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Pizza at Patxi’s is worth the carbs

by Aurora Oliva

As you walk through the black doors of the restaurant, the aroma of crust, cheese, and tomato sauce causes your mouth to water instantly. Right away the waitress says, “Take a seat anywhere you’d like.” Once you take your seat, the waitress places the menu on the table, and the quest for your meal begins.

Searching the menu I see the options “Meals to Share,” “Salads,” “Pizzas Deep and Thin” and “Build your own.” As a vegetarian I was glad they had both vegetarian and vegan selections like Daiyan vegan cheese, arugula, and pepperon- cini. If you prefer gluten free, you’re in luck because they also have a couple selections of glu- ten free pizza. Patxi’s also has many other topping choices. If you’re a meat eater, Patxi’s has over twelve meat options including garlic-fennel sausage, aged

prosciutto, and of course pepperoni. As a fan of cheese and vegetables, having six different types of cheese (including a glu- ten free option) was very accom- modating.

I ordered a 17 inch cheese pizza, which was big enough for me and two other friends. The waiting time was exactly what they told me: 30 minutes. The pizza was served on a tray stand along with our own serving knife. Unlike tra- ditional pizzas, Patxi’s serves their pizzas with the sauce on top rather than at the bottom, so serving yourself a slice may be difficult as the sauce can easily just slide right off your pizza if you’re not careful. The next slice of pizza looks better after getting

the hang of the pizza server. Despite its wide sec- tion of customizable pizzas, one negative aspect of Patxi’s was their silverware. As the utensils

were being placed on the table, I quickly noticed dirty spots. As I looked around to see other silverware, they had the same problem. Considering the cleanest, mess-free way to eat pizza at Patxi’s is to use their silverware, blotches of dried up soap aren’t the most enticing thing to look at before devouring a meal.

Overall the pizza was delicious. Biting into a slice of this saucy, cheesy pizza will definitely blow your mind. With many toppings and selections to choose from, the different amount of pizzas you can order is almost endless. Despite the dirty silverware, I unquestion- ably recommend Patxi’s. There are options to meet the needs of whatever the customer wants. Whether you are into deep-dish pizza or thin crust, your taste buds will be satisfied.

“House of Cards” still stands as one of Netflix’s finest

by Ashley Judilla

The first episode of “House of Cards” opens with Frank Underwood (the South Carolina Congressman) coming out of his house after his neighbor’s dog is mortally wounded from a hit and run incident. The South Carolina Congressman comforts the dog. He then breaks the fourth wall while commenting, “Moments like this require someone who will act, who will do the unpleasant thing, the necessary thing,” then proceeds to strangle the dog.

    We don’t see the dog’scc wound, but we can hear the cries, and we can tell from Frank going back inside his home and washing his hands what he has done. I knew from that moment that this show would not be as boring as I originally thought it would be.

    The political drama stars Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood, a Democratic Majority Whip in The House who is passed over for Secretary of State even though he was promised the appointment. The drama also stars Robin Wright as his wife Claire Underwood,  a lobbyist running an environmental nonprofit organization. The husband and wife scheme at night, seeking vengeance on those who broke their promise to Frank of being appointed Secretary of State.

    Just the two words “political drama” didn’t seem inviting to me. I was always interested in politics, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch a show with a bunch of white guys in suits talking about passing a bill. Two seasons of this show were already posted on Netflix, and I decided to give it a shot. When I finally decided to go to bed, I was halfway through the first season.

First of all, the characters: Spacey does a fantastic job as the anti-hero. He earned a Golden Globe for Best Performance this year. Some moments made me think that he actually legitimately cared for certain people, but as we continue this journey the stakes becomes higher as the power he seeks becomes greater.

Some may mistake his wife, Claire, for someone who is just following Frank, but Claire is beside him. Claire is almost as power hungry as her husband. The couple no doubt love each other. Frank tells the audience, "I love that woman. I love her more than sharks love blood." They're both manipulative-- with Frank taking advantage of the President and Claire the First Lady. The two show that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

The secondary characters are the Underwoods’ pawns, and viewers might even sympathize with some of them. Unfortunately, some characters suffer, while the Underwoods continue their rocky uphill climb to the Oval Office.

Season three’s trailer, released on January 11th, opens with Frank saying, “You wanna know what takes real courage? Holding it all together when the stakes are this high.” Various scenes play throughout the commentary. The intense music brings even more excitement and suspense. Most scenes consist of Claire and Frank-- greeting people at the White House, walking in different directions from each other. Scenes such as the Russian president kissing Claire in front of everyone including Frank, is evidence that season three may revolve around the Underwoods’ relationship.

In the trailer, the same man that kissed Claire doesn’t seem to be on good terms with [now] President Underwood either. The fictional character is said to be Russian president, Petrov, who seems to be based on the real Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

Between scenes of Frank dealing with the press and a distraught Claire, a woman at the end of a hallway catches our eye and looks frighteningly similar to Zoey Barnes (played by Kate Mara) from earlier seasons. Could it possibly be Frank’s conscious catching up to him? We just have to wait.

“We’re murderers Francis,” Claire says almost regretfully. This last scene ends with Frank firmly rebutting, “We’re survivors.”

The couple may be “survivors,” but between beguiling government officials and possibly killing more people, will the consequences of their actions finally catch up to them?

What makes me look forward to season three is that, unlike season one and two, season three will be less about the power struggle Frank had to go through. Season three will be about the Underwoods managing to survive after passing the point of no return. They finally reached the top, but it may take just one person, one scandal, or one mistake to bring it crashing down.

All of season three will be released on February 27. Whether you’ll watch an episode a day, or binge watch the whole season, the next 13 episodes will definitely be a fun ride.