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Royal Advice

By: Daroya McAlister




Hi, my name is Daroya McAlister and i’m a Junior here, at Lincoln High School. I created the Royal Advice to give advice to students and staff in need. I partnered up with Kristen from Wellness to make sure I give you all the best advice possible. I decided to do the Royal Advice because growing up i've been the person all my friends would come to for advice. They come to me because i’ve been through a lot, I have good grades in school, I have a job, and I don’t judge those who come to me for help. I hope my advice can help you or someone you may know.


I’m failing classes what should I do?

First, you should figure out the root of why you’re failing. Whether it’s because the work is too difficult, the teacher’s teaching style doesn't accommodate your needs, you sit in the back of the class and you can’t see, there are too many distractions, or you’re too close to your friends, I have some advice that’ll hopefully help you.

If the issue is the work being too difficult I would suggest asking your teacher questions about the material that is being taught. I know many people don’t like to ask question during class because they feel as if it’s embarrassing. If this applies to you then you should write the questions you have during class and ask your teacher after class, after school, or at lunch. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, you should ask your peers the questions you wanted to ask your teachers. You should also take advantage of free tutoring after school for the subject you’re failing or talk to your academic counselor on other ways you can get your grade up.

Perhaps the issue is because the teacher’s teaching style doesn’t accommodate your needs, you should bring it up to your teacher outside of class, stating that your don’t understand the way they’re teaching. While talking to the teacher you should ask if they have drop in hours or specific tutoring for their class. Also you can make a study group with other peers in the class.

Or maybe the issue is because you sit in the back of the class then your should bring it up with your teacher. Ask if you can sit in the front because you can’t see. If your teacher won’t change your seat because it’s a set seating chart then you should still bring it up to your teacher so they know for future seating charts. Until then you should ask questions about what you can’t see, if you don’t feel comfortable interrupting your teacher’s lesson to get clarification. You can also ask a peer that sits next to you.

Lastly the issue may be  because there are too many distractions in class then first you should figure out what the distractions are. If it’s your phone then you should turn it off once you get to this class. If it’s the classroom that is being distracting then when you get home you should study the notes that you took in class to make sure that you know the material that is being taught.


What do I do if people start acting different towards me?


Firstly, I would talk to them personally to find out the reason as to why they started to act different. Maybe it's because of issues at home, relationship issues, or maybe they are just going through a hard time. Secondly, I would let them know how this has impacted you. For example: I might say something such as, “It made me upset that you as my bestfriend started to act different towards me.” If that doesn’t work then try not to take it personally and give them the space they may need. Some advice I received when I was in middle school was, “The people you are friends with in middle school probably won't be your friends in high school. High school is the four years youth spend trying to find themselves. Don’t force those who don’t want to be in your life to stay.” After this situation you may want to join clubs, sports or after school activities to create different friendships.


How do I start doing my homework?

To start doing homework you have to first get in the mindset that this is all for your future. So first things first, turn off your television and get all distractions such as your phone, and other electronic devices that aren’t being used for your homework out of sight. You can put on some music, but no distracting music such as Hip-Hop, Rap, and Pop.  If you would like to listen to music put on some classical, mellow tunes.

Sit in a clean, quiet space such as your desk, dining room table, library, but not your bed. I recommend you don’t do homework in your bed because you've trained your body to associate your bed as a place to sleep, so once you start doing your homework you'll start to drift off because your body thinks it's time to go to sleep even if you’re not that tired. Now, get in your clean space with all your homework in a pile and get comfortable.

I personally go from sixth period to first period, but you can do it however you like best. Give yourself mini rewards after you're done doing one subject.  Some examples of mini rewards are, getting a snack or playing with your pet. I recommend that you take a five-minute break every 30 minutes to an hour to stay focused on your homework and to allow your brain to refocus.  Repeat these breaks as necessary to ensure your homework is completed.  

Students need teachers to accommodate their teaching styles.

By: The Lincoln Log Staff


Not every student learns the same way as one another. Teachers have different methods to learn new materials and ways for students to better understand what they’re learning.  The question is what needs to be done for students to receive education they’re able to comprehend?

“One learning experience I have in U.S. History is learning about how difficult life for factory workers were during the Industrialization through an activity. My teacher had some tables work on a certain task before having the next tables finish the task. Through this experience we were able to get a glimpse of what the workers went through,” says junior Savinie Lin.

However, some students aren’t as fortunate to experience this method of learning. We’ve all had that feeling in class where we questioned why we were taking said class. For example, there may be times where you sit in front of a board staring at the information and not understanding any of it. Sometimes, it was simply because we weren’t interested in the subject. Other times, we didn’t follow how the teacher thought or couldn’t keep up with a hard subject. But teachers can make this easier by incorporating positive activities and other incentives to do well in class.

“I remember in 8th grade my middle school’s science department was very active and filled with fun little science project that we would do . . . Sure, science was a hard subject to learn but knowing I was able to have fun while learning made me want to learn,” says senior, Donna Li.

Students who learn better through hands-on activities, lectures, taking notes, or having visual aid to assist them. Having teachers change their way of teaching to accommodate for every student is unrealistic, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t address that their students are having a difficult time. Nor does it mean that teachers cannot change their teaching styles at all.

“Teachers are smart people! We can and want to learn how to support our students! That said, students are smart too! They can learn different approaches. I think some of what happens in high school is that students get to try out different ideas and different ways of being. Variety seems important to this,” says English teacher Sara Falls.

