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Air dryers could help schools go green


By Brandon Zhu

Photo taken by : Brandon Zhu


Paper towels should be replaced by hand dryers since people are wasting paper towels.




The last bell rings and everyone clams into the bathroom. Paper towel balls lie on the floor from missed free throw tosses,and the towel machine sounds like a broken record; what a waste of paper. Some students sometimes tear out three or four paper towels and do not use them. Nowadays, people ignore how important the resources are used to make the paper towels and keep wasting them. A method for improving this is to install air dryers in bathrooms to replace the paper towels with them.


According to researcher Brendan Koerner from Slate News, “The impact of electric dryers is an accessible appliance for reduction of the prevention regarding the destruction of natural resources.A fair amount of energy goes into manufacturing metal goods with mechanical parts. But the fact that dryers could last as long as between seven to ten years.”


A research study by The Green Lantern shows every paper towel creates about 0.12 pounds of greenhouse gas compared to hand dryers that only cause between 0.02 to 0.08 pounds.


Lincoln High Senior Sandra Chen said, “I agree that schools should go green by replacing the paper towel with the air dryer. Air dryers are more convenient for me to dry my hands compared to paper towels, and people sometimes waste a lot of paper towel on unnecessary things.”


On the other hand, people might not think the same way as I do with replacing paper towel with an air dryer.They have more pressing matters about it.


Green Academy teacher Valerie Ziegler said, “ I agree with putting hand dryers in our bathrooms, but now the school can't afford hand dryers and we just built a new water bottle station for ten thousand dollars.”


Another reason its is hard to input the air dryer is because we can't connect the wire through each bathroom. A dryer costs at least seven thousand dollars, but compared to six dollars per one roll of paper towel, by doing the math air dryers are cheaper than paper towels and air dryers can last longer. The school has twenty bathrooms and everyday, each bathroom needs at least two to three rolls of paper towels.


If the major problem is the school doesn't have enough money to buy the hand dryers, we could have a fundraiser to ask students and the school district to help participate in the funds.


In my opinion, I think we should put hand dryers in the bathroom because taking the paper towel from manufacturers to get shipped here cost lots of money and we waste a lot of it.  Hand dryers might cost more money to get at first but overall, the electricity cost is  cheaper and it will last longer.


Furthermore, helping the school community and the society go green is a big step and every one of us should have the responsibility to help since we are a part of the community. The first step is to start with not wasting paper towels.

Abraham Lincoln High School Needs Parking


By Keshawn Mitchell

Photo taken by : Keshawn Mitchell


A picture of the scarce parking.




Lincoln High should have parking. Parking space around the Lincoln is scarce and it takes a lot of time to find a place to park which can cause students to be late to class.I feel that Lincoln should have parking because students and teachers have to get to school on time. In some cases, we can't park in certain spots at 8am to 10am and are given tickets for being parked while being on the street it's not fair, so i would like to solve this problem by adding a parking lot on the blacktop area. I Interviewed our Vice Principal Lance Tagomori on this subject and he stated “A parking lot would be great, just don't know where we’d put it” i then asked what about the blacktop and he replied: “it's a good idea but it wouldn't work because it would limit the amount of P.E space”. He explained to me that he doesn't struggle with parking because he get’s here at 5:30am so there's no problem parking but the parking lot would benefit the teachers. “come early it's easy to find parking come late and it's hard to find.”


The message that I would like to get across is that parking is limited and takes a lot of time, that street cleaning can be a problem and that parking is in a small residential area. This is relevant to Lincoln faculty and students because we struggle to find parking and It is also relevant to the residents in the area because we take the parking spots near their homes and they have to park far which is an inconvenience for everyone.I interviewed the main office Secretary Jeremy Taylor and he thinks a parking lot would be beneficial. He stated “When you arrive later around 7:30 most parking spots are taken unless you get here around seven. I asked if he struggled with parking he said  “No because he arrives here at 7:00”, which is a whole hour before school starts.


Although creating a parking area may be expensive which wouldn't be the problem, It would be beneficial to everyone  because teachers and students would be able to come to school on time and ready, spending less time looking for a park or having to walk blocks away from the school. I interviewed steve Robinson a teacher here at Lincoln, He agrees a parking lot would be beneficial but it would take away from p.e. He stated “A parking area would be helpful because of the street cleaning on mondays and thursdays but not if it negatively impacts P.E”. I then asked about parking around the school and he agrees that the parking is scarce, and can take time due to the traffic, so he usually gets here around 7:40.

