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  1. What is the most embarrassing thing that could happen to you?
  2. Hug your crush and have your gigantic pimple pop on their face.                 28%
  3. Go on a date and have a slimy green booger hang out of your nose all day.  36%
  4. Have your crush walk behind you on the stairs facing your butt and then accidentally fart in their face.                                                                    26%
  5. Accidentally flash your smelly armpit hair in your crush’s face.              10%


  1. Which horror movie would you have for a life if you were forced to?
  2. “The Grudge”                          36%
  3. “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”  18%
  4. “Saw”                                      10%
  5. “Paranormal Activity “           36%


  1. What animal would you rather be?
  2. A monkey with a face full of pimples                                      28%
  3. An alligator with moldy scales and horrible breath.                 40%
  4. A cat with loads of permanent and very noticeable earwax.    30%
  5. An obese blind rat with blisters all over your body.                 2%


Would You Rather


1. See in black and white OR See in just one color?

             64%                              36%

2. Only be able to shout OR only be able to whisper?

             58%                               42%

3.  Be hairy all over but able to shave OR be completely hairless and allergic to wigs?

             42%                               58%


*50 Lincoln Students were surveyed.



by Shirley Zhu and Victoria Conn


A Play Worth Killing to See


by Shirley Zhu                


                  Don’t drink that; his aunts poisoned it! This spring, the drama club presented the play: “Arsenic and Old Lace,” written by Joseph Kesserling. This comedy revolves around a young man who discovers that his two aunts have been poisoning people; while his serial killer brother escapes from prison and shows up at their house.

                  Auditions for “Arsenic and Old Lace” were held after school in the auditorium on Wednesday March 16 and Friday March 18. “Everyday has to audition,” said Lincoln’s drama teacher, Elaine Walenta, who cast two freshmen in lead roles. “I don’t pre-cast. The cast is based on talent, not seniority.” The play was performed in the Little Theater on Thursday April 21, Friday April 22, Thursday April 28 and Friday April 29.

                  Besides the actors, actresses and tech crew, Walenta is to be thanked for directing this comedy. Walenta has been at Lincoln teaching drama for 10 years, and she is also responsible for choosing which plays drama will perform. “It’s kind of a combination of plays that I find out about that seem interesting and [what I would] like to do. I also have to look at the actors who are in the drama club and find something that would be appropriate for whoever the drama club members are at the time and see who I know I have [as actors].”

                  Actors were expected to practice every day after school and are hoped to walk away with a sense of teamwork.

                  “I hope they come away with a few different things: a sense of being a part of an ensemble, working with others to create something and a sense of time management,” said Walenta. “I hope [the actors] gain confidence and self-esteem because it takes courage to go up on stage and perform in front of a huge group of people.”

                  So how exactly do actors get the courage to act in a play in the first place? Senior Sara Harringon, who has been in drama since spring 2009, said, “I just like getting to show emotion and being able to go all out. It’s more difficult to do that in real life I guess. It feels good.” She adds, “I wanted to audition for ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’ first because I really enjoy doing the drama productions, and second because I used to watch the movie version of the play with my grandparents when I was younger, so I knew it was hilarious.”

                  Besides gaining confidence, self-esteem, time management and a sense of teamwork, drama club members, along with members of the tech crew, walk away with a new family. “It’s cheesy, but drama is a lot like a family. In fact, we make up little fictional family relationships…It’s really dorky,” said Harrington. Senior Ethan Ng, who played the antagonist in “Arsenic and Old Lace,” added, “The thing I like most about being in drama is that I get to hang out with some of the coolest people in Lincoln. Everyone is unique and we all became one really close knit family.”

                  In the play, the actors and actresses delivered their lines with an energy that excited and capitvated the audience. All the characters used their voice and exaggerated their facial expressions to make all the concepts seem funny instead of shocking, which made the play even more interesting.

                  The play opened with two of the female leads, Abby Brewster and Martha Brewster, played by Freshmen Julia Sayavong and Senior Sara Harringon respectively. These talented young women played sweet old ladies who decides to help “free” people from their loneliness by killing them. When their nephew Mortimer, played by Sophomore Tommy Hickox, discovers their monstrous deeds, the two aunts brushes off his “over-reaction,” and feels that their actions are genuinely sweet and considerate. Besides the fact that these innocent and naïve old aunties are even capable of murder in the first place, the idea that they believe they are just being nice gives the play an extra kick. It feels like the cherry on top of a sundae because people don’t expect killers to murder people with the intention of kindness. Abby Brewster and Martha Brewster are the characters that give the audience satisfaction with a perfect balance of quirkiness, naivety, honesty and kindness.

                  Another notable actor was Freshman Sabin Hertz who played Doctor Einstein with a German accent. Even though his character was an evil accomplice, his round baby face and funny, yet believable, accent made him seem innocent and harmless. Because one of antagonists is silly and child-like, the play’s humorous nature is emphasized.

                  Once the curtains were drawn, people caught every single joke. The performers took an intriguing story that centered around heavy subjects, death and murder, and portrayed it well as a funny light-hearted comedy.

Ask Anny - advice columnist



Dear Anny, If you really lovesomeone, but they don’t love or like you back what do you do? Do you wait and see if that person has a change of heart or do you just forget about it and move on in life?

