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Mustang Athlete Spotlight: Collin Luu

By Jessica Wong 

  Balancing sports and schoolwork can be challenging for some students. Senior Collin Luu not only puts amazing effort into his schoolwork, but football and discus as well.
Standing 6’2”, Luu starts as a tackle and defensive end and also plays punter on Lincoln’s varsity football team.
    Despite this being only his second season playing on the team, he’s already gained a respected leader role on the team. As Coach Ferrigno says, “He’s actually really bought into this,” referring to Luu’s interest in the sport.
    “He’s a good, quiet leader,” says Coach Ferrigno.  “He works hard and he’s done a good job of just working hard and just trying to be a leader by example.”
    He’s a dedicated player who spends at least ten hours on the field each week all while maintaining a 3.0 GPA. He shows responsibility when he calls the coaches ahead of time if he knows he won’t be at a practice.
    Luu’s favorite part of football is the bond he’s made with his teammates. “We’re family on and off the field,” he says. The team’s brotherhood is one of his biggest motivations. He explains how they keep selfless attitudes, adding, “It’s all about ‘we’ not ‘me.’”  He strives to work with his teammates to bring Lincoln football back up to the number one spot.

    In the spring, he throws discus for track and field. Luu practices every day, even when Coach Woods isn’t present. He takes the initiative to do what needs to be done rather than wait for someone to tell him to do it.
    In a discus competition, depending on the level of competition, the thrower is allowed three or six throws. At the end, the results are calculated and each thrower is ranked according to distance. Despite not being the biggest or strongest at competitions, his technique and finesse lead him to place well in most of his competitions. For the 2009-2010 season, he placed first in all-city with an average distance of 138’ 4”. He also placed first in all-city for the 2010-2011 season with an average distance of 152’ 3”.
    He demonstrates his patience as he has to share the field with both the baseball and softball teams. These athletes stop and take the time to watch Luu and his fellow discus throwers in awe. He even lets them throw a discus from time to time.
    Luu sets a great example not only to his fellow football players and discus throwers, but also to other Mustang athletes. His dedication, leadership and patience encourage others to follow his example.

"Boys Soccer has their 'Eyes on the Prize'"

By Maiya Wilson

            Things are looking good for Lincoln Mustangs Soccer Team! As of September 20th, they continue to be undefeated with their tremendous record of 10-0.
           The team has a lot in store for this season and has high hopes for making it to the championship. They do not plan on stopping until they get there.

           To these boys, winning means everything, which gives them the drive and ambition to fight until the finish. Kenyatta Scott, the coach of the soccer team believes that his team has their, “eye on the prize.”

         The team shows a clear improvement from this season from the last. Scott states, “They have a hunger and fire in their bellies and the fire to win.” Scott and the players on the team are not letting their victories so far get in the way of the main goal, which is making it to the championship.

       The Lincoln Mustang Soccer team took home a tremendous victory by beating Mission High School for the first time in 9 years. Scott refers Mission as one of their biggest rivals and the team was “ecstatic” by the win and beating them was like “knocking a piece down like dominoes.

      The captains of the team, Anthony Rodriguez and Andres Kilgore, both seniors, contribute to the team by being, “The role models…you want…on the field with their dedication and commitment,” said by Scott. which is a high school ranking website ranked the Lincoln Mustang Soccer team 20th nationally and 4th in the state!
      Things couldn’t be better for the Lincoln Soccer team as the season may come to a close November 12th if the team makes it to the championship.

Fall Sports Blurbs

By William Tien

Boys Soccer
    Season started for the boys soccer team only a couple of weeks into the school year. They are off to a good start, as they won their first three games. Their head coach is Mr. Kenyatta Scott and their season will end shortly before winter break.

    Lincoln’s Dragon-Boat team recently competed in the annual Treasure-island race. Many Lincoln dragon-boaters returned to Lincoln with medals hanging on their necks as Lincoln placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for three different boat divisions. Seniors Dexter Bartolome, Aaron Louie, Fanny Chen, and Tiffany Wang are this year’s Captains and Co-Captains. The three coaches are Doug Wong, Ariana Lim, and Elijah Chan.

Cross Country
    Cross Country has started! Lincoln’s speedy team has six meets to compete in this season all before winter break. Practice is almost everyday after school and they started practicing during the summer. The head coach is Ben Hwa and there are many assistant coaches and volunteer coaches.

Varsity Girls Volleyball
           The championship-winning girls volleyball team looks forward to their season as they start with a win. The head coach is Vincent Tang, and the two assistant coaches are George Lee and Curtis Lee. Senior Kara Wong is this year’s captain and hopes to lead them to the championships again!

JV Girls Volleyball
    Sophomore Ezra De Asis, this year’s junior varsity volleyball captain led the team to second place in a volleyball tournament. Season comes to an end for JV volleyball just before winter break. 

Girls Golf
    This year girls golf aims for gold! Sibling Captains Kristi Wong, junior, and Shannon Wong, senior, hope to lead this team to another year of championships. They have already won their first match and hope to continue this winning streak. The head coach is Steve Robinson.

Girls Tennis
    Season started for the Girls Tennis team on September 14th. The captains are Allie Haddad and Vivian Chiu. The head coach is Greg Simmons. Keeping Lincoln’s streak alive, the girl’s tennis team also won their first game.

Varsity Football
    Practice began for varsity football only two weeks after summer started. Head coach Philip Ferrigno hopes to lead the team to victory during the Bell Game. There are a lot of injured players currently, but they are recovering well.

JV Football
    This year’s JV football team started their first game of the season on October 1st. They are scheduled to play seven games in the regular season, having most of the games at Lincoln. The head coach is Kevin Doherty.