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People in the Hallway

By Maiya Wilson



Q: What would you do under a mistletoe?

                  A: Depends on who is under there with me.-Jordan Taylor



Q: Which bathroom do you believe are cleaner, boys or girls?

                  A: Girls because boys are just gross and their bathrooms really stink. –Irania Lima




Q: Do you prefer using Facebook or Twitter?

                  A: Facebook because it’s easier to use and it’s more fun while Twitter is just way more complicated. –Veronica Lima




Q: Do you believe in ghosts?

                   A: Do you believe in ghosts? –Christaupher Peacock



"The fourth branch of government"

By Saul Reyes

Every day there are millions of people that watch TV, play video games, listen to the radio, or surf the Internet.  We are being entertained while our minds are occupied and vulnerable.  We are prone to the attacks of subliminal messages being pushed into the impressionable minds of the people.
    TV is the largest and most common media outlet.  When we watch TV we are bombarded by advertisements.  We are told what to eat, what to wear, where to shop, how to dress, who to be like and more.  We may not realize it but we are basically being told how to run our lives. 
    Big-name corporations invest billions of dollars into making sure they get their message across.  The advertisements are everywhere, and the messages will get through eventually.  Advertising has been around since the industrialization of America. It is an old and common technique of influencing human decision. 
    Famous actors, sports players, and song artists have an enormous power over people, and they know they do. A significant amount of people would much rather watch the new episode of “Jersey Shore” or see what Kim Kardashian is up to next rather than focusing on the world events at hand, hell even the local news.  This is the kind of star power these iconic figures posses that should lead us to ponder the question: If they can persuade us to live our life a certain way… what else are they capable of?
    Here is a solid example of what kind of control the media possess over the viewers.  Last year a famous NBA basketball player named LeBron James had an urgent announcement to make to the whole nation.  James’ announcement was so important he got his own primetime one-hour TV slot on FOX for the world to watch. For one hour the event was focused on where he was going to play next. In the end his answer was, “I’m going to take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat.” Everyone watching at the time listened to his every word only to remember his quick decision.  A one-hour time slot taken up for a five second statement: all the other junk was filler. 
     The media built up excitement for that very moment only to find out whom some basketball player was going to play for next.  Now in that hour there could have been more important world topics to be discussed to inform the people but instead LeBron James was presented. 
    The media can be our greatest ally against the injustices of the world if we would start using it efficiently. Instead of watching MTV and VH1, watch the local and world news.  The Internet is the greatest source of information if used wisely.  Instead of checking out what the celebrities are doing check out what our government is doing.  Facebook, Twitter and all social networking websites are the easiest way to stay informed with what is happening around us. 
    The radio has plenty of AM talk stations that keep us up to date on events.  If you want to listen to music then listen to underground artists who write their own lyrics and talk about things most of us can relate to, rather than listening to mainstream artists who rap about three things: SEX, MONEY, and DRUGS.   If you stop and really listen to the lyrics you will begin to notice the pattern of lyrics.  Most people do not notice what they are singing because of the “beat” of the song. Mainstream music has just as a powerful grip over the public as any other medium.  Many teens follow the latest Trey Songs or Lil Wayne song and have every lyric memorized but probably don’t know the words to the Pledge of Allegiance. 
    The media can provide many uses rather than for the use for pure entertainment.  Sadly it was initially created for the use of entertainment and has done exceedingly well at it. 
I perceive the media as a method to influence the human mind and block out important information relevant to us.  Unfortunately the media has a general stronghold over the mind that is not loosening up any time soon unless we start realizing what is really happening and using it properly to our advantage.
    If you take some time to think about what has been said in this article and apply your personal life there is a lot of truth to what I have stated.  It is not by accident the way things are it is intentional and the government uses it to their advantage to sway the public and minimize current events.  When the general public is following Kim Kardashian’s wedding, which set the TV record for most amount of viewers, not enough people are following the Occupy Movement that is affecting every person living on this planet. 
    As soon as people begin realizing this “The 4th Branch of the Government” aka The Media will start to lose power over us.  People will be informed and more action will begin to take place.  Let’s begin to take advantage of our rights and help fix the economic problems we are facing.  Let our voices be heard and in time we WILL witness change not just in our society but all over the world.  Let us take charge of what we really want in life and how we want to run it.  But before all of that can become a reality we must face the immediate reality that vast majority are subconsciously being controlled by a force that is beatable.  Stay informed on current events have a say in our government and question everything. Most importantly know your rights as citizens of America.

