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Lincoln Loggers 2011-2012

"Not As Boring As You Think Tien"

by Kimberly Alvarado

   Soft voice with nothing to hide, William Tien, age 16, walks on through the day living life as normal as possible. He’s quiet and conservative, doesn’t like talking much, or showing.
    He’s an eleventh grader at Abraham Lincoln High School and doesn’t think much of it. In middle school, it seems like every kid’s dream to get into Lincoln. William is a mustang now, receiving the grand opportunity to be a part of this community because he inherited it from his brothers, who have now graduated.
    I asked William which of his classes in all his years was his favorite.. He told me his favorite class was in 9th grade and it was P.E. with Ms. Walker, the sweet, easy-going teacher.
   Born and raised in San Francisco, William lives with his two parents and his two twin brothers, and no pets. He says he can tell the difference between his brothers because one of them is “a lot more buff” than the other. He was born and raised into a Buddhist family and home. They are all vegetarian, and have been their entire lives. William will eat anything vegetarian except for eggplant, because he thinks it’s gross.

   He enjoys hanging out with his friends and during his free time plays video games all he can and can always play a good game of baseball or basketball. His good friend, Mario, believes William is good at basketball. Mario and William met in middle school and Herbert Hoover which is only a couple blocks down from Lincoln High.


    They both enjoy making fun of Rebecca Wong. Mario also stated, “William is super chill and really lazy. He’s really unique in his personality and his hair. He acts really different about people he isn’t familiar with, and talks to people in his own different way, but that’s only because he is a really shy kind of guy.”
  Although he is only sixteen years old, William has no plans for the future. Whatever happens happens, and what goes right goes right and what doesn’t, doesn’t. He wants to become really rich and get into a business; he is unsure which but whatever comes his way he will take the opportunity. He is planning on going to San Francisco State University, UC Merced, or UC Riverside. He wants to attend a good school that is easy to get into, because he doesn’t like the work and believes his grades aren’t good enough. I enjoyed the time I had with William. I learned he isn’t as boring as I thought,


"Michelle Tran: Going for the Gold!"

by Julianna Echeverria

The world is full of things that knock people down, but it is ultimately the people’s choice to get back up or not. Michelle Tran, a new journalist of the Lincoln Log, is always giving everything her all, even if she doesn’t succeed.

Tran was born here in San Francisco, although she has moved quite a lot, alternating between Sacramento and Los Angeles. In the end, San Francisco has once again been chosen as her home. Tran hopes to travel to New York to study so that she can major in the medical field. When being asked what career she would like, Tran said, “I was thinking of a pathologist, because I like anatomy and chemistry.” Other than her plans for studying in New York, Tran is a member of the school’s soccer team.

She has described herself as a hard worker. “I know I am a procrastinator, I am not the brightest person you'll meet but I like to try new things and I always try my best even though I fail sometimes,” said Tran. A friend, Kimberly Alvarado, has described Tran as someone being true to themselves and being their own person. “I believe everyone is unique but Michelle really stands out,” said Alvarado. “She is fearless but really shy. She's really friendly but very conservative. She's always on top of her game, but always has time for you. She's an amazing person.” Alvarado also said, “She is really outgoing and always keeps up a great mood.”

"Behind the Life of Maiya Wilson"


by Michelle Tran


Behind the life of Maiya Wilson Lives young journalist, adventourous, and an outgoing person. Maiya Wilson was born in San francisco in the University of California, San Francisco hospital. Even though she has lived in other places in California, she ended back in San Francisco,

Maiya’s original ancestry is from West Africa. Although Maiya does not know very much about her background culture, she always puts interest into learning more about her background. Just recently Maiya found that she is related to Mary McLeod Bethune, an advisor to Franklin D. Roosevelt and the founder of the school in Daytona, the Literary and Industrial Training School for Negro Girls in 1904. Maiya was inspired by her ancestor which encouraged her to continue learning more about her background culture.

 One of Maiya’s biggest goals in life is to graduate high school, attend University of California, Santa Barbara, and of course to career in journalism. Not only does Maiya see herself as a great journalist but her teachers as well. 

