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Royal Advice

By: Daroya McAlister


How do I get a job?

First, think about what type of job you would like; retail (Old Navy, Forever 21, Shoe Palace, etc.), food (Chipotle, McDonald’s, Olive Garden, etc.), or programs (YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, etc.). Once you’ve figured out where you want to work you have to do some research. If you have a specific place in mind then you can go to the location and ask for applications or go their website and see if they have online applications. If you don’t have any place in mind you can look up jobs on my personal favorite site You can refine your search based on distance, part-time or full-time, they even have a teen section. There are also other free sites such as,,, and many more. While looking for a job make sure to look at the requirements because some jobs require you to speak another language or maybe carry 25lbs, all things you should be aware of before you apply.


How do I make new friends?

There are many ways to make new friends. One way can be just to talk to people in your classroom. Another way is to join school clubs that catch your eye such as BSU, Pre Med club, or other clubs because you’ll meet people who have the same interests as you. In addition you could join after school programs such as the YMCA or the Boys and Girls Club. The most important thing about making new friends is making sure you’re being your authentic self. You shouldn’t change the way you act around certain people just to make new friends because there’s nothing people hate more than someone who acts “fake”. Never judge a book by its cover because it may have a beautiful story inside.


How to know if you are in an unhealthy relationship (bf/gf, friend, parents)


1. Aren’t very supportive.

2. Doesn’t encourage me to try new things.

3. Doesn’t listen to the things I say.

4. Doesn’t understand that I have my own life too.

5. Are not liked very well by my friends.

6. Says I’m too involved in different activities.

7. Texts me or calls me all the time.

8. Thinks I spend too much time trying to look nice.

9. Gets extremely jealous or possessive.

10. Constantly checks up on me or makes me check in.

11. Controls what I wear or how I look.

12. Controls what I do or who i’m with.

13. Has big mood swings, getting angry and yelling at me one minute but being sweet and apologetic the next.

14. Makes me feel nervous .

15. Puts me down, calls me names or criticizes me.

16. Makes me feel like I can’t do anything right or blames me for problems.

17. Threatens to hurt me, my friends or family.

18. Threatens to hurt themselves because of me.

19. Threatens to destroy my things (Phone, clothes, laptop, car, etc.).

20. Grabs, pushes, shoves, chokes, punches, slaps, holds me down, throws things or hurts me in some way.

21. Breaks or throws things to intimidate me.

22. Yells, screams or humiliates me in front of other people.

23. Pressures or forces me into having sex or going farther than I want to.


You got a score of zero? Don’t worry -- it’s a good thing! It sounds like your relationship is on a pretty healthy track. Maintaining healthy relationships takes some work -- keep it up!


If you scored one or two points, you might be noticing a couple of things in your relationship that are unhealthy, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are warning signs.


If you scored 3 or 4 points, it sounds like you may be seeing some warning signs of an abusive relationship. Don't ignore these red flags.


If you scored five or more points, you are definitely seeing warning signs and may be in an abusive relationship. Remember the most important thing is your safety -- consider making a safety plan.


Living happy and healthy lives benefit students and staff

By: Nelson Ma


Senior Henry Tsui find happiness playing basketball


Lincoln students and staff come across stress almost everyday at school. We all seem to sometimes forget the importance of being happy and healthy, and our well being. Having anxiety and stress often lead to health problems and loss of appetite, and can become life threatening.


In the UC Berkeley “Greater Good Magazine”, it states that people who have a sense of purpose appear to have evolved in humans to accomplish things together. This results in better physical and mental health. Dacher Kelmer of The Good Greater Center has done studies to show that experiencing awe can make us feel connected and provide a sense of emotional foundation for a sense of purpose.


Nurse Genevieve Evenhouse says that being happy is important because it helps you have a positive mindset and avoid stress. When students come into the Wellness Center feeling sad, the nurse asks them how they are feeling and how long they have been sad. Evenhouse always stresses to students the difference between feeling depressed or just being sad.


“Depression has a clinical significance and should not be used lightly,” says Evenhouse.


The Wellness Center is a place for students to let out their emotions and talk to advisors to seek guidance and advice. Suicide has been crucial for teens at school and the wellness staff often sits students down to discuss any signs of them possibly attempting to hurt themselves. They also explain ways on how to help with depression, and cure it. The wellness staff wants to make sure that everyone’s thoughts are heard and that they seek the attention they deserve.


Evenhouse states that eating in moderation and sleeping enough can affect students’ growth and development. Also, having enough exercise and doing physical activities daily is important. Young people that start investing in their health will be happier and healthier as an adult.


“Make your soul happy by doing something that makes you happy.” says Evenhouse.


