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Rumors of Lincoln’s own “Moaning Myrtle” haunts the girls’ bathrooms

by Marie Vega

High school can be a scary place for some students, and at Lincoln so might the bathrooms. front page dont use marie.JPGGirls beware, because the first floor bathroom by the main office and the bathroom near the band room seem to have some mischief going on. These two bathrooms have been considered to be haunted. 

The allegations have been that the bathroom by the band room is haunted because a girl was raped and murdered in there. Late at night toilet paper in the girls bathroom by the main office can be heard unraveling with no signs of break-in or damage. In the bathroom by the band room, footsteps can be heard in stalls when no one is occupying them. In that same bathroom a whispered “hello” can be heard. 

     But according to students like junior Chui Wong, it could just be the lighting. “It’s dark in there! It’s creepy and gross, so it’s haunted.” 

Junior, Lily Trinh, avoids both bathrooms because of rumors of their haunting. “I can’t go in there. And if I do, I have to take someone with me.”  

Many of the girls don’t have actual evidence or experiences of there ever being a ghost or spirit in the bathrooms. “I’ve just always known them to be the haunted bathrooms since freshman year,” says junior Amanda Kwong. 

“The scariest thing in the bathrooms is the smell,” says junior, Susie Leung. “The ghost doesn’t show itself because it’s probably allergic to my perfume,” she adds.

It seems that most girls believe the bathroom is haunted, but maybe not by a ghost and more like someone who doesn’t flush the toilet. While trying to take a picture for my article, I downloaded a few apps on my phone to create the illusion of a ghost. However, what actually shocked me the most was that I might have actually captured something. I boxed a section of the pictures that I took and if you look closely you can see a face. In the photo next to it the face is somewhat there, and in the last photo the face is completely gone. This could be something paranormal or it could be nothing.

Junior, Kristy Wong says, “Maybe people from a ghost hunter show can come here and figure out if Lincoln is haunted or not.”
So, ghost hunters out there, do you think Lincoln’s girls bathrooms could be haunted? 

2013’s flu season is among the worst

by Stephanie Chu

The 2013 respiratory flu season is one of the worst flu seasons in the last decade.Flu Pic.jpg

What makes this year’s flu season any different from past years? The flu symptoms have been more severe and longer lasting.

Due to the high demand for flu vaccines, several drugstores and health departments had vaccine shortages. However, health officials are not concerned with these shortages because many people are getting their flu shorts after everyone else has received theirs. It may seem like a shortage, but in reality, they are just getting the shot much later in the season.

Nurse Stuart Dick believes, “Early in the season is the best time [to get a flu shot], usually in October or November. Because of the severity of the outbreak this year, they [health officials] are still recommending that people get the flu shot even though it is already February.”

Teenagers have a higher chance to recover from the flu faster because of their strong immune system. People who are more susceptible to the flu are younger siblings, babies, and grandparents. Younger children have immune systems that are still developing, while people who are over 65 years old have weaker immune systems. Once a student is exposed to the flu virus, he or she may spread it to others in the same household. People with asthma or respiratory problems should also be careful, because even a cold could make their asthma worse.

People often confuse the common cold with the flu. The symptoms for both are very similar, but one key factor to differentiate between the two is that the flu often comes with a high fever. Another common misconception is the difference between the respiratory flu and the stomach flu, which are actually unrelated to one other. The stomach flu is inflammation of the stomach and intestines usually caused by a virus in spoiled food or unclean water. The respiratory flu is a contagious infection caused by an influenza virus that typically spreads through the air.

Other symptoms of the respiratory flu are chills, coughing, fatigue, body aches and the inability to get out of bed. The flu virus can spread to others even though one may not show any symptoms.

The school policy says that if one has a fever of over 100˚F, he or she should stay at home for 24 hours until they no longer have a fever. The normal body temperature is 98.6˚F. If students take good care of themselves, they should be able to return to school within one to four days.

Getting enough rest and drinking plenty of fluids is also very important for the body to regenerate.

Sophomore Tiffany Chen explained, “[When I was sick] I stayed home on Wednesday, returned to school on Thursday, then stayed home again on Friday. I regret not staying at home for two full days because I felt worse on Friday and for the rest of that weekend. I also had big plans for that weekend, so being sick was a huge bummer.”

The flu is highly contagious; flu viruses can be spread from touching dirty objects such as doorknobs, sink faucets, and even keyboards, which is the number one way for disease to spread.

Nurse Stuart suggests, “When you are washing your hands with soap and water, sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song twice, which is the amount of time for the soap to get the germs off of your hands. Don’t turn off the water until you have dried your hands then use the paper towel [that you dried your hands with] to turn off the sink and open the door to leave the restroom.”

Other methods of practicing good hygiene are using hand sanitizer and avoiding touching the face. Areas on our faces such as around the nostrils, lips and eyes are more susceptible than the rest of our body to germs. If you have an itch to scratch “just take a deep breath and it’ll go away in a few minutes,” says Nurse Stuart.

The flu vaccine is considered the best defense against the respiratory flu; however there are also negative effects of getting the flu shot. One of them is that the flu shot may not be effective against the flu viruses throughout each flu season. However, the vaccine can prevent illness and/or shorten the duration and severity of the flu.

