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Lincoln Loggers 2013-2014

Junior loves desserts and SATs

by Liping Huang


   Well, maybe not the SATs. Jasprit Samra is too busy enjoying the little things in life, but he still has to deal with the future of his education. With hopes to go to college and graduate, Samra is working towards a great future.

   Although he is unsure about what he wants to major in, it will probably be a degree of science. His dream job is to be an engineer, so the two are a great combination.

   The road to college is very tough, with teens dropping out of highschool and just settling for less. But Samra is determined. He follows the motto of his favorite movie, "Finding Nemo."  When life gets him down, he "just keeps swimming," like Dory. He never wants to give up.

   Like Samra, his father is also a hardworker. His willingness to help the student and persistence to work hard has made him Samra's role model. "He works hard for his future," said Mr. Samra. "He gets it from me."

   Samra blows off the stress from school by reading, drawing and watching TV. His favorite book is Purple Heart, a dramatic novel about a soldier's battle in Iraq. He likes to draw real life portraits of nature and gorging on episodes of "Breaking Bad." His wide variety of interests make him an interesting character.

   SAT classes are an everyday thing for Samra, but when you love reading, it doesn't seem to difficult to achieve a high reading score. He is devoted to going to college, saying that these classes will help him in the long run to getting a good job.

   Even though Samra seems like a very serious guy with serious ambitions, he is also a teenager. That means he also gets himself into crazy situations, like trying to drive a car and denting the back of another car. He loves food, and specially his guilty pleasure, desserts.

   When life gives you harsh hurdles and troubling teen years, its easy to diverge and go off into the wrong direction. But follow Samra's recipe for success. Eat a cheesecake, watch Breaking Bad and draw some trees. And never give up. Its a surefire way to accomplish your dreams.

Senior at Lincoln has great vocal experience

by Jasprit Samra


      Many people do choir but not everyone does choir for over 12 years. Hans Oberschelp has been doing choir since first grade now he is a 17 year old senior at Lincoln. He was born in San Francisco in UCSF hospital. He has sang in 6 operas. One of them were in Obama 08.

      I asked Hans how you felt about choir he said, “Great part of my life most of my life, I can pick up anytime.” The hardest song he has ever sang was e.elegans. It is about amino acids that make up the worm “e.elegans.” “It was the weirdest hardest most ridiculous song in existence and we had to perform it,” Hans said. He started choir because his best friend was in it but his best friend quitted 8 years ago while he continued.

      “I actually joined choir on a whim.  My best friend was in it who ended up quitting  eight years ago and I joined becasuse I thought it would be fun to do a thing with him I guess,” Hans said. Hans took 2 international choir tours. One of them was in France when he was 12 years old. The second one was in Russia he was 15 years old back then. I asked Liping Huang about his opinion about Hans singing he said “I thought it was weird, doesn’t look like the type of person who  sings.”

Senior president hopes to rile up senior class

By Christine Ong


   Returning as a senior may be fun for some students, but for Liping Huang, senior class president, it is both nerve wracking and exciting. As the newly elected class president, Huang is looking forward to organizing an exciting senior year.

   He wanted to do something big to end the school year and felt confident about being able to relate to most of Lincoln’s demographic. As a person who naturally likes to hover from group to group, he does not find it difficult to talk to different types of people and his fellow school council members.

   “When I heard [he was running for president], I was surprised,” said fellow classmate Charlotte Woo. “He was always making the [K]ing [Liping] jokes, so I guess it’s kind of fitting that he would run for class president.”

   “I was interested in what he would address when he would have to say his speech in front of the class,” says Woo. “[I was] not surprised that he kind of started rapping, but it’s cool that he did like, a trilingual speech because that reached a lot more people.”

   Hearing the outcome of the election was the most difficult part for Huang. “That was the hardest part, just waiting in homeroom for the results.” During homeroom, Ms. Valerie Ziegler called Huang down to her room to tell him the news. “It was like the greatest feeling in the world,” Huang reminisces.  After leaving Ziegler’s classroom, he started telling everybody he knew starting with the first person he saw in the hallway.

   Initially Huang feared disappointing the seniors in their last year of high school and not being able to accomplish anything, but as he settled into the position of President, he felt excited about the upcoming year. “I’m looking forward to showing my school spirit and working hard for the class of 2014,” says Huang.

