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“Marvel’s Runaways” teaches that the average hero is beyond a cape.

By: Savinie Lin


Hulu has confirmed that “Marvel’s Runaways” has been renewed for a second season. Photo courtesy by Marvel Television, ABC Signature Studios, Fake Empire Productions, Hulu.



    The superheroes we know and love always seem come with a cape or abilities that make them more advanced than the average human. Famous superheroes like Captain America or Superman are idolized because of their powers like their superhuman strength. Many kids grow up wanting to be superheroes because of the idea that they’re capable of much more than everyone else.

But in “Marvel’s Runaways” your group of heroes are high school students who still worry about getting a good grade in their Spanish class and dealing with bullies.

    Hulu released “Marvel’s Runaways” on November 21, 2017. The new series is based off of the comic books with the same name. As a longtime fan of Marvel and their projects, I have to say that this is one of their best live actions ever made.

    What made this show specifically stand out compared to other Marvel projects? In my opinion it’s more relatable with the setting being a high school and the characters being teenagers who have problems like every other student, like dealing with a class that they’re failing, strict parents, and fallouts with friends.

The plot of the show follows a group of friends who reunite under unpleasant circumstances as it’s revealed that their parents may have committed a severe crime. In the show the kids are trying to solve the mystery of their parents’ secret organization and the disappearances of runaway kids in Los Angeles that lead back to their parents.

    One of the reasons why the show is appealing is because it doesn’t follow the average superhero group origin story. It ties itself to reality with such as topics of racism, discrimination, and stereotypes. “Marvel’s Runaways” doesn’t try to make them something more than just teenagers trying to figure out a mystery, but rather embraces the idea that because they’re still teenagers they’re a whole new type of heroes never before seen. Though some have powers like having the ability to communicate with a dinosaur or glow up like a light stick, characters like Chase Stein or Alex Wilder’s powers are their intelligence.

    One example of the show fighting against a stereotype is when introducing the character, Chase Stein. In the comics and show he is portrayed as an athletic guy who is an airhead because he plays sports. But deeper into the storyline it’s revealed that he’s simply a guy who’s more than muscle and is someone who’s passionate in science. Chase is someone who has a vast knowledge of science and engineering and created weapons for himself

    A way that the show fights discrimination is with the character Karolina Dean who is very religious. Though her religion is mocked by her classmates in the show, she isn’t afraid to embrace her beliefs even if others may not see eye to eye with her. Having a hero like her who isn’t afraid to be different is important, especially in a generation where differences come in various forms whether it be religion, sexual orientation, or beliefs.

    The show represents many of the teenagers in this time with different interests, different sexual orientation, different cultures, and more. Because of their differences they are able to accomplish tasks such as finding out new information that can relate to their mystery.

The storytelling of the show isn’t rushed and leaves cliffhangers that have viewers wanting more. The graphics look amazing, especially for scenes like snowing in a room or bullets being slowed down after being fired. Nothing looks cheesy or clearly fake.

“Marvel’s Runaways” has a cast of actors and actresses who bring the characters to life. Actress Ariela Barer plays Gert Yorkes, a “hipster” whose awkwardness is similar to many teenagers now, other than the fact that she can mentally communicate with an engineered dinosaur. And actress Lyrica Okano whose acting brings Nico Minoru, a dark Wiccan, to life even if they’re nothing alike. The show has an abundance of new faces which makes the characters more realistic as they’re able to be associated as just that character they play.

    I think it’s a good example to many out there that being a hero isn’t defined by a cape or superpowers, but by differences in skills and traits. If all heroes were the same then no changes would be made, no progress made.


Welcome To Wakanda, Black Panther Review

By: Isiah Rand


King T'challa who rules over Wakanda sits in his power pose.