*From Immortal Technique’s “The Fourth Branch”

Seen and Heard

“My five-year-old neighbor has an obsession with poop.” -A certain English teacher

“I haven’t showered since my trip to Guatemala, and that was, like, two years ago!” -Junior girl proudly sharing an interesting fact

“You’re a banana fiber!!”-Irritated sophomore girl

“Don’t start wagging your tail yet b*tch; he doesn’t even like you.” -Angry freshman twin

“What’s your favorite kind of pie? Occupy!” -Ecstatic senior boy

“Isn’t that what the put in magazines?” -Curious junior girl

"Acne tips for the tormented teenager"

By Jessica Wong


Teenagers tend to be prone to acne. Acne can be caused by hormonal changes, genetics, diet, bacteria, stress and other factors. We tend to be easily influenced to purchase acne products by advertisements and others’ opinions. But the question is how can we fight our acne?
    I didn’t have acne until my freshman year. I took really good care of my skin before that, so I was surprised to get it at all. Since then, I’ve tried a variety of different acne products including Murad, Clinique, Tea Tree, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear and Wexler. I’ve spent around $50 for each set every time. (Skin care products that come in sets (i.e. cleanser, toner, moisturizer) are cheaper than if bought individually.)
    I’ve found that some of these products do absolutely nothing for my skin. Others control my acne but don’t prevent it. Along the way, I’ve gotten pretty bad scarring.
    I found my cure when I finally decided to see my doctor about my acne. He advised me to use a 10% benzoyl peroxide acne wash and prescribed me clindamycin phosphate lotion. These were like miracle products for me and around the same price as drugstore products.
Needless to say, everyone is different and has different reactions to products. This is just my two cents worth. Recently, I visited a different doctor who prescribed me antibiotics to attack my acne from the inside out. According to her, it’s the only way to really get rid of my scars.
    Besides pharmaceutical treatments, healthy diets can contribute to good skin. Minimizing processed and junk foods isn’t only beneficial for our skin but our overall health;same with water. Having a healthy, balanced diet improves health. Try substituting junk food snacks with fruits and vegetables.
    Another way to try preventing acne is washing your face. We have to keep our faces clean from the bacteria that accumulate on our skin throughout the day. I recommend cleansing twice a day; once after waking up and once before going to bed.
Key ingredients to look for in a cleanser that specifically tackle acne are salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. I also recommend exfoliating once or twice a week with St.Ive’s Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub. It gets rid of the dead skin cells on the top of the skin, revealing the “new” previously unexposed skin underneath.
If you use a foundation, be sure to use one that doesn’t clog your pores. I know drug store makeup is appealing because of the decent prices, but I personally think it’s more worth it to invest in higher end foundations. I’ve tried drugstore makeup, and it can’t compare with the Bare Minerals line that I use now.
Also, if you have oily skin like I do, I recommend Clean & Clear Oil Blotting Sheets. All you have to do is blot the little sheets of paper on your skin and they soak in the oil.

    Another tip that I always, always emphasize when giving advice to friends about acne is to never pop pimples. Popping a pimple exposes the skin and allows bacteria to enter, which may cause infection. I know some pimples look really gross, but it’s not worth popping due to possible scarring of the skin. Also, don’t touch your face or let anything touch it. Bacteria will spread and cause even more skin problems.
    I personally only have acne on my face, but I know friends who have it in other places including their back and chest. I would advise using body acne washes and even acne products for the face will work.
    If you haven’t found a way to control your acne, you may want to try what works for me. My acne is caused by genetics and stress, so keep in mind your acne triggers when searching for acne products and cures. Also, I highly recommend seeing a doctor before trying a handful of products like I did. Remember, not all products work the way they are advertised!

