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On a Trip to NOAA we caught plankton and saw them up close






Marine Animal Activists Club

The Marine Animal Activists Club aims to learn about and protect marine animals by spreading awareness about the issues and going on awesome field trips


Why join this club? 

Not only are the tasks our club takes on meaningful and important, but we also provide members with a supportive and lighthearted community.

Above is our 2019 BSA video.

A major marine animal issue is captivity. Spread the word: family separation and forced captivity is wrong! 

MAA Members 2017-2018

Tide pools are awesome...

Protesting Taiji Dolphin Killings

just keep swimming~


Ms. Fernandez

Interested in joining?

Drop by Ms.Fernandez's room or contact Abby at We'd love to meet you!


Every Wednesday at Lunch in Room 226