Black Panther was released February 16th, 2018, starring Chadwick Boseman as T’challa, the king of Wakanda. This movie was made for the black community. It's rare in a movie for it to have dominantly black actors and not be a comedy, or a historical movie or a movie about being a servant or slave. Black Panther is a representation of black excellence, meaning it showed the beautiful sides of being black. It gave me a warm feeling knowing that we were portrayed in the right light. I also get the feeling that this movie gives a glimpse of what Africa would have been like if it was never invaded and sucked dry of its resources by Europe during the 1870’s and 1900’s. It’s simply a theory, but it’s a theory that makes the movie a thousand times greater. Ryan Coogler, the director and writer, did an amazing job with the movie showing the struggle for African Americans in America and what they go through on a daily basis while also showing the struggle within the black community.  He managed to show two perspectives between the main character, T'Challa, and the villian, Killmonger. T’Challa being from Africa has always seen the beautiful side of being black or African, while Killmonger grew up in America, where it’s hard for the African Americans due to oppression and being looked down on because the color of your skin. The movie has the best story compared to every single movie in the Marvel Universe in my opinion.


Every character’s acting in this movie was downright amazing. I loved how there was no one character in the movie for that comedic relief. Every single character in the movie, whether they played a small or big part, had funny moments in the movie. The jokes were more relatable because I've experienced a lot of the moments in the movie. There is a line where the villain Klaw asked someone if they would check out his SoundCloud. It’s a joke everyone knows but in the movie it was very unexpected, which made it funnier. If you’re someone who is always on social media, at least once you’ve received a message from someone asking you to check out their music on SoundCloud. It's something that most people don't understand until it happens to them. There is a joke for everybody in this movie, some people will understand all the jokes some will only understand a few, but everyone will enjoy this movie.


This movie felt authentic, meaning that everything that was happening had a message, whether it was a scene or line in the movie that was relatable. Killmonger has a scene in the movie inside a museum of African art, where he asked about a few different pieces of art, and the museum guide tells him the backgrounds of all the artifacts. Killmonger gets to a specific artifact in the museum and says  [to the lady in the museum] “Now tell me about this one?”. The museum guide says “This artifact comes from Benin, 7th Century, Fula tribe I believe.” Killmonger says “nah,” she says, “I beg your pardon?”. Killmonger says “It was taken by British Soldiers in Benin, but it’s from Wakanda, and it’s made out of vibranium.” He continues to talk by saying, “Don’t trip, I’ll take it off your hands for you.” The museum guide says, “These items are not for sale.” Killmonger says “How do you think your ancestors got these, you think they paid a full price for it? Or did they take them like they took everything else?” That scene alone is amazing, especially the last line, to me. This movie is full of quotables and subtle comments that make me smile because it's the type of stuff that happens to black people in history. I’m not going to get too deep into it, but our style with clothing, music and physical appearance, which was once shunned by everyone, is now embraced but for the wrong reasons. Big lips, big butt, and big thighs used to be looked down on. Since non-black people want those physical appearances, it’s become popular. However, it’s not popular because we did it, but because a certain other race wanted it and now it’s popular.


The movie is just hands down incredible, I've seen Black Panther three times prior to this article. There is a director's cut coming out when the movie is on DVD that is supposedly four hours long and I can't wait to see what that is like. I recommend you see this movie more than once before it’s no longer in theaters. This movie is 10/10 in my opinion.


By: Savinie Lin




Aquarius (January 20-February 18): Let go of negative ideas and people weighing you down. Even if you think that those around you are helping, don’t be afraid to let them go no matter how close you are. You’ll never be happy if you choose to be around those whose actions won’t allow you to be yourself. Don’t worry about being alone because there are bound to be people who are a better fit to be around.


Pisces (February 19-March 20): You’re known for your big and compassionate heart, but also take care of yourself as well! You’re just as important as those you care for. Take a break and focus on you, better yourself for your own benefits rather than for someone else’s. It’s time you rewarded yourself for all your hard work.


Aries (March 21-April 19): You’re out there changing the world by doing the best you can, but remember to focus and think about yourself too. Instead of criticizing what you or what those around you do, take a step back and reflect on your own actions before doing anything else. Stay positive and focus on activities that will make you happy, and keep yourself out of unnecessary drama.


Taurus (April 20-May 20): You’re known for your stubbornness, your will to fight, and having situations go your way, but remember that there’s a difference between being determined and being reckless. When you have your mind set on choices you won’t deter from your path, but try your best to look at all the possibilities you have.