"The power of music"

    Music to many can be seen as a nuisance or as a great way to relax a person. To me, I am split on whether or not music can be beneficial or distracting. Parents are constantly telling their children, “Turn it off! You can’t concentrate like that!” I believe there are certain times to actually listen to music like when a person wants to relax. Certain activities such as playing games or doing homework while listening to music make deciding whether or not music is beneficial difficult.
    I always listen to music at home while I play games in order to relax myself. Music should be used as background noise like while driving in a car. It is there, but it is not supposed to take one hundred percent of your attention, especially if driving.
    Music can bring ideas into your head just by listening to the lyrics. In fact, as I am writing this I am listening to music; it does help surprisingly. Studies have shown that specific types of music, such as classical, can help concentration and keep the body relaxed.  On the other hand, music with lyrics, which is in all types of music, can keep a person distracted. I myself have fallen into this trap of being distracted, only adding to why my parents and many others think music is terrible. I do however use different playlists to find out whether the classical music theory is true. And so far it does help.
    From experience, reading while listening to music is nearly impossible to do. The lyrics that are going through your head and the words you are reading are constantly fighting for your attention. The music just has to be turned off for me and possibly a lot of you.
    The difference in the types of music each person enjoys may affect whether or not they believe it is beneficial or not. I listen to all types of music ranging from rap to electronic. As long as I like the music I will listen to it; my family however dislikes my music choices making my music only distracting to them. Everyone’s choice of music should be respected because of this.
    In all, music has its good sides and its bad sides coming from where you are hearing the music. It can be beneficial for you and not the person near you. An important part is to remember that you are around others and need to be courteous and keep it down!

"The old Nickelodeon vs. new!"

    Throughout the years, Nickelodeon has become a beloved network primarily aimed toward children ages of 7-17 years old. Almost everyone I have ever met or know has at least heard of Nickelodeon. Many of us watched it growing up, whether your favorite show was “Rugrats” or “SpongeBob SquarePants”. Sadly, Nickelodeon has evolved into something extremely different from what we remember. But the question is which era of Nickelodeon is best, the old or the new?
         In my eyes, the old Nickelodeon wins hands down with no doubt about it. When I was a kid, I loved Nickelodeon. “Hey Arnold”, “Rocko’s Modern Life”, “Angry Beavers”, “All That”, and more. were all amusing shows which many people loved. The old Nickelodeon was more enjoyable and memorable. Shows such as “Kenan & Kel” or “The Amanda Show” kept you on your toes waiting and wanting more.
        Nickelodeon used to be all about funny kid cartoons with funny enjoyable live action shows also, but now I rarely see cartoons let alone funny ones. Nickelodeon consists of live action shows such as, “iCarly” or “Victorious” that are not as humorous and are too conflicted with the everyday life of an average teenager.
         During the 90s, so many shows that were on to the point where I was unable to pick or choose which show were my favorite. When it came to cartoons, the options were endless. From “Ren and Stimpy” to “Rugrats”, or “Doug” to “Catdog”, you were guaranteed to have some laughter.
         The old Nickelodeon shows taught me lessons. “Clarissa Explains” it All taught many girls objectives about boys, family and friendship. Shows on Nickelodeon now consist of exaggerated teenage life such as, “Big Time Rush” which is a show about an annoying boy band that lives in a hotel. The show is extremely cheesy and sarcastic. Is that true entertainment?
         Nickelodeon has been a major television station since the first time it aired on April fool’s day in the late 70’s. However, uncreative producers have either taken over or they have just run out of creative ideas. This shows the impressive quality and greatness of the old Nickelodeon.