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They competed for the State Championship in Orange County, California (Southern California), on Saturday, December 2, 1:30pm. To the entire Team Coach Tang, Coach Harris and to all of the supportive parents, friends and family, Congratulations! 



Off- season practice for the ALHS Fencing Team is stating Wednesday, December 6th in the dance rom, and will be ever Wednesday (2:30-3:15) and Friday (3:30-4:30) onward leading up the the official start of the season. There aren't any try outs, so feel free to drop by any meeting if you'd like to discuss or participate! Hope to see you out there !



On December 4th  Lincoln SPED Students, Lincoln Football players, and cheerleaders came together to win an exhibition soccer game against Mission High at City Hall to kick off Inclusion Week.



Lincoln Girls soccer team competed in their first tournament in the past fifteen years in Turlock, On Friday December 8th they played Paterson and fought back from a 3-1 deficit to garner 4-4 tie. Goal scorers include senior Xitlaly Martinez (2), junior Sam Mendez (1), and junior Ruby Parish (1).



Varsity Football: Playoffs took place on Friday, November 24, 2017, 1pm, Lincoln HS vs Galileo at Galileo HS, Lincoln lost a heartbreaking game, with the final score being 22-17. The championship Game was Saturday, December 2,2017, 1pm at Kezar Stadium

ALHS dragon Boat makes it to Hungary!

By: Elizah Lopez


ALHS dragon boat team worked super hard to be where they are, best of luck to them in Hungary!!


Abraham Lincoln's Dragon Boat team has won an opportunity to race in the 11th Club Crew World Championships in Szeged, Hungary next summer for the first time ever! They previously raced against teams across the West Coast and are so far they are undefeated. As in right now they’re training.


          “We run a lot and we do group workouts like push-ups and sit ups,” says Larry Zhou a junior at Lincoln.              

          “Dragon boat is a hard sport, but I like the competition, so it’s worth it.”


            The team consists of 100 members and divided into 4 groups: gold, red, black, and white. In Hungary they will be racing in the under-18 category, competing in both mixed races and opens races. In a mixed race the crew is split 50/50: 10 females and 10 males. In opens there is no gender restriction,and crews are typically all male.


Although the team is undefeated they still faced a few challenges.

      “We actually had a really successful year of performance, sweeping the high school division twice in a row. We competed at Hong Kong for the first time this past summer, being the only youth team among professional adult teams. It was a new experience for us competing in that caliber and opening that door to competitive international racing was definitely a challenge,” said Fanny Chen, head coach of the team. “Another challenge was also maintaining the community culture. Our team has never been about winning. It's always been about creating a family both on and off the water, and using dragon boat as a platform to build kids into young adults. As we continue to grow more and more successful, naturally the team becomes more competitive and we lose sight of the reason why we paddle. It's definitely a big thing we have been reflecting on.”

New Season: New Mustangs

By: Zev Curiel-Friedman


Lincoln Alumni and Current Varsity players come together to mark the start of the season.


    With the start of a new season comes new expectations and tons of new faces. This seasons ball club is only returning four varsity ball players with game experience, yet both players and coaches are excited to see what this team full of talent can put together.

         Coach Curtis Chan said “This is one of the most talented teams that I have ever had the privilege of coaching. We have had a lot of great teams here but I really think this one doesn't have a limit for what we can accomplish.”

         But a great team doesn't always equate with success. The previous two seasons, Lincoln has had two very talented teams that for one reason or another didn't accomplish their ultimate goal, falling to Burton in the playoffs and then not making them at all.

         Junior Kauchani Heredia-Bratt said “Last year I just felt out of place, like I did not belong. This year I really feel a strong bond with these guys, like we're a family, and truly a team.”

              “I think that because we hang out and play together so much outside of practice we are able to play much better when we get out there on the court for the real games.” said junior Pajri Samhi.

    The team has really shown a lot of dedication to their craft, showing up to the gym at 6 am just to get in workouts. Some players are for it while others are against it.

    Junior Shakur Blaylock said “I think it's good because when you’re out there putting up shots and running hard it wakes you up, by the time I'm in first period my body is fully awake and ready to go.”

    On November 16th the Mustangs held their annual sleepover in the South Gym. Throughout the night there was food, games, practice, movies, and full court five on five, all the way until 5 in the morning.

The following morning the Mustangs started off their season with a scrimmage against the University Red Devils. The teams played 5 quarters, resetting the score after each. Shakur Blaylock led all scorers with 17 points in the game.