Consequences will stop students from littering

By Melody Li

Photo taken by : Melody Li


The garbage falls on the ground since the recycling bin is kicked.



On October 25th, 11:17 a.m., I witnessed a tall man, whose name that I don’t know because I had not see him before, as he kicked a recycling bin, and the garbage fell onto the ground. The man disregarded the situation and laughed for a minute or two.  Not a single person scolded him.  What about the trash?  Who is going to  clean it up?  Is this a serious matter or a joke?


Littering is a serious problem that our school can’t afford to ignore.


Too many students in ALHS don’t think littering is a horrible action. Principal Shari Balisi stresses that she wishes“students could pick up after themselves. Is that so much to ask?” Some students throw garbage away improperly, and others do not take the initiative to spark changes. Those people will not recognize their mistake, unless there is serious action taken against this matter.


Dean Joel Balzer says that seeing students litter recklessly is “disgusting.” He also says that many people “have never seen themselves from the outside...Just show them a movie of themselves being a slob, and they would see how small they look.”


Haomin Liang, a Lincoln High senior says, ”As far as I'm concerned, littering is very impolite behavior. Yet, many students may think littering is not a big deal. In fact, every small piece of litter we throw away today will amount to numerous littering by the end of the year. On the other hand, school has to spend a huge amount of money to clean up the garbage disposed by litterers. Thus, I am completely against littering. I believe that the school has the obligation to teach students not to litter. The school needs to make students aware of the severity of littering.”


To solve this problem, schools should change,the discoverage the  behavior of those students who trash the  school.  We can send them to clean up the school.  When we see students who are littering, we should hold them accountable for their actions, and there could be a reward for those students who help the school.  For example, snacks can incentivize students to want to help out in keeping their school clean if they do not already care about themselves. Sometimes, we see garbage that someone has littered, but it is unclear who left it there in the first place.  They may receive some gifts also.


Some students may think there is nothing to stop people from littering:  there is nothing we can do about it,  we can’t stop them,  we can punish them, but they still will do it in the future.  But: students spend six to nine hours a day in school. It is not that different from our homes, in terms of the time spent there.  We wouldn’t trash our homes, would we? We have to spend time there every day! How is our school any different?


We need a clean environment. As Balisi says, Lincoln “is a second home” to students. “Would you not pick up after yourself at home?  People complain that it’s not clean, but you have to pick up after yourself.”  


Suppose someone trashes your home; would you just ignore them? Of course not! Why should it be any different at the school where you spend nearly 40 hours a week?


Therefore, we all have the responsibly to keep our school clean!  As Joel Balzer says: “If everybody took pride in our school, nobody would litter...To me, it’s an issue of respect. Do you respect yourself enough to clean up after your environment?....Most people who are littering are doing it thoughtlessly. We need to help them learn...We want people to be so proud of Lincoln so that they don’t  like it when Lincoln is dirty.”


School is our second home.  We all have the responsibly to keep the school clean.   

Lincoln bathrooms need our help



By Chery Hu

Photo taken by : Chery Hu


Students throw paper towels on the bathroom floor.




At the end of the school day, if you walk into the student bathrooms, you can immediately agree that it’s absolutely dirty.  Every time I see the trash lying on the floor, especially in the student bathrooms on the first floor, I always question how can students be responsible for their actions in maintaining a clean bathroom?”


Despite how filthy the bathrooms are, students continue to ignore the problem of the bathroom. In the girl bathrooms,  sometimes the toilets are clogged with the toilet paper, or someone forget to flush the toilet after using it. It seems that only a few students are willing to help to flush the toilet.


I wonder why students always throw the toilet paper and paper towels in the wrong places.  Rather than throwing them into the garbage can or the into the toilet,  I can see the trash scattered around the toilet or near the garbage can.  Whether students intentionally act upon this guilty habit,  I think they should have the responsibility to pick it up in order to make the bathrooms clean.  


Julia Fong, a Lincoln math teacher points out, “ I sometimes use the student bathroom on the third floor, but I prefer to use the teacher bathroom rather than the student bathroom because the student bathrooms are kind of messy and sometimes smell unpleasant.”


