Many people do not want to see sex waiting to happen while they’re studying for a math test. Simple gestures of affection like holding hands, or a peck on the lips are great ways to show love in public. You don’t need to give the world a free porno to show that you really care about the person you’re with. You can even be affectionate without touching each other. Bringing balloons, flowers, gifts; decorate lockers, even posting an advertisement in The Lincoln Log asking your loved one to the next dance is great too! Don’t forget there is a difference between love and lust. “Lust is wanting to sleep with someone. Love is wanting to wake up to them in the morning.”

Dear Advice Column,
I was in a two year relationship with this guy at school until we broke up about four months ago. I’m still not over him, and whenever I see him at school I want to break down crying on the spot. This has been going on since school started, and I don’t know how to deal with it because he seems so happy without me. What should I do to help myself get over him and not feel so bad when I see him?
Dear Xio,
    Dark clouds leak rain, just as broken hearts cry tears. It’s a natural part of life. I bet you’ve searched for help everywhere, in every place, and the answers you got from everyone could probably add up to two words: Move on. Well, Xio, I’ll tell you this: Everyone knows break-ups are hard and horrible to go through, but we can all move on through it one way or another depending on how we cope or react to different situations, and I bet you can too. There are a couple of things you can do. One of them is move on and let go, but that can always be so hard, especially after being together for so long, and hurting over it for four months while he’s skipping around happily without you. Maybe that’s his way of moving on. He is trying to be happy, hoping that no one sees the pain he feels after the break-up too. Moving on could be getting to know more people, and I know it sounds silly, but if you believe you are happy without him, you will be and can be happy without him. Act that way, and do your best to be happy without him and the pain will go away. How about bonding time with your family and friends? Spending time with people who really love and care about you is a good distraction to avoid getting hurt, or feeling the need to carry on in life with him, when all he is doing is bringing you down. Another thing is channeling the emotion and into the perfect moment. Pick something you like to do, like a hobby. Many athletes, writers, actors, and singers use this technique to achieve a greater performance. They bottle up emotion and throw it all out on the field, on paper, and on stage. Then the emotion leaks out and empties itself out of you. Realistically speaking though, you can’t get over it in a day especially since you were together for two years! It will take some time to recover from the break-up, so hang in there and make sure to get lots of support from friends.

Dear Advice Column,
What acts of sexual experimentation could be performed whilst in the bedroom?
Dear Toast,
    You know what I like experimenting with? The legs. What I do is I cross them, and make sure no one gets in between them…. Unless safer sex methods are involved. Sex is pleasuring and fun especially when you’re experimenting with someone you are comfortable with, and communication is always a very important factor before leaving the batting box, and going to first, second, third, or home plate. Most importantly, safe and protected sex is even more fun! Sure, it may not feel as good, but you know what else doesn’t feel good? Knowing you’re a soon to be parent living a teenage life, and baby daddies are not so pleasurable and fun. Even if you are not having sexual intercourse and have just met a really fine-looking lad, or lady and would like to experiment with them in your bedroom, a condom or a vaginal protector would always be useful in those situations. You don’t want to have a one-night stand be an STD of a lifetime. That’s damaging physically and mentally, and can also be a little embarrassing if gossip spreads about your new wart. Anyway, depending on if you’re with a guy or a girl, everyone has different pleasuring spots, and everyone has different thoughts on what they prefer doing. Experimenting is very sensitive topic to talk about, especially because it all depends on what you want, feel, or think. Always be 110% sure that this is what you and your partner both want because you don’t want to go away with regrets, because no matter that situation, you may not be able to mentally take it and accept it. If you and your partner are both very comfortable with each other then don’t be afraid to go deeper, and what I meant by that is don’t be afraid of rubbing, and kissing new areas of the body. Make sure, you get your partner’s consent the entire time, and be aware that even if it feels nice for you, you can’t go on if your partner does not feel comfortable with it.

Keep your paws up.

"Come to the Writing Center!"

By Michelle Tran

    School is in session and students are struggling with English. Luckily Abraham Lincoln School offers a tutoring system called the Writing Center. It is located in NB6 every Tuesday afterschool.
    The Writing Center is available to everyone in all grades who are struggling with not only English assignments but also for other subjects related to writing or maybe a student would just like an extra pair of eyes to look over a report.
    The writing center was started by 10th grade English teachers Elizabeth Gladding and Shamira Gratch. The purpose of the Writing Center is to help students develop and improve their writing knowledge, especially for those who are learning English as a secondary language. Not only do  students who attend the Writing Center benefit, but the trained tutors, who are tested for their strong writing skills, learn by helping others as well. Like Ms. Gladding once said, “No good writer creates great work alone.”

    Many students may ask if the writing center improves their grades. According to the students who attend the Writing Center, some may tend to go from a D to a B improvement. Not only are there a grade improvements but the way a student’s work is processed as well.