Ms. Gratch said, “Maiya will speak up when others are afriad.” At the beggining of 10th grade Ms. Gratch’s first imppression of Maiya was how thoughful she was yet she knew Maiya’s ability was extremely talented.

Maiya’s unique spirit and her creative perspective is what make her standout from other students. 

Before Maiya was a involved in journalism, she was an athletic track and a tennis player.

“One of my biggest dream is to always be a journalism,” said Maiya Wilson. Besides writing, Maiya always wanted to travel to Mexico for the beauty and site, Europe to learn facinnating history, and Africa to go back and learn about her background culture.

Furthoremore Maiya is a talented writer who stands out from many students. Maiya is now living up to her expectations and also continuing to pursue her dream.

"Keeping Lincoln in the Family"


by Maiya Wilson


  Born and raised in San Francisco, CA Douglas was brought up in a traditional Chinese household. 

        As a Junior in High School, Douglas is still figuring his life goals. Although he doesn’t play any sports for Lincoln he enjoys running and playing soft ball. Douglas states that baseball is his favorite sport. Douglas also clarified that his hobbies are relaxing and playing video games.

         For Douglas, coming to Lincoln High was no question. His entire family came to Lincoln, so there is no doubt that Lincoln runs in the family. Since all of his family attended Lincoln High, you would think Douglas might have som expectations to live up to, but for him that’s not the case. 




    Douglas did not originally want to attend Lincoln because he wanted to be the one to break the cycle. His first intention was to attend Lowell High School. Today, Douglas is happy he is attending Lincoln High and is living up keeping Lincoln in the family. 

           Although he feels that he has no major accomplishments to date, Douglas does enjoy a few subjects. He states, “I enjoy learning new topics, especially with science and history.” Douglas enjoys biotech because he believes it’s the most interesting because of all the labs that makes him work with chemicals and bacteria. 

            When sitting down with Douglas, he talked about how he enjoys spending time with his family. Coming from a family with one sister and twelve cousins, he enjoys spending time with them whether that means for the holidays or going on family vacations through out the West Coast, One day Douglas would like to visit New York City to see the difference between New York and San Francisco. 

             To get to know Douglas little bit more, a good friend of his since sophomore here at Lincoln, William Tien had a few things to say, William expressess that Douglas is a very shy person and is very hard to get close to, He also mentioned that Douglas is not really a people person. 


           When asking about Douglas’s personality, he simply states, “He is smart and has a serious personality.”

           William also believes that Douglas has some stength and some weaknesses. He listed that some of Douglas’s strengths are academics and his ability with computers, When talking about his weaknesses, Williams says that Douglas is not good at public speaking. As a student here at Lincoln, William believes that Douglas tries his best at what he does and tends to get good grades, but gets angry with a teacher if he disagrees with a teacher about his grade, 

         William says that Douglas is a really good friend of his and they will continue to be friends for time to come. 

"A Background of Dennis Chang"


by Serina Fang


A native San Franciscan with family origins in China and Peru, Dennis is a person of cultural diversity and unity. His grandparents emigrated from China to Peru, and his parents grew up in Peru and speak fluent Spanish. 

   Dennis considers his family to be pretty close, despite its large size. He has “hella cousins” with ages ranging from twenty years older than him to three years younger. The family gatherings every month are always enjoyable for him, and Dennis hopes that whatever he chooses to be in the future, he could stay close to his family.


   Dennis states that he doesn’t know much about his family’s culture, though he wants to. Dennis spent nine years learning Chinese at a Chinese immersion school called Alice Fong Yu Alternative School.

   “It’s a tight community but a bit too tight,” says Dennis. “I didn’t even know how to take the bus until I got to high school.”

   The most memorable moment during those nine years was the Cultural Exchange Program trip to China in eighth grade. Dennis stayed with a host family in Beijing for a week, and traveled to the cities of Guilin and Hong Kong.

   “They never stopped feeding you!” says Dennis as he recalls the time spent with his host family.

   Dennis describes first coming to Lincoln from a small tight-knit school as “a bit intimidating, but also a relief.”     He’s now a senior  at Lincoln High School.