Ian Enriquez, Wellness staff member at Lincoln, says that the Wellness center offers guidance, one on one counseling, and direct medical support from the nurse.


Enriquez also says that many Lincoln students choose not to be involved in student activities. This may lead to loneliness and can have an effect on their mental and physical health.


Enriquez says,” Focus in life for what’s important. Not on the negatives, but positives.”


Senior Thomas Khaw says he’s happy when he is around his friends and family, because they give him comfort and support. My parents support me with food on the table and clothing to keep me warm. This makes me happy, because I feel grateful for having such caring people around me that I can rely on. Music helps me when I am sad and often helps me get over stressful situations that come across at home and school.


Khaw says, ”My family gives me support and unconditional love. This gives me the motivation to get up everyday and continue to work hard in everything I do.”


Senior Jacob Agudelo says he feels happy sharing good laughs with friends. Being well and eating well contribute to feeling happy and staying healthy.


“Some look at the stars to find their way home. I look at the stars and I’m already home. No matter how bad your life is, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. If you look to God you will know that everything is going to be alright.” says Agudelo.


The feeling of happiness can be different to everyone, but knowing your purpose in life can affect your mental and physical health. If you take time to find your purpose in life you will be able to find happiness knowing you have something out there that you are willing to achieve.


Editorial: Let's talk about sex

By: Lincoln Log


“Parks and Recreations” actor, Aziz Ansari, was accused of sexual assault during the first date with the victim. Grace, the victim’s alias in the reports, talks about her experience with the actor. After dinner the two returned to Ansari’s apartment and began hooking up. When asked if they could have penetrative sex, Grace declined and it ended with them putting their clothes back on and watching TV. The victim left after Ansari called an Uber for her. She said that she felt uncomfortable throughout the date and showed her hesitation through signals, but Ansari ignored them. The accusation stirred up a controversy due to sexual assault cases in large and famous industries. This soon created the #MeToo movement, an organization that demonstrates the commonness of sexual assault and harassment especially in the workplace. Regardless of the accusations, what could’ve been done to prevent this from happening? Or rather, how can we talk about sex without having a gray area in between and prevent other cases like this from happening? It’s not about how he should have noticed her signs, but that the communication was unclear for this to happen. The talk about sex or the idea has been watered down and deemed inappropriate to the point where many people don’t know how to communicate to one another. At a young age most children are taught or rather influenced that sex is something they’re not ready for, or something they should wait until they’re older to talk about. The question remains on whether sex is considered a taboo subject to discuss about. In school we’re given sex education; however it may not be enough to explain what sex is without the science behind it all. Oftentimes sex education class is seen as a joke to students. Sex education shouldn’t just be about information such as the eggs and the sperm, but the emotional aspects such as, ‘What is considered consent?’ or, ‘What am I comfortable with during sex?’ Sometimes when students don’t have knowledge about what sex is, they resort to pornography as a learning source. This is a bad idea because they don’t realize that what’s in porn isn’t real but instead fantasies. There seems to be a lot of wrong with this approach than just this: Unrealistic portrayals of people’s bodies, storylines that often cast men as the actors and women as their “prey,” etc. This leads to unrealistic ideas of desires and bodies, and it’s possible to find non consensual sex online. Sex shouldn’t be seen as a taboo subject to talk about amongst other people. In what context?, when it [sex] becomes sensitized people find it difficult or uncomfortable to talk about. This leads to the inability to talk about what we’re comfortable with when we decide to have sex or makes us hesitant on what we can talk about with our partners.

H&M Releases Racism Through Clothes

By: Isaiah Rand


This is the jacket that caused the nationwide controversy


In early January of 2018, H&M released a picture of a model showing off H&M’s new jacket with the phrase “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” on the front of the jacket.

The phrase on the jacket wouldn’t have been a big deal if it wasn’t portrayed on an African American boy. Both the internet and I were in a rage.

The term “monkey” has historically been used to insult people who are dark skinned. H&M later removed the picture from their Instagram page and website as complaints about the jacket increased. Then, during the third week of January, H&M gave people a huge discount on all their products potentially to distract or make people forget what happened.

One has to wonder how that jacket made it to the clothing line. Why for this picture was suddenly a little black boy chosen for this jacket? It’s rare to see African American people in commercials, but for this particular jacket he was chosen. It makes me wonder what type of people H&M recruit and who they are as people. If you go onto H&M’s website you will see the boy and other children modeling for other clothes. There was a pattern with the models, for every three to four little white people you’d see, there was maybe one or two colored children. H&M recently hired a diversity leader which could completely change the way H&M chooses his models.