   His biggest wish is to get the class of 2014 riled up and spirited, “but it’s kind of hard,” he admits. He plans to rile up the crowd by participating in events with the students and cheer along with the crowd.  Huang believes, “If you exude excitement and dynamic passion, people are sure to follow.” 

Lincoln student lives a secret entrepreneurial life

by Hans Oberschelp


   Have you ever thought of publishing a book? Starting a business?  Creating an industry? Alan Lew has done all these things, or at least tried. Lew has the passion to take himself seriously. Where other people laugh at their own ridiculous hypothetical schemes, Lew has the courage to make his ideas a reality.

   In his sophomore year, Lew published his short book, "The List" to get the attention of a girl he liked, Stephanie. "The List" followed a brief history of Lew's life leading up to a bet he made with a friend to accomplish a list of tasks before the end of the year. Lew sold 15 copies of the book, about breaking even on publishing fees, and also got the attention of Stephanie. More importantly, however, Lew got a taste for creative entrepreneurship that would inspire future ideas.

   The summer after his Junior year Lew started a Band with Kevin Chang, John Sylvester, Jonathan Tse, and Raymond Ho. Lew even wrote original music for the band. Sadly, the band quickly dissolved because none of the members knew how to play any instruments.

  By far Lew's largest undertaking was the creation of his own company, Squares. Squares sold numerous clothing items, like sweaters, t-shirts, and the star product, Squares. Last year, Lew began quietly designing a "Squares", essentially raised wooden boxes, to replace shoes. Half joke, half social statement, Lew took the product seriously, developing test models and taking commissions for the product. To this day you can buy

   Without any more girls to impress, Lew now embarks on his journeys in industry for more personal philosophical reasons. Lew explained, "It's all my attempt to find who I am." Lew also made it very clear that he was not trying to get money or power. Lew remarked, "If I wanted power, I'd run the Mafia."

   Despite Lew's creative endeavors, most people know him as an average high school student. Everyday after school Lew goes home. He isn't on any teams or in any clubs. One or two times a week, though he plans on upping it to three, he plays pick up basketball games at the Stonestown YMCA, or the Palega rec center.

   In the future, Lew plans on pursuing his aforementioned buisness career, or studying law or medicine. He also thinks he might study chemistry, because if Squares doesn't turn a profit, "Making meth is a lucrative business.

Local journalist is obsessed with “Homestuck”

by Charlotte Woo



   Whether it’s fleshing out details of her own world or reading someone else’s universe, Lincoln High School senior Serina Fang loves a good story.


    Fang started  writing when she was in second grade. Her interest peaked as she entered high school. She wanted to join the journaling class but had a full schedule, could not fit journalism. Her writing ability makes her peers green with jealousy. Senior Wendy Nguyen stated, “She can write really well without trying. Envious.”


    Her love for writing transcends into her love for reading. April 2013, Nguyen introduced Fang to the webcomic “Homestuck.” Within two weeks, Fang had finished the entirety of the existing pages of the comic, the whole 5,000 pages. She exclaimed, “It’s completely taken over my life!” as she pointed to her “Homestuck” sweatshirt. She’s been told she resembled the character in the comic who wears the graphic that appears on her sweatshirt.


    Fang also immerses herself into the worlds of story video games. Her favorite game is “Final Fantasy“ because of the graphics and the story itself. She bonds with her brother, Steve Fang, through video games. They love to listen to the raging cries of “Call of Duty” players.


    Fang completes her quadrivial union of good stories with her love for musicals. Though she has never seen it in person, her favorite musical is “Chicago.” Her favorite quote from the show is, “You know, some guys just can’t hold their arsenic.” She loves to search for clips from the show on YouTube in her spare time.


    With two years of journalism under her belt, Fang is ready to take on her final year as an editor-in-chief of the Lincoln Log.

Swordswoman proves that the pen is mightier than the sword

by Nathan Seidman


            While she may seem ordinary on the outside, avid journalist, fencer, movie-watcher and kpop fan Christine Ong has an engaging personality with a myriad of interesting facets.