Foods rich in Vitamin C and Zinc can also shorten the duration and decrease the symptoms of the cold and the flu.

Being a leader while helping others sounds like leadership class!

by Emmanuelle Paez

On the Feb 2, Lincoln’s leadership class went to the San Francisco Food Bank. Ms. Eng and Ms. Kamkar, the leadership teachers, brought the leadership class to the food bank. FoodBackPhoto.jpgThe leadership class woke up in the early in the morning to get the food donations to the food bank and to sort things out for the food bank. 

Why are they doing this? The teachers wanted to show the leadership class that being a leader can also be helping others who are in need.  For those people who don’t know food bank is, a food bank is an organization that receives food donations to be distributed to those who are in need. Food donations come from professors, food chains, grocery chains and other food suppliers. Students enjoyed organizing food for people who are in need. Students pack rice and vegetables into plastic bags.   

Lincoln’s leadership class was not the only school there; there were other students from different schools in grades ranging from K-12. There were also people who weren’t volunteering with their schools who just wanted to volunteer for fun. 

The History of Abraham Lincoln High School

by Michael Nguyen

Many of us who roam the halls of Lincoln high have no idea of the origin of our school, or the amount of history embedded in the walls surrounding us.School 1947.jpg

 Lincoln began as a local petition in response to the increasingly large population during 1927 in west San Francisco. It was not until 13 years later, the petition was voted into reality and Lincoln high school was a reality. The school was established on Tuesday, August 27th, 1940, accepting a total of 950 students compared to the 2,000 students currently enrolled. The school was built on a previous horse farm, and was the inspiration of our school’s mustang mascot. The campus was composed of only the main building, a library, a cafeteria, and a football field. The total construction cost amounted to $750,000  dollars which would now be the equivalent of over $10 million dollars in our current economy. Over the years in 1950 other segments were later added, the auditorium, and the northern and southern gymnasiums were made as separate gyms for girls and boys. Since then no other additions were made until the completion of the “new building” in 2009.

 Over Lincoln high’s long history, many changes and events occurred. Beginning with a predominant white demographic, Lincoln gradually became racially integrated. Lincoln students held demonstrations during the civil rights movement advocating racial equality. Lincoln’s current student demographic now has large numbers of asians, blacks, and latinos. In a period of time during the early 1970’s, Lincoln lost its accreditation and was not considered as a legitimate high school. However Lincoln’s reputation has grown considerably and is one of the top high schools of San Francisco and California. School traditions such as the Brotherhood Sisterhood Assembly have come to define our school and were a response to an on campus shooting in 1992.

The Circus Club is in town; it's time to clown around

by Rachel Yee

If one was looking for the oddly talented kids at Lincoln, they could quite possibly find all of them in the Circus Club. IMG_0955.jpgThis club contains it all, from magicians to jugglers to a contortionist. They worked hard all year to impress all of us at this year’s Brotherhood Sisterhood Assembly.

They may have been unheard of, but that doesn’t mean the Circus Club was any less of a club. Working hard every Monday during lunch in the auditorium, they created the perfect performance for us to watch. They wanted to create illusions that would amaze us at BSA.

The Circus Club was put together this year by Wellness Center staff member, Ian Enriquez. He knew a lot of students with these talents that alone couldn’t be showcased, but if he put them all together, it could turn into something spectacular.

Daniel Fielding, one of the jugglers, says, “I came to Ian the year before and told him I wanted to start a juggling club because I really love juggling, and I wanted to teach other people. He said, ‘We also have a magician at the school; we also have a contortionist at our school. Why don’t we just start a Circus Club?’”

Then, at the beginning of this year Ian actually put together the club. The club grew with the help of Skylar Huang, who teaches the others to perform magic tricks. While some skills can’t be taught so easily, magic is the one talent that could be taught and learned easily by other students.

However, the fun won’t last forever. Since the Circus Club has students that learned their talents elsewhere, the Circus Club can only last as long as those kinds of students keep coming to Lincoln.

“I feel this club can only exist for as long as we have actual skilled circus people at this school,” says Enriquez. “I don’t think it can survive past year two, unless other circus performers or other circus school students come to Lincoln… So if we get more of those students, I could probably make things work. Without them, we won’t be able to make them work.”

Without Circus Club, none of these people would even know each other. All apart of different social groups, they probably wouldn’t associate with each other if it weren’t for Circus Club bringing them together; however, they still get along very well. As they work together to practice their stunts they all laugh and joke around, making Circus Club a very fun club to be a part of. They amaze each other with each others’ talents.

“The people are really nice,” says Skylar Huang, one of the magicians of the group. “Seeing people starting from doing nothing to being able to perform is nice.”

“I think it’s fun and fascinating to be working with these students with these skills. It’s something definitely very new; it’s a new challenge,’ says Enriquez. “So I’m looking forward to seeing what we pull off.”

From all sorts of fun talents, the Circus Club really is a one-of-a-kind club. It certainly is something we should keep an eye out for, especially since the club might not be around for long.