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Lincoln suffers an irreplaceable loss

Kevin San.jpg

   Kevin San was born on June 4, 1997 and passed away on September 27, 2013 due to a tragic car accident.  He was always trying to make people laugh by joking around and using puns.

   His position was the Battalion S3, and he was the deputy commander of Drum Corps, and he was very caring toward his teammates and the others around him. When he wasn’t in school, he loved riding his bike and talking about biking with his friends.


    “Kevin was a happy-go-lucky little boy who loved trolling people and quoting people from comedy videos on Youtube like David So and JKFilms. He was truly dedicated to RO and spent most of his days with staff and DC.”

- Sabrina Chu, Battalion S1 officer

      “Kevin was like my little brother that I could mess around with and at the same time I would always teach him how to be a leader. But really, he made me a better leader. I don’t think I would the kind of person I am today if he hadn’t shown me how important drum corps meant to him.

   Honestly, when I would leave for college this year, I was planning on making him the commander of drum corps for next year. He would’ve been a great commander. And even though he isn’t with us anymore, you can count on drum corps, and all of JROTC, to keep his spirit alive. We won’t ever forget him.”

-Gene Villanueva, Drum Corps Commander from 2012-2014


   On Monday, September 30, the Lincoln community held a balloon releasing ceremony in Kevin’s honor. Students and staff could purchase a balloon to write messages on to send to Kevin. They were sold for $5, and all proceeds went to the San family. 

    Drum Corps performed a final tribute to Kevin, and afterward some of Kevin’s friends shared memories  of  him with the crowd and then directed the crowd to the basketball courts to release the balloons all at once.

    The Lincoln Log staff and the Lincoln community send their deepest condolences to the San family.