Dear Confused, If you think that the person you like is really worth the effort you should continue to wait. What I suggest is try and spend more time with that per- son, ask if they wanna hangout sometime. I’ve been in your position more thank enough, the one scared of having enough courage to ask, “hey you want to hangout sometime?” it is hard to be the person to ask, you might get shot down or something amazing can happen and they will say yes! After you have tried to get to know them better and yet they show no interest, then you should move on. You can’t say you didn’t try, it will be hard to move on and it might take a bit, but there are plenty of fish in the sea!

Dear Anny, Once a cheater, always a cheater. True or false?

Dear Unsure, It is hard enough to deal with your significant other after they have cheated on you, but then have to decide if they deserve another chance? That is even harder. You need to decide whether you think they deserve a second chance or not. Think about your whole relationship, is it worth it to try again? If they have apologized and seem genuine about what happened maybe the both of you can work on your relationship. Instead of rushing back together, what you can do is spend some time apart from each, not a break up but just some individual tome to think. Take this time to yourself and decide, is it worth giving “us” an- other try, are you genuine about wanting to have an “us”, do you feel like you’ll be able to trust them again? All these questions should be kept in mind before you make a final decision. Don’t rush into it, take as much time as you need to clear your wad and sort everything out. Maybe he or she van change but that doesn’t change what they have done. Think thoroughly and carefully! You can forgive, but never forget!

Dear Anny, My friend had sexwith his girlfriend and regrets it, what should he do?

Dear Lost, If you have had sex and do not want to do it again then tell your partner. You shouldn’t continue doing something your not comfortable with. After deciding your first experience was not what you expected or wanted then you and your partner should sit down and discuss the issue. You could say that after that experience, you think it would be best just to slow down and not rush into anything. Take time to just enjoy each others company and not to do anything that you feel is too sudden to do. After explaining that to them, you should be prepared of having them understand bf respect your opinion and feelings or for them to not. Honestly if they don’t respect nor care of your wishes or opinion then they aren’t the person you would like to have a relationship with. Try talking things put, tell him or her how you feel about having sec and how you don’t wish to do it again.


Need advice? Ask “Anny”! Ask Anny is a advice column runner by the Lincoln loggers. You can write about anything! School, relationships, sex- you name it! Everything is kept completely confidential. Responses from Anny are also written with the wellness center as well. You can drop off a letter Ms.Falls mailbox or email her at

What it means




Precision and meticulousness

Commonly found in orange and golden colors, marigold was originally found in Europe. It is widely used in small family gardens and as an ornamental plant. It is also found on city streets.



Tranquility, virtuousness, longevity, good fortune and probity.

This flower has been the national flower of Japan along with cherry blossoms. It is also one of the major cut flowers in the world.  Chrysanthemums are also a popular theme in paintings and poems of Chinese poets and painters from ancient times. The flower was cultivated in China since as far back as the 15th century.



Passion, hope and narcissism.

It had been cultivated in China for more than 1000 years. This flower has became one of the famous winter indoor and garden display flowers. Narcissus has a white bud with yellow center and also contains a slight fragrance.

by Victoria Conn

J-Block Explained


by Crystal Lee

           Lincoln has one of the most unique school-spirited activities any high school has to offer. Mr. Andre Jordan provides J-Block for all the seniors as a school spirit event. In order to get students involved with this event Jordan informed his senior filled classes and had them spread the word. The total numbers of students needed for J-Block comes to high amount of 136 students. Mr. Jordan started J-block in 2009 in dedication to his father. “It was right about the time my father died and my fathers name was Jerry, so that’s how I got the name J-block,” says Jordan. He eventually came up with the idea of J-block in a dream and he thought it was a great way to catch people’s attention.

         J-block was meant to bring the class of 2011 together as one. “A class has to realize it’s a class and that we’re united,” says Jordan. He has high expectations for our senior class and wants them to remember J-Block as a way of giving something back to the school. Jordan also wants the J-block crew to look back and have good memories on this experience.

         J-block may look easy, but looks can be deceiving. “It was really time consuming. We had to practice almost every Monday and Wednesday, and sometimes even Thursdays after school for almost two hours,” says Sunny Ng, senior mustang. All 136 students have to show up for J-block in order for a successful performance. Each student holds colored craft paper, one side is yellow and the other is red to represent our school colors. Those mustangs had to remember what color to show to the audience for each word they create.

         In the end though everything came together and J-block was a success. “I’m really proud that all 136 seniors came and worked together,” says Jordan. For students, they were also glad that J-block was complete. “I was happy that we finished and finally got to see in the videos of what we created,” says Serena Chow, senior mustang. Jordan hopes that J-block will be a tradition at Lincoln and seen as something good for the school.

Congratulations Mr. Sano!


The Asian Heritage Street Celebration is a festival organized by the AsianWeek Foundation and sponsored by Target and staff from the Bay Area schools. To become a nominee for their school awards requires the nominee must be of Asian descent and show a continuous commitment to teach their students to better comprehend Asian Pacific American experiences and to appreciate the culture. Koichi Charles Sano was awarded on Saturday, May 21, 2011 for his outstanding perseverance for teaching Abraham Lincoln High School’s students about Asian Pacific American culture. Here at Lincoln, Sano teaches Japanese language classes and supervises the Japanese Culture Club.