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People in the Halls

by Liping Huang

Senior Eleanor Amidei
Celebrity crush: Orlando Bloom
Nastiest thing ever seen: Some guy trying to take a dump on the street
Song currently playing on iPod: "In Summer" by Olaf The Snowman from Frozen
Ideal vacation spot: Micanos, Greece
Talent/ Best skill: Exploiting senior Nathan Seidman for money

Fit freshman Jacky Chen
Celebrity crush: Selena Gomez
Nastiest thing ever seen: "The Walking Dead"
Song currently playing on iPod: "Friday" by Rebecca Black
Ideal vacation spot: The beaches in Hawaii
Talent/ Best skill: Working out

Fresh-women Jamiyah Smith, Deja Johnson, Shai Benjamin. (Answers in their respective order.)
Celebrity crush: August Alsina, Chris Brown, Keenon Jackson (rapper YG)
Nastiest thing ever seen: Guy wearing thong with weiner hanging out, shit in a cup by MUNI, somebody getting spit on
Song currently playing on iPod: "Bang Out" by Tyga, "French Kiss" by Trey Songz, "It Won't Stop" by Sevyn Streeter
Ideal vacation spot: Hawaii, Greece, Italy
Talent/ Best skill: Dancing, singing, twerking.

Snapchat hacked and Lincoln students are taken by surprise

by Lauren Nieto


    As of January 1st the worldwide photo-sharing app known as Snapchat was hacked, 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers on a site, which was suspended, called

Many of Lincoln High’s students use this app carelessly without much thought to their privacy being invaded. With 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers leaked there were students in Lincoln who had their information posted. Unfortunately this was a hack nobody could evade. To those who’s usernames and phone numbers posted that is.

Henry Monteiro was a victim of this hack. “Multiple bots began sending me various ads.” Monteiro’s phone number and username was posted on the hack website allowing random users around the world to access. Monteiro’s username allowed the spam bots to add him and send him daily ads. “I can’t delete them from my Snapchat. The only way to get rid of the ad is opening them up and looking at them.”

  This was only one of many students hacked at Lincoln. Others had their phone number and username posted on the website and had multiple users attempt to add them. These users being all over the world the kids at school should always be cautious of whom they may have added during the hack.

Students should always be cautious when using photo sharing apps or websites, you never know if it’s going to be hacked or how vulnerable the site or app is. Always take caution of sketchy looking usernames when accepting new friends that you don’t know. You never know when something can go wrong.


Complaints no more! Revolution Foods revolutionized school lunch

by Alan Lew


School lunches are commonly complained about for their taste, quality and nutritional value.  But after a push from First Lady Michelle Obama to make the country more healthy, nationwide school lunches have been rethought.

            In December 2012, SFUSD contracted Revolution Foods to produce the meals served at schools districtwide.  Revolution Foods is a food provider with a culinary center located in Oakland, California.  The first Revolution Foods lunches in SFUSD schools appeared in January 2013.

            For the 2013-14 school year, the Chicago Public School system switched their food vendors to Aramark, which also preaches fresh, local and natural.  In Boulder, Colorado a switch from processed food to from-scratch food was made less than five years ago.

            After a year tasting the new food, Lincoln students have mostly positive opinions.  Senior John Huang was more than happy with the change “The school lunch has gotten much better.  The school lunch is tastier, not a watery mess like last year's [2012] lunch.”

            Not all students have faith in the new school lunches, "[I don't eat school lunch because] it's gross and unappetizing," senior Michelle Kong said.

            All SFUSD schools were updated with Revolution Foods this past year, but some students still refuse to try it.  "Opportunity Cost. Three dollars, the typical cost of what I would pay, was better spent on food outside where I know I could get my bang for the buck," Washington High School senior Vincent Huynh explained the economics behind his choice, "the availability to mix my options not only satisfies an always hungry person like myself but it also serves as a period to take a break from school grounds."

            Having a choice of what to eat is a deciding factor for some students.  "I like to choose what I eat, so I bring my own lunch," senior David Ly admitted.

            As for what can be improved?  “Milk for lactose intolerant people,” senior Edward Mo suggested, “and the long lines.”


Q. How do you handle tough teachers?

A. First the question is what you mean by “tough” teachers. Are you saying that these teachers teach difficult classes, or that they’re antagonistic and unhelpful? Either way, there are ways to deal with teachers like this.
If a teacher is teaching classes that are too difficult for you to follow along, either try to get some extra time with the teacher for some one-on-one lecturing if they have any time open in their schedule. If you’re unable to get any extra time with the teacher, try to find a tutor to help you catch up with the class, since tutors are trained to go at the pace necessary for you to learn the subject. The after school program has tutoring after school every day for free, and you can find it next to the Cafeteria.
If a teacher is being antagonistic or unhelpful, don’t simply put up with their behavior because they have more power than you. If a teacher isn’t helping a student, or even insulting them, it’s important for them to know that a teacher is supposed to help a student learn, not make the student feel worse if they don’t. If they don’t stop, talk to a counselor about their behavior, and if you feel like nothing is getting done, get a parent involved.

Q. What do you do if you feel everything in life is piling up?

A. When you feel stressed, like mountains of burden are piling up on your shoulders, you can try to relieve that feelings in many ways
, and everyone has something different that can help. In general, it’s usually good to start by regulating your breathing, making sure you take deep, relaxed breaths for as long as you have this feeling. Now, you just have to see what helps you calm down until you can get your mind back to normal. Maybe you enjoy reading; maybe you want to watch a movie. As long as it helps calm you down and relieves the feeling of panic and stress, do it until you’re feeling fine. Don’t drink alcohol or smoke, since, while these seem like they help, they will just make you feel worse later.
    After calming down enough to assess your situation, find a way to try to work some of these problems out, even if you only get them to a slightly smaller problem. The key here is not to try to overburden yourself by taking on all of these problems at once. They'll all cram together, allowing none to actually improve. Instead, tackle one or two a day, since this way, you have time to actually fix these problems.