            Ong is in her second year of journalism at Abraham Lincoln High School, and has been loving it so far. She has written many interesting and noteworthy stories for the Lincoln Log and will continue to do so in her last year at Lincoln.

            Christine recently discovered that the pen was mightier than the sword, but in her freshman year she was enamored with the sport of fencing. She got into fencing because she “liked the idea of playing with swords,” and play she did. She made new friends with people in her grade and other grades all while learning everything there is to know about fencing. During her two years of fencing she went to city championships twice, doing much better during her second year than she did during her first year.

Sadly, Ong was forced to quit fencing in order to preserve her grades, but she still loves the sport andplans to return this year. When she puts down the sword, she loves putting in headphones and jamming out to some good music or watching an excellent movie.

Her favorite band is Exo, an asian band whose musical style features elements of electronic music mixed with the sounds of conventional instruments. Unlike other bands, Exo sings in both Chinese and Korean, making their sound unique and more interesting than other bands.

Her favorite movies include “Spiderman”, “Easy A”, and “500 Days of Summer”. Ong enjoys spiderman because “the actor who plays Peter Parker is a good actor and he’s relatable.” Christine also enjoyed Emma Stone’s performance in the new “Spiderman” movie.

While Emma Stone was good in “Spiderman,” Ong enjoyed her even more in “Easy A”

for the same reason she.” liked Tobey Maguire. Ong enjoyed Maguire, for the relatability. Emma’s relatability as well as the engaging plot and characters.

            Acording to fellow journalism student, Nathan Seidman,, “Christine is a generally chill person.”           

Music blogger Henry has a more interesting life than the public thinks

by Lauren Nieto


   Albums scatter the room as Henry Monteiro finishes his latest album review of Blurred Lines. “It’s a fun but brainless album.” states Henry. Henry is a 16 year old, Texas-born music freak who loves to review albums in his free time. His upcoming review involves all the Insane Clown Posse albums, so look out for that on his blog!


   Being a music blogger is only half of Henry’s musical life, he takes it to the next level by having his own band called The Phins where he is the lead singer and guitarist. “It’s fun to be in a band and create in the genre you love.” Henry passionately states when telling me about his life. 


   Not too big on sports, for he is too busy with more pratical things like music, he’ll occasionally sit with his dad and watch the Super Bowl. He says “Only to make fun of the music half time event.” I mean hey, it’s still music involved so why not? 


    Now being the kindhearted person Henry is inside he vows every year to take a friend to Disney Land. This year he took Quintin, a good friend from his improv and drama class. Speaking of drama, Henry is an active member of the Abraham Lincoln Drama community. He participates in plays, improv sessions, almost anything to get a good laugh out of anyone. 


    Being the outgoing person Henry is you’ll surely know it’s him talking in the hallways of Lincoln. You can talk to Henry almost about anything, to music, to jokes, to even his deep thoughts on life itself, Henry will always be the guy to go to for a good fun time. But keep in mind music is his passion, as he says “I like music, and music likes me.”

Aspiring photographer and zoologist is ready to take on the zombie apocalypse

by Liping Huang


   The zombies are coming, but junior Lauren Nieto is too busy caring for cute bear cubs and her photo gallery. No worries though, Nieto is a dedicated fan of the AMC TV show “The Walking Dead,” so she knows what to do.  Nieto has always wanted to work with animals ever since she was a child. Her family would take her on trips to parks and she would enjoy nature at its finest, hoping that she won’t get eaten by corpses.


   Dressed in a variety of Vogue-worthy outfits, strapped with a Nikon camera, and armed with a iron bar ready to plummet zombie brains, she is the definition of a modern artiste. Her love for animals and photography has been sort of a conflict. Her father’s past pursuing a photography career has greatly influenced her, but her love for beasts also comes to path. She might come to a compromise and become an animal photographer, which totally works out.


   Nieto also has a passion for music. Her favorite band is Pendulum, and she looks up to the lead singer and the bassist: Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen. She is most likely going to be listening to “Witchcraft” or “Self Vs Self” while beheading the undead with her cool katana.


   Nieto’s artistic mind seems dark at first, but when delved into the topic, a person can find a lot of neat traits. She is a proud and passionate person. She is also proud about her sexuality, saying “My gender and sexuality make me feel human,” unlike zombies who destroy humans. Nieto’s attitude is also different from her love for dark horror. Her motto is very touching, “I treat my friends and everyone the best, because when they’re happy, I’m happy. Their happiness is my happiness.” Her friend Nathan Seidman said, “Lauren is a cool person.”


