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Lincoln’s boys volleyball team plans to ace new season

by Liping Huang

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After the 2013 season, Lincoln’s boys volleyball team has set itself up for a new year.  The team had an overall record of 9-5 last year, and championed at third place during championships.

Varsity captain Ryan Szeto has been on the team for 4 years, obtaining his role as a captain during his sophomore year. Szeto is starting a new routine for the team to joust them up for the season.  “During the first three years, we only conditioned when the coach told us to.” He continues, “But [this year], as soon as school started, we began lifting and training.”

Senior captain and outside hitter Jon Chiu shared his insight. “I think this year is going to run more smoothly [because of] the experience of returning players.”

Szeto believes that under the right leadership, the team will succeed. “[First] there is captain. Then there is God captain. I’m God captain.” Later, he humbly adds, “We’re strong contenders to winning championships.”

Training for the season takes lots of effort. Even for the captain, being part of the team is hard sometimes. Szeto says,  “The commitment is hard. It takes lots of time, and the amount of conditioning like running to get in shape for the season is hard too.”

Along with the challenges of dedicating time for a sport, it’s hard to dig out of the off-season hole. Chiu added, “We had a rough time getting back into playing because of [other] sports and summer."

With the responsibilities of preparing for the season, the pressures of managing the volleyball team also comes up. Szeto says, “Normally it’s hard [to manage the team]. But this year, my team has been very cooperative with me.”

Szeto has believes that Lincoln’s team has a huge shot in the season. “We’re putting extra time and effort. It takes perseverance and dedication to be a good volleyball player.”

With the whole team in check, Lincoln’s boys varsity volleyball team is sure to spike and kill its competition.

Lincoln Mustang exemplifies a true MVP

by Liping Huang

Tyree Marzetta.jpg

The crucial end quarter is close to ending. The crowd is anticipating his every move. The adrenaline is rushing through his veins. The Mustang is handed the ball, and he sprints towards the end line. The crowd cheers; the team wins, and the sound of victory is sweet. For senior Tyree Marzetta, it’s all for the game.

With a record of 343 carries, 2404 rushing yards and 21 touchdowns throughout his football career in Lincoln, Marzetta stands out as a force to be reckoned with.

His progress as a running back increased tremendously from his freshman year. From a rushing yard of 150 to 1558 in his senior year, Marzetta was able to increase the yards of rushing the ball towards the end line  by 90%.
He says, “You just have to play with 100% effort. It's not really hard for me.” Marzetta goes on, “I make it easy on myself; it’s only hard if you make it hard.”

In addition to his heavy accomplishments in the art of tackling and touchdowns, Marzetta also triumphs in basketball.
Throughout the season, and during the heat of all the games, boys varsity basketball coach Matt Jackson stated that "Marzetta's maturity, leadership, and energy are huge contributors to the team."    

    Teammate Jason Liao also chipped in. “[Marzetta] brings intensity when defending and transitioning. He’s strong at rebounding and running the court.”

In addition to Marzetta’s skills on the basketball court, Liao says, “He really lightens up the mood in the team.”
The future of the dedicated multi-sport athlete is bright. Coach Jackson says, "Tyree has a great head on his shoulders and will succeed well beyond the halls and walls of Lincoln."

In addition to football and basketball, Marzetta is also focusing on other activities. During late January, Marzetta embarked on a trip with Close Up to Washington D.C. “I'm going to see the sites outside of San Francisco.” He continues, “I want to expand my cultural horizons and outlook on life.”   

The dedicated Mustang wants to keep his athletic career going after high school. “I'm [planning on] playing football and running track in college.” Marzetta continues, "In the future, I want to coach college football."
"I wish him nothing but success," concludes Jackson.