First of all, I strongly think Lincoln should raise the urgency for students to understand how their habits of throwing toilet paper would impact them.  Therefore, I think school should sets a regulation for bathrooms such as limits on the amount of using toilet paper used per day, and if the school sees trash lying on the floor, the school won’t provide any toilet paper or paper towels for students to use.


Sandra Chen, a Lincoln student stated, “I definitely agree that every Lincoln student has the responsibility to keep the bathroom clean, and I do.”


I understand why some people might say we cannot control everyone’s behavior and cannot install monitors in the bathroom, but how might the school control students’ actions in throwing their garbage into the right places.  Then, I think about our school janitor, and question will you feel sorry towards them for picking up all the trash everyday and cleaning the bathroom?   So, starting from now, students should take responsibility in stopping the disposal of their own trash in the bathrooms.

Halloween costumes aim to exploit women sexually


By Selina Ng

Photo taken by : Selina Ng


Emily Tse wears a costume that doesn’t sexually exemplify women.




Halloween is a festive holiday meant for candy, costumes and fear. But the significance of Halloween costumes play an important role in sexualizing women’s costumes. For many women, finding a suitable, appropriate costume is a difficult challenge as they browse through the aisles of a department store, looking for the perfect costume. Many times, all that can be found are costumes made to exemplify sexual figures, exposing a lot of skin. This results in a pressurized standard of women needing to look a certain way in order to look “presentable.” This poses a problem for younger generations of women which will lead to insecurity and low self esteem.


Although the issue of sexualized costumes is not aimed towards women who wear them, the problem lies within the manufacturer's role in creating the message that women are only meant to be sexy and not professional. According to PartyCity’s website, women’s costumes are entitled, “Adult Stop Traffic Sexy Cop Costume” and “Adult Under Arrest Babe Cop Costume.” Meanwhile, men’s costumes avoid any suggestive descriptions such as, “Adult Under Arrest Cop Costume” and “Adult On Patrol Police Costume.”


Furthermore, the separation of costume representation between men and women creates a huge problem for the gender norms that we experience in today's society; the fact that costumes for men are not nearly as sexualized as women's. This is an extreme problem that must be addressed promptly. Women should take the initiative to protest the evident separations between female and male costumes by making a commitment to stop purchasing brands that support sexualized clothing for women. As a result, we will make a huge step in stopping the universal stigma of all clothing sexualization for women.

SF County voting age should be lowered to 16 years old


By Lincoln Log Staff




The 2016 elections have passed and for many this year’s election process could be likened to a reality tv spinoff with media coloring candidates in a negative and positive light.

This year, many controversial issues were discussed.


In San Francisco, proposition F on the city ballot debated whether or not the county election voting age should be lowered to 16 years old. On November 9, 2016 the results showed the proposition did not pass. However, lowering the county voting age to 16 is necessary because it gives many young adults the opportunity to gain political exposure and voice their opinions on issues that will affect their future lives.


There are several reasons why lowering the county voting age to 16 would be beneficial and reasonable. First and foremost, teenagers are the upcoming generation; our voices should be acknowledged in matters that will impact our future and our city. Millennials residing in California tend to side with the current Democratic stance in which liberal, right sided, open minded ideas are rooted for and supported.


As a matter of fact, most high school students in San Francisco are required to take a US Government/Politics class before they graduate. These classes educate them on social justice issues, the history of US government, and help teens form their own political standpoints. What better way to have these kids put their ideas to use then allowing them to gain county voting experience?


Furthermore, 16 year olds are able to work paid jobs. Many county measures deal with taxes and job related laws, so minors deserve a say in the matter because they are part of the working population which is directly affected. Voting encourages political awareness at a younger age and promotes involvement of young adults within their community.


The concerns regarding lowering the voting age to 16 were tied to the dangerous time period that adolescence brings. There was fear that people in this age group may not be knowledgeable enough about political issues, so they are not able to take on the responsibility voting brings.


Furthermore, “group thinking” can influence teenagers to vote for the most popular candidate amongst their peers without proper research and advocacy. It is still the time period in which you need your guardian’s signature to go on field trips and watch R rated movies, and it can be troubling to imagine giving teenagers the right to vote given the immense power it holds.   


However, where there are indifferent and irresponsible teens, there are plenty of intellectual and socially/politically aware ones who deserve to have their voices heard. This reigns true for adults as well. We tend to think just because they are categorized as adults, they choose the best decisions which is not always the case.