"A Chapter of Serina Fang's Life"

by William Tien

 Serina Fang, an enthusiastic sophomore, ends her search for an extra writing class as she joins journalism for the first time. Born and raised in San Francisco, this young Chinese- American enters with high hopes and is eager to learn about the publishing world.
    Throughout Fang’s life, she has always been drawn to writing. Almost every year her favorite subject in school is  English. Ever since Fang was little, she enjoyed reading and writing. Although she has no preference for any genre of book, she finds that the majority of the stories she writes are fantasy-fiction.
    “English is a way of communication to me. It’s a way of expressing myself,” Fang stated.

    Fang hopes to enter college after high school. Her desired major is English. She doesn’t really care which college she gets accepted into and is also indifferent about where its location would be.
    Aside from her passion for writing and English, Fang has many talents. She is trilingual, being able to speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. She can also play two instruments, the violin and the Chinese harp. But due to discouragement from her peers, she doesn’t play those instruments anymore.
    June Wu, fellow friend and  classmate of Fang’s stated, “Serina is smart and good in Chinese too. Dude, she’s even the president of the Mandarin Club!”

"Always Alive Alvarado"

by Douglas Wong


Kimberly Alvarado is no ordinary fun-loving kid. Alvarado was born in San Francisco and has lived here all her life with her family. From loving the television show “Rugrats” to hating “Spongebob”, she is not afraid of expressing her opinions in any manner. 

Alvarado’s hobbies include photography and singing. “I love photography and singing because it is so relaxing and no one makes fun of you for it,” said Alvarado. She has been doing these  since a young age and  plans on continuing until she is “about to die”.

Although singing is only a hobby, she would like to pursue it as a career.

She believes her singing also adds to why she is so expressive in everything she does.


Being bilingual, she has visited her relatives in Guatemala and El Salvador. She visited El Salvador two years ago to be a bridesmaid for her cousin’s wedding. During the summer she went to Guatemala to take care of her sick grandparents at their estate. She not only took care of her family but also took care of her grandparent’s dirty-work, 

such as throwing firecrackers at their drunken neighbor. 

“I love her and her brace face,” said fellow journalist Michelle Tran while giggling. “One reason I love her is because she is always so open and loud.” 

Though they only talk and spend time together  in school they are nevertheless very close to one another.  They  have three classes together and are always sitting next to one each other.  Kimberly  aims to continue being friends with Michelle and to continue to express herself in  everything she does. in her bright future.  

"Local Journalist Goes On Foreign Adventure"

By Dennis Chang

It was 6 o’clock when wake up calls began in the Nicaraguan hostel. At the sound of the call, Jessica Wong quickly got up to take a cold morning shower in preparation for the long day ahead.
Currently a senior at Abraham Lincoln High School, Wong is a dedicated student athlete, a catcher for the school’s softball team as well as a red belt in taekwando. However, this past June, Jessica found herself in the faraway country of Nicaragua.
As part of the Global Glimpse program, Wong was sent to the Central American country for three weeks with several of her high school peers. Their mission was to aid the poor children in the Providencia district of Leon, Nicaragua by rebuilding a preschool.

The students worked hard to rebuild the school, raising enough money, about $740, to fix and reinforce the foundation that would be finished by other Global Glimpse participants soon after. Dubbed “Dulce Sonrisa” (Sweet Smile), the preschool was complete by the end of the summer, a name no doubt analogous to the smile of achievement on the faces of the global citizens who strived to create it and the smiles of the children it would serve.
The days of the students in the hostel would begin early and end with satisfaction. Days were full of hard work, whether working on the preschool or participating in team builders and discussions.
“Working with Jessica was amazing,” said fellow Global Glimpse participant Rachel Chiem. “She just brought so much fun and great ideas to everything we did. She’s the type that’s not afraid to share her ideas and opinions in group discussions, and that’s what kept us moving forward with our community service project.”
Wong and other Global Glimpse students were also exposed to people of different perspectives and views on the world, whether seeing the poor scavenge for resources at the city dump, or listening to inspirational speakers divulge their words of wisdom. Thinking back on the experience, Wong said, “It was a really good life-changing experience.”