Gemini (May 21-June 20): It’s time to take a look at your interpersonal relationships! Right now you’ll be experiencing difficulty in some of your relationships. Having a good, healthy relationship where you support your friend/partner is not the same as enabling those you care about. Try to keep an open mind and see if those around you are bringing positivity to your life right now.


Cancer (June 21-July 22): Right now efficiency is your strongest suit, but try not to be too obsessive with personal efforts. Work your hardest and remember to reward yourself for everything you have done. Stressing out is inevitable, but keep in mind that you can get it done as long as you continue to do your best!

Leo (July 23-August 22): You’re no mind reader, so don’t try to act as if you do know everything or else your expectations may come crashing down upon you. Confidence and arrogance are not the same so remember to take a step back and make sure all the signs around you are clear before making a decision.


Virgo (August 23-September 22): Now is the time for you to bring those you care and love for close. Spend more time with the people you’re close with and stop putting them off. It’s best for you to keep yourself around those who were always there for you and those who have supported you through thick and thin.


Libra (September 23-October 22): You may feel as though you’re in a slump and that what you do won’t turn out right. Thinking out of the box may help you with what you need and try something different. To find inspiration, including answers, you must step out of your comfort zone in order to succeed!


Scorpio (October 23-November 21): Heads up, Scorpios, because opportunities are heading your way! Now is the time to get your act together and hustle to get work done. Don’t do anything half-heartedly and give it your best shot even if the results you end with may not be what you expected or hoped for.


Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): Keep your eyes on the prize and do what you must to accomplish your goals. Don’t rush the process and follow your gut if you’re conflicted between different options. Trust your intuition to lead you to the right decision.


Capricorn (December 22-January 19): Don’t be afraid to ask those around you for help. Though it may seem as though you can take things on without anything to worry about, there are always unknown risks and consequences. Allow the ones you care about to aid you, and remember that they’re there for you no matter what.

PUBG a survival game worth the price

By: Yongjia Lin


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds offers realistic and engaging game-play.


“PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds” (also known as PUBG) it is a shooting game produced by Chang-han Kim, a Korean publisher, and designed by Brendan Greene. The game starts with one hundred players paradropping onto an island and searching for weapons and equipment to kill other players. The safe area on the map is limited and shrinks over time. The game allows up to four players on a team and the last surviving team or player in the game wins.

The game was released at Microsoft Studios and Xbox One in March 2017. It currently costs $29.99 on the Steam Store. On February 9th 2018, China’s Apple store released it for free (only at China’s Apple store). Now it is available on IOS and Android.

The game appears realistic in many ways. The finely made grass, trees, and houses are all good for hiding spots where other players will not see be able to see you. Every door is closed when a match starts, so if you see an open door, it is a warning that you aren’t the first person to arrive at the building.

In PUBG there are a lot of different weapons. A player can expect to find assault rifles, DMRs, sniper rifles, light machine guns, submachine guns, shotguns, bows, pistols, grenades and melee weapons including a frying pan. In large cities and military bases it is easier to get more powerful weapons, but those locations attracts more players, and there is more fighting. Some guns, such as M416s or AUG sniper rifles, can only be attained via special airdrops or by killing a player that already has one. In the game you will also find different type of cars so you can get to the safe areas faster. This can give you some experience with driving. The sounds in this game are very good. For example, when there is enemy close to you, you will hear footsteps, and when there is shooting going on you can hear gunshots. If you can’t hear, there is a map at the right side that shows footsteps and shooting sound. One game usually takes around 30 minutes.If you win the game it will show “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER” on your screen.

One thing I like about this game is that it tests your stress capacity. When you are searching a house you may hear footsteps then you have to be calm and find a safe place to hide so you can shoot.  PUBG is a very popular, with over 314,000 players and a total playtime of 2.7 billion hours, or roughly 310,000 years. This is game so popular because it only have one life and it is a fair game environment. I highly recommend this game because you can experience driving, swimming in the sea, parachuting and running in forest by yourself or with your enemy. The art and quality of this game is good and worth the price.