   In amidst of all this zombie drama and undead cannibals, Nieto will always be there for her friends. She will be there for the poor animals orphaned because their owners were eaten, and no doubt she will still be at her photo gallery admiring her gorgeous photographs. 

Journalism teacher continues her passion for teaching

by Henry Monteiro


   There  are  many  ways  one  can  become  a  Journalism  teacher.  One  could  have  experience  in  an official  newspaper,  or  have  a  long  history  in  the  medium  beforehand.  Or  you  can  have  10  years  as  an English  teacher,  and  be  chosen  for  the  job  before  you  can  even  say  “no.”  You  many  think  this  never happens,  but  in  the  situation  of  Sara  Falls,  this  is  exactly  what  happened.


     After  returning  from  a  trip  to  Kenya,  Ms.  Falls  was  with  members  of  her  family  in  her  home  state  in Michigan  when  she  received  a  phone  call  from  Mr.  Payne.  The  previous  Journalism  teacher  had  left,  so someone  had  to  take  his  place.  While  at  first,  she  said  no,  due  to  not  having  any  official  experience  in  the field  outside  of  a  zine.  However,  she  eventually  agreed  to  the  job,  at  least  in  small  part  to  not  wanting  the Lincoln  Log  to  be  shut  down,  due  to  there  being  no  working  Journalism  teacher.  However,  the  main  reason she  agreed  was  to  have  more  interaction  with  students,  particularly  those  with  an  interest  in  writing.


     “I  can’t  believe  I  even  questioned  whether  it  was  a  good  idea  or  not,”  Ms.  Falls  says.  “Journalism  is the  awesomest  job  ever.”


     Ms.  Falls  originally  started  writing  after  meeting  a  man  at  a  Hardcore  Punk  concert.  The  man  in  his 20s  revealed  that  he  had  Marfan’s  Syndrome,  a  disorder  that  results  in  defects  in  the  heart  and  aorta,  and that  he  was  soon  going  to  die.  This  drove  her  into  an  existential  crisis,  wondering  what  would  be  left  after she  was  gone  that  would  remember,  that  led  to  her  creating  her  first  zine.  Working  on  her  zine  helped  her grow  as  a  person,  along  with  allowing  her  to  meet  many  people  that  she  continues  to  be  friends  with.  She continued  working  on  the  zine  until  a  few  years  ago,  when  she  realized  that  she  wasn’t  really  connected  to the  zine  community,  after  which  she  dropped  it.


   However,  Ms.  Falls  also  recently  started  a  blog  around  the  time  she  quit  her  zine,  due  to  assigning it  as  a  final  project  to  her  students,  and  feeling  that  if  it  was  an  assignment,  she  should  make  one  as  well. She  looks  forwards  to  the  classes  she  has  this  year,  even  if  her  number  of  students  is  fairly  low  in  each class.  More  than  anything  else,  she  looks  forward  to  having  a  great  year  as  a  Journalism  and  English teacher.


     “I  had  Ms.  Falls  for  English  Sophmore  year,  and  that’s  when  I  joined  Journalism”,  said  Selena,  one of  the  members  of  Advanced  Journalism.  “She  likes  creative  writing,  and  I  do  too.  I  think  she’s  a  pretty  cool teacher.”


An overwhelming passion

by Alan Lew


   Everyone has a passion and for  Charlotte Woo, a Senior at Abraham Lincoln High School there’s no such thing as being too involved in something you love.  “The whole music thing consumes my life,” she said, which really shows what music means to her.  Ever since Woo was a child, she was very involved in music.  From fourth to eighth grade she was an active member of her elementary and middle school bands playing the drums.  It doesn’t stop there however, she also took piano lessons for six years and as of 2013 she has been playing for over ten years.  Woo figured that two instruments wasn’t enough so she recently started playing the guitar.