On November 24th the Alumni Game took place. Former Lincoln Varsity players showed up, ranging from graduates from 2017, all the way to 1990. In a heated competition for bragging rights and respect, the current players came out with a fire, and pulled away with an 84-66 victory over the alumni.  

The following day, the Mustangs participated in their second scrimmage of the season, against the Urban Blues. Again there were five quarters, with the score resetting after each eight minute period. After easily taking the first two, the Mustangs got complacent, and dropped the following two, before bouncing back and taking the final quarter to win the scrimmage.

On November 28th the Mustangs had their first official pre-season game of the year. They went to Oakland to take on Skyline high school. With the Mustangs down 52-53 in the waning seconds of the game, Junior Pajri Samhi got the ball at the top of the key on a broken play, and launched a three. The whole gym got quiet in anticipation, and the silence was broken with the sound of the ball rattling through the basket to win the game 55-53.

So far their season is going great, and the team is hoping to bring that success into the regular season. Some upcoming games for the Mustangs are January 13th versus Fairview, and January 16th versus De La Salle.

ALHS girls volleyball tema was almost undefeated

By: Donna Li


Lana Radakovic (center) ALHS volleyball player leaps into the air attempting to spike the ball.

During the championship game ALHS volleyball players take a minute to rethink their consider move.

This year is looking up for the girls volleyball team. As of November 6th, the volleyball team has had 12 games and hasn't lost a single one! With a few more games ahead and the championship looming close, these girls have no time to slack off.

“We are basically predetermined to win the championship game,” says Caitlyn Chin, a senior varsity player who's been on the team since freshman year.  “We haven't lost a single game so far this season.”

On Thursday November 9th, the championship game was held at Kezar stadium. Playing against us was Lowell. There are five sets of games and the first team to win three out of five wins the championship game.

“It was pretty much back and forth,” Says Vince Tang, the volleyball coach, “I thought we started [out] really strong in the first set. I feel like we dominated the game with 25-13, then the second set came around and everything turned [in favor] for them, and they won 25-16. In the third set, we were down quite a bit and we made a really great comeback to win that set. In the fourth set we had another opportunity to win that set but made a couple of errors that cost us, but both teams were battling at that point and we completely didn't play our game”

Around 8:30 the game was at its fourth set, with Lincoln up by one point, 2-1, meaning this set could be the one that determines Lincoln’s win.  

“We started the game with a lot of intensity” says Sarah Blumenfeld, a Varsity volleyball player, “but after we beat them [ Lowell ] 25-13 in the first set, we began to slack off, thinking we would win no matter what.”

During the Fourth set, Caitlyn Chin set Lana Radakovic the ball, but instead of hitting or spiking the ball, Lana decided to tip it (used her fingers to tap it across the net), making it easy for lowell to tie the score, 2-2.

“Obviously everyone wanted to win,” says Coach Tang, “and [the girls] tried their best, it's just, early on in that fifth set we didn't execute, so when we went down a few points, I think the girls were a bit shocked. So we kinda got ourselves in this situation really early and it was hard for them to comeback.” In the end Lowell won the last set, the fifth set, and was named champion. Although the girls lost the championship game against lowell, they are still playing in the state championship game due to the fact that the last two winning teams move up to be in the state championship game. The Northern California State Championship game happened on Saturday, November 25, with us winning.

Boys Soccer Looking Positive

By: Isaiah Rand




he 2018 season is looking good from the perspective of 3 players that I interviewed. The team entered a soccer tournament and went 2-2 in the tournament and are currently 1-0 in the preseason. I had a chance to speak with 3 players about what their expectations are for the rest of the soccer season and their personal goals for the season. Josiah Calvo says “I want to say that we will win championships but staying humble has always kept positivity in my life, I’ll just say that I have high expectations from me and my teammates.” I asked him what a personal goal is for him while playing soccer. Josiah replies “A personal goal for me is to just dominate, it’s my final season I want to go all-out on the field, I want to end the season with no regrets and to be able to tell myself that I did my best no matter how the season ends.” I interviewed 2 of his teammates and good friends of mine Lucky Fenton and Miles Baker-Cohm. Lucky Fenton was in a rush so he wanted to keep his answers simple and straight to the point. Lucky says “I just want to be a soccer champion and have fun while doing it”. Even though the answer was short he meant every word of it. Miles also kept his answer short. Miles says “He wants to create unforgettable moments and end the season a champion”. I couldn’t get in touch with the coach as he is a busy man. The team only hopes to improve as the season continues. We wish the best of luck to them.