I also have to ask why the mother of the model (Terry Mango) allowed this to happen. Since the kid is a minor he doesn’t get to ultimately choose if he wanted to do the shoot for the jacket. The choice of what to model is determined by what his parent or legal guardian decides. His mother who was given a large sum of money to allow her son to do the shoot for the jacket. By allowing the use of this term on the jacket, certain types of people may generalize African Americans as being okay with being called monkeys.

The mother of the child spoke out about the issue and said “This is one of hundreds of outfits my son has modeled for...stop crying wolf all the time, at an unnecessary issue.” She may call it an “unnecessary issue” yet if it was her son being called monkey by anybody, she wouldn't take to kindly to it. The mother has yet to even attempt to show that she is sorry, no donations have been made or public apology. While H&M has given a public apology on all their social media accounts, controversies such as this will not help bring all races together, it'll only separate us.


Chocolate Milk is banned from SFUSD

By: Emily Cai


These are the available options for the SFUSD school meals.


Starting the 2017-2018 school year, Chocolate milk has been permanently removed from all SFUSD schools. For the past few years, SFUSD conducted a pilot program at five schools where chocolate milk was removed. The result showed most students and families adapted to the change and switched to regular milk without complaint.  

Chocolate milk has the same important nutrients as regular milk; however, it has additional sugar and flavoring. Removing the chocolate milk will help cut down on how much added sugar students consume. SFUSD indicated that by cutting down chocolate milk from students diet will cut down four extra pounds of sugar every school year. A choice of skim milk or 1% white milk will be available at every meal period, and students will always have access to water throughout the school day.

Chocolate milk has always been a popular option compared to plain milk because of the sweet flavor. Some students were surprised about this change.

“ I have never expected that chocolate milk would get cut down. I only drink chocolate milk during lunch time. I am quite sad that it is gone,” said Lincoln high school senior Anson Liu.

“I only like chocolate milk. Since they removed it, I don't drink either [skim milk or white milk]” said Lincoln high school Freshman Carmen Yam.

“ I will now just switch to plain milk,” said Lincoln high school senior Ella Lin.

Additionally, Lincoln sophomore Dario Arts, freshman Tiffany Hu and Bonnie Yu all said that they prefer white milk instead of chocolate milk. Interviews showed that even though students were surprised by the change, they are willing to switch to white milk without complaint.

People in the halls

By: Tiffany Bui


What was your most adventurous activity?

“I took a trip to Modesto, went river rafting. What caught my mind was team work, the waves and timing on to complete the River Race.” - Jacqueline Tijerino Gómez (aka. Bubbles), Junior

What was your most adventurous activity?

“My best adventure was exploring Golden Gate Park. Seeing all the nature seemed to calm me  and inspired me to visit other plant-filled areas.” - Jonathan Lo, Junior

Describe how you are a class clown.

“Well…as a younger person I saw myself in anguish, for I didn't see class as fun, but I found myself being entertained by entertaining. You wanna hear a joke? Read the first word of the last sentence. LOL, All the love.” - Sofia Sanchez, Junior

Describe how you are a class clown.

“Making weird noises when the class is silent. I make weird comments on movies. Yelling at teachers has been fun for me. And I come to school in a weird hairstyle once in awhile.” - Valerie Lo, Junior

What was your most dreadful/horrific moment?

“When I was little I ran into a pole, gave myself a black eye, and I couldn't see anything for the rest of the day.” - Gabino Valdivia, Junior

What’s the most terrifying moment you had to help someone with pain?

“The most terrifying moment for me was when a student fell on his back and could not feel his thighs as a result of the fall. He could not also feel his knee. I spoke to the student’s family, and I mobilized the emergency response to help the student.” Genevieve Evenhouse, Nurse

What’s your part time job at Starbucks like? What are the benefits of working?

“I am a barista at Starbucks. Getting the opportunity to work is good because there isn't pressure. The manager is very flexible as well.” - Glenda Pineda, Senior

What’s your best bond with an animal and how?

“A time where I had the best bond with an animal was when I took a nap with my dog on me. My dog is the quietest you’ll ever meet. He is an old man and when he took a nap on me I really felt him calm down. By bonding with my dog I gained his trust.” - Maria R. Alegando, Senior

What's your best bond with an animal and how?

“My best bond with an animal is with my dogs back home in San Diego. Helping the dogs train when they were puppies and all the responsibilities that go along with dogs helped me build a great bond with my dogs. Because dogs are truly man's best friend.” - Daniel Ruelas, history teacher

What's your best bond with an animal and how?

“My best bond with an animal would have to be when I was at an amusement park; I spotted a newborn bird that had struggles flying. I helped the bird by carrying and comforting it for a while. Then eventually the bird was confident enough to fly.” -Tiffany Bui, Junior