    When Woo isn’t playing an instrument she is listening none other than music.  She enjoys listening to Paradise Fears, an Alternative band from South Dakota.  Woo’s infatuation for Paradise Fears began around May of 2013 and ever since then she has loved them because, “The lyrics are really inspiring.”  “To not have some battle scars is to never have lived,” from the song Battle Scars by Paradise Fears, is one of her favorite quotes and it demonstrates how the music that engulfs her life can also have lessons that apply to life.  When it comes to listening to music, she hates Apple earphones because of their uncomfortable nature.  She prefers the Andrew Luck endorsed Klipsch in ear earphones because of their coziness and ability to cancel unwanted noise.


    Woo is also very critical of stars in the music industry, “She’s a bad role model,” is what she had to say about Miley Cyrus, the former star of Hannah Montana.  While watching the VMAs (Video Music Awards) with the rest of America, she felt that Cyrus’s performance was really “weird.”  Woo also believed that the lovable Taylor Swift is catchy but should really get over all her ex boyfriends and stop writing songs about them.  


    When not dealing with the piano, Paradise Fears, or Miley Cyrus, Woo loves musicals.  On the topic of her love for musicals, Liping Huang, a friend, had to say “Charlotte’s obsession with musicals are out of control, she needs an intervention. Just kidding, but she really does love musicals. I totally get why she loves Glee. Even though its bad. (Too soon?)”  


    Even for a devout music lover like Woo, there’s always more to life than music.  She enjoys reading even though she hasn’t read as much as she would’ve wanted to throughout high school but she was able to read “Love is the Higher Law” by David Levithan which become her favorite book.  She’s also like ever other high school kid and watches television, shows that she enjoy include Golden Boy, Smash, Big Time Rush, and Bunheads.  Surprisingly however she isn’t very fond of Glee as she feels like it got worse after the second season.  


    Charlotte Woo is like everyone else in the world and has a passion, but unlike some people she is able to incorporate her passion into her everyday life.  As she looks forward into her life she just hopes that she can continue what she does and hopefully graduate from a good college.  

Bacon lover sweeps rows through Westeros

by Serina Fang


   New faces to Lincoln’s journalism class brings new thought-provoking and vibrant backstories, so for senior Nathan Seidman there are more facets to his story than simply being Jewish and smart and disregarding kosher rules to eat bacon. A man of many interests, he has a taste for competitive sports of an aquatic disposition, epic high fantasies, and bacon.


    Nathan Seidman’s greatest love is the sport of rowing. Rather than hurtling over white water rapids and breaking his neck on rocks or frantically churn through the waves on an ethnically festive dragon boat, Seidman specializes in sweep rowing, which uses one oar instead of two. He has been rowing for three years and is part of the team Pacific Rowing Club.


    Seidman explains his passion for rowing, “I like the combination of brute stupidity and training and the graceful finesse of strokes.”


    Seidman practices with his team on Lake Merced, but he has competed in sweep rowing competitions all over the West Coast, from Los Angeles to as far up as Oregon and Seattle. His team have won numerous competitions including all the awards of the Camino Cup in Los Angeles, second in pair (two in a boat) and four (four in a boat) and fourth in lightweight four in the SWJRA regional regatta, and second in nationals in four. He has participated in winning second place in pair and fourth place in lightweight four in the SWJRA, but he’s also proud of his team for achieving the other awards. 


    One of Seidman’s fondest memories comes from a certain rowing competition where he and his team had to row in a new boat. Shenanigans during warm-ups and handling a new boat did not deter them, and they won the race. 


    “Everybody was laughing at the other rowers,” says Seidman.


    Despite Nathan Seidman’s love for sport and competition, he is actually a chill and laid-back guy most of the time.


    “He’s a cool guy to hang out with,” says Lauren Nieto, fellow journalist and good friend.


    Aside from streaking through water on a boat with rowing buddies, Seidman has a self-proclaimed addiction to various TV shows such as “Doctor Who” and especially “Game of Thrones.” 


    “It’s less like a TV show and more like a long movie,” explains Seidman.


    Based on the doorstopper novels of the same name by George R.R. Martin, each season is based on each separate installment of the series. A medieval epic, the overall plot for “Game of Thrones” can be summed up as, in Seidman’s own words, “There are lots of kingdoms, kings fight for control, plus zombies from the north and dragons.” A quality of the TV show Seidman likes is the careful attention to detail so the story in the show and the books are not much different.