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Inclusion Week kicked off with soccer game at City Hall

By: Gordan Liang


The soccer game between Lincoln and Mission ended in a 7-7 tie


On December 4th, Inclusion Week started in the most appropriate way possible: a soccer game between two teams of inclusion students from Mission and Lincoln. Inclusion week is a week to remind others to be inclusive even if people are different. Every time something as small as a save happened, the crowd went wild. Every time someone scored, the crowd went wild, even the opposing team. The game ended in a tie.


In between the first and second half, there was a game between the Lincoln Cheerleaders and the police officer who had attended the game. The game was close with the score being the same for both teams for a majority of the game. As the announcer counted down from ten, the police had the ball, dribbled down the field and with only six seconds left on the clock, the officer scored and everyone cheered.


In the first half of the soccer game, a player from Lincoln scored three times. In the second half, a player from Mission scored three times. There were some non-inclusion students from each side to make sure the ball got passed around to every student and that everyone was included in the game. After both halves, the was a game for the students with walkers or wheelchairs. They used a really big ball and a majority of the students scored. After all that, an award ceremony was held and everyone got ribbons.


Madison Junker, one of the teachers said, “I loved having the cheerleaders there and having our group get to be cheerleaders. I think that was really fun for us. We joined one of the pyramids”


The soccer game allowed many students to interact with students that they normally don’t interact with. Besides the soccer game, the inclusion students at Lincoln also participate in the Special Olympics.


Junker said, “[The soccer game] has sparked something bigger and we’re working on another Special Olympics event in Lincoln in March.... The best thing about Special Olympics for me and for Inclusion Week is it promotes partnerships of our classroom with other classrooms and groups on campus so it allows our kids to feel part of Lincoln.”

Badminton team started their season with a new coach

By: Gordon Liang




Abraham Lincoln High School’s badminton team started the season with a new coach, Antony Chu, who was the team captain in 2016. Chu loves Lincoln so much that he was willing to come back to support the team as coach this year.
    "I would like to improve the bonds that develop on the team. When I was still at Lincoln, the badminton team was like a second family to me. We would always hang out after practices and just have a great time together, " said Chu.
    Chu expects the teammates to show good sportsmanship and give all of their effort at practice. "My goal for the team this year is to help everyone improve their skills and to have fun," emphasized Chu.
    "What I would do differently this year is probably try to have my students play more games with each other and against other schools," claimed Chu.
    When asked about the difference between the team of 2016 and this years squad Chu said, "The difference, I would say is the overall vibe from the team. My team back in 2016 was a lot closer and we always had each other's back. I definitely miss them, but I'm sure that this year's team will be great as well."
    Senior Niko Huang who has been on the badminton team for two years was at the try out on January 24th, 25th, and the 26th. He thinks that Lincoln will finish in the top three this season as what he saw in the try out made him feel very encouraged.
    “The new coach's expectation was very high and the way that he chose new teammates at tryouts was very strict. He also said he expected everyone on the team to have potential, skills and energy,” said Huang.

Chu believes that this years badminton team can make it to the championship, saying if the team keeps practicing hard everyday they will have a good chance.

High School Wrestling is at its finest in 2018

By: Isiah 




As of January 25,2018 the Lincoln Mustangs wrestling team is 3-0 in the season beating Lowell, Galileo and Mission which are the top competition in their division. The team has a familial bond and you can see it at the games. They cheer each other on, they yell tips from the sidelines, and they hype up the fans as they fight for victory. The games are exciting when someone gets slammed it gets the crowd going. If you haven't been to a game I highly recommend you do before you graduate.


    I had a chance to sit down and talk to Coach Chapiro and talk about the team. He says “He feels great about the team as a whole. This is the first year we have had a wrestlers in each of the 14 weight divisions. I'm excited to be a part of such a big team and its only my 3rd year coaching. We have 5 guys who could go to state and wrestle which is great exposure.” I had a chance to talk to Herman Marinez, one of the players on the team. When asked what his plan for the season was he said “I want to dominate my opponent and win every match.” When I asked what he found so fun about wrestling he said “The ability to use my size and strength against my opponent is great. I don't want to sound violent, but every time I pick up and slam my opponent I get an adrenaline rush every time.” It sounds to me that he is excited about wrestling this year and is looking for gold in all city alongside his teammates.

Lincoln's basketball teams strive to win the 2018 championship

By: Michelle Villanueva




With the preseason coming to an end, Lincoln’s boys and girls basketball teams are heading into the regular season with their eyes on the championship.

In last years season, the boys Jv team experienced a heartbreaking loss in the championship game to Mission. This season, the Lincoln boys basketball Varsity team, comprised of many of those same players, strives to come in first place after being so close the previous year.

Junior Zev Curiel-Friedman thinks that the brotherhood the team has formed will work to their advantage in winning the championship this year.

“We’re, really tight, like a brotherhood on and off the court,” Curiel- Friedman says. “We’re just all good genuine friends and that helps us on the court.”

    The boys preseason was a little rough to start the year, being that they  played against 14 different schools outside the city. But so far in league play, after beating Galileo on February 6th, their record is 9-1.

In the Spring of 2017, the girls varsity basketball team made it to the championships and won against Lowell with a score of 64-54. They strive to win the championship for the third time. In the previous two years, the girls had won against Lowell both years. After playing against ICHS, the girls are at seven wins and one loss.

Senior Larissa Braganza, member of the Lincoln girls varsity basketball team, says, “I think our goal for this season as a team is to really get closer together and see how we’re able to be in certain situations without some players from last year.”

Braganza feels that being on the basketball team has helped her form new friendships. “One thing for sure is that I have made so many friendships and I get to create new memories with new people. It’s a good opportunity for me to really be myself around the team.”

With the courage and confidence they’ve have been able to pursue through the season so far, girls and boys basketball teams aspire to win the 2018 championships.