Teachers should notice if  their students don’t understand or if the  majority can’t comprehend what they are teaching. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to change their teaching style, but be able to identify that not all their students can learn from their way of teaching. It doesn’t have to be a teaching style that pleases everyone, but something that shows an improvement in the student’s understanding of the subject.

However, that doesn’t mean students aren’t capable of adapting as well. Students aren’t as naive or small minded as people like to believe. They [students] have the ability to learn and absorb teaching styles even if it may not be their favorite way to learn.

Gentrification drives the color out of San Francisco

By: Michelle Vilanueva


24th Street of Mission district, San Francisco


When you think of the Mission, you think of the countless taquerias, colorful murals, festivals and various panaderias. But all that is slowly fading away as tech companies continue to flourish. San Francisco’s Mission district is currently undergoing gentrification -- the process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class taste. Large corporations like Grocery Outlet and Peet’s Coffee are replacing the small shops in the district.

I personally love the Mission. There's so much of the Latin culture that you can see. From buying tacos at Taqueria Vallarta to having photo shoots in front of the various murals, the Mission holds a special place in my heart. With the ongoing gentrification, fewer and fewer Latinos reside in the Mission.

KQED News states that “Mission’s Latino population will fall from 60% in 2000 to 31% in 2025. It is now at 48%.”

    While on a field trip with my AP Human Geography class to the Mission, I was able to actually see the process of gentrification happening in the district. For our project, we interviewed long-time residents of the Mission.

Juan Torres, an alumnus of Lincoln High School and long-time resident of the Mission, said, “I have friends who can’t afford to live in the neighborhood anymore. Even my coworkers don’t live here; they live far so they have to commute every day for work.”

This is an example of the effects of gentrification in the district has on its residents. With the increase in rent, long time residents can’t afford to keep living where they have been for generations.

    Some may say that the gentrification of the Mission is more of a positive process than a negative one. With the flow of new tech companies, more and more jobs are becoming available for residents in San Francisco. Additionally, the Mission district is much less unsafe now than it was in the past. Torres also stated that, “The neighborhood is a lot safer now, there’s a lot less violence and crimes.”

I think as a community, we should be preserving the culture that the locals have been able to keep for centuries. The current culture in the Mission is what makes it unique and this uniqueness makes it a place tourists love to visit. However this preservation much easier said than done. It’s not as simple as just restricting the number of new residents that can move into the Mission. Where else would they go? For new residents living in the Mission district, I think it would be best if they would be a part of the community by forming relationships with the locals, supporting the small businesses, etc. It’s not a complete fix for the Latinos living in the Mission district, but it prevents further gentrification from happening.

Gold Glove Awards sets a bias for Rawlings users

By: Gordon Liang


Alex Bregman who made two run-saving plays in the playoffs was not nominated for a Gold Glove Award.


On October 26th, the Gold Glove Award finalists were announced. The Gold Glove is an award sponsored by Rawlings that is given to the best defensive player from each position.  When I found out that not one player on the Houston Astros was nominated for a Gold Glove Award, I was shocked and furious. A team that won the World Series must have at least one Gold Glover, right?

A baseball team can win one game without a good defense. Heck, they can win 50 games without defense, but 101 games? That’d be stretching it, considering the fact that the regular season only includes a planned 162 games.

    As if winning 101 games in the regular season wasn’t enough, the Astros went on to beat the Boston Red Sox in the American League Division Series and then come back from a 3-2 deficit to beat the Yankees in the American League Championship Series. To add on, the Astros allowed only one run in Game Seven of the World Series to defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers and become champions.

    Astros young stud, Alex Bregman was not nominated despite making only four errors all season, which is ten fewer than Manny Machado, who was nominated. Both play third base and are a part of the American League. Bregman made great plays in both the American League Championship Series and the World Series, in which he fielded a ground ball and threw the ball straight to Brian McCann to to get the runner out at home.

Odúbel Herrera of the Philadelphia Phillies made only two errors in 2017 and posted a fielding percentage of 0.994, while Gold Glove nominee Billy Hamilton from the Cincinnati Reds made three errors with a fielding percentage of .992. Both are center-fielders and are part of the National League.

    The big difference between Machado, Hamilton, Bregman and Herrera? Machado and Hamilton both use gloves from Rawlings, and were nominated, while Bregman and Herrera do not. Every year, Rawlings sponsors the Gold Glove Awards. This year, 55.6% of the Gold Glove Nominees use Rawlings gloves. And as expected, 55.6% of the winners wore Rawlings.

    Dustin Pedroia, a Gold Glove nominee who has a sponsorship from Wilson, posted an outstanding .995 fielding percentage and made only two errors. Brian Dozier on the other hand, posted a .993 fielding percentage with five errors. Dozier, who uses a Rawlings glove, ended up winning the Gold Glove Award in his respective position.

    Miguel Cabrera, who wasn’t nominated at all, posted a .999 fielding percentage with only one error while the winner, Eric Hosmer posted a pretty amazing .997 fielding percentage with four errors. Hosmer uses Rawlings while Cabrera uses Wilson.

    The Gold Glove Awards are one of the many awards that fans consider the next best thing to winning the World Series. Only one team can win the World Series, which means that the other 29 teams and their fan bases go home without much to be proud of. Awards like the League MVP, Cy Young, Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Awards are what baseball fans anticipate after the World Series. Awards like these are what fans of losing teams can be proud of. But when not a single player from the World Series winning team is nominated, a statement is made implying that the Houston Astros don’t have a single defensive star.

For many players, this is a once-in-a-career opportunity. So when you turn the awards into an advertising gig, not only are fans affected, but players too.