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UCLA Girl Deemed Not Racist


by Gordon Yu


            Around the time of the devastating tsunami that hit Japan, a video was posted on YouTube that drew a lot of attention. A girl from UCLA by the name of Alexandra Wallace posted a video about Asians that many would consider offensive.

In my opinion, the video should not be considered racist. Rather I believe that the girl is ignorant. Many of the comments that Wallace posted made it seem like she is ignorant of the Asian culture. When someone grow up in a certain culture, and that person meets a different culture, a lot of the customs will seem unethical to that person. Also, she never said she hated Asians in general. In fact she points out how she has Asian friends. True racism is during the early 1900s when white people hated people of color because of the color of their skin. She can’t be because she has Asian friends. Instead, she mainly points out parts of the Asian culture that she dislikes.

 In the video, she points out is how Asian families are always at the UCLA dorms doing laundry, buying groceries, and cooking. In Asian cultures there is a strong sense of family. Even after you turn 18, your family will always be there to help you however they can. Likewise, you will be expected to help your family however you can. In American cultures, it seems that after you turn 18, you tend to drift apart from your family. Taking into consideration the difference of cultures, it is easy to see how she would assume that Asians couldn’t fend for themselves. It would seem curious to her as to why there are so many relatives at the dorms because of the different culture. The first assumption she made was that they couldn’t take care of themselves.

Another thing that would be considered offensive would be how she goes “Ching chong ling long ting tong”. Take into consideration that this girl doesn’t speak any Asian languages. If someone didn’t speak Asian languages, that is how it would sound like to that person. No one should expect her to speak perfect Chinese or Japanese etc. She is just trying to portray an Asian language. Honestly some of those words are actually Chinese.

YouTube consist of many more racist videos by famous people. Rosie O'Donnell has one on national T.V. where she goes ching chong. Does some random UCLA girl really deserve all this attention? If there were no tsunami, would this girl get millions of views? Possibly. Most likely not. So please, leave this girl alone. She isn’t racist, she is just ignorant. Instead of writing death threats to her, educate her, or just ignore her because there are many more problems in this world other than some random girl posting a pointless video.

Piracy: The Benefit of Not Paying


by Helen Moy


        From time to time now people who have enjoyed music, movies, software and even videogames, have all been turning to piracy as a number one source into achieving those products, because of that, this is can be a huge financial problem to companies. Whether its music, games, or movies, Internet piracy can be a irresistible temptation .Due to all the job cuts in America right now not everyone can afford to buy their own products, so they resort to illegal downloads.                         It’s true that piracy has been the primary issue for entertainment industries in the past (but it can also help the company because the fans of those who enjoy the product sometimes add to donations or buying t-shirts and other fan based items.)

    It is true that Internet piracy is also considered theft, just because a person is not stealing from the shelves of stores doesn’t mean it’s justified. Piracy is and will always be a theft, if a person is going to work hard, and devote their time into writing or creating something great, then it deserves to be protected or at least given credit. When you chose to pirate, you are using something that they have done for your own use, without devoting any of your own effort, your time, or your money. You are stealing their glory, and their reward for writing/singing/or creating.

                  What is the point in owning a product that does nothing but hog space or collects dust? Many of CDs, games, or movies that people buy in stores, tend to end up either cluttering space in the midst of shelves that eventually becomes scratched up, covered in dust, or go missing, which dissuades the idea of buying the product in the first place. Take a look at Apple for example and their Itunes; if every company started converting and charging for uploads rather then a physical product, they’d be making a fortune. True not everyone owns a credit card, and the economy isn’t exactly going greatly at moment, but that is why internet piracy can be helpful, think of it as charity since it helps people save money on things they probably cannot afford in real life due to job losses.                 

                   Maybe if movies didn’t outrageously charge high prices on ticket’s, or snacks, they wouldn’t be going out of business, Since several people everywhere don’t want to pay for the gas or transportation to get all the way over there only to then pay for the tickets, when they can just stay at home and watch it online.

Internet piracy is justifiable and useful, because it’s a great advertisement to people who know little to nothing of the product. It gives them the chance to test out the product before actually buying it. This works well for the music industry, and its true that they wont make any money selling the CDs, but in return the fans of the band will make up for it, by purchasing tickets to concerts, donations, t-shirts, and etc. Same thing for games, it is a great advertising way for people that never played the game or are unsure of whether to buy the product or not or not, and this makes them not only look forward to buying the sequels of the product but going as far as pre-ordering.                

                  Overall Internet piracy is doing society a favor, by bringing people everywhere towards the future and giving opputunity to those less forunate, by giving civillians  a chance to test out the products before release or deciding to buy the item, and if the fans end up liking the product they can pay the company back by buying their fan products. It is also cheaper way of getting what they want, since companies are willing to charge outrages prices for movies.



Animals Have Feelings Too!


by Lisa Lam


            Who hasn’t gone to a zoo? Everyone loves our zoo animals! But zoos are cruel to animals in every way; animals in zoos are kept from their natural environments, having to live in a replica of what their real living habitats would be like. Zoos are wrong for keeping animals’ from their natural habitats.

            Some animals have been known to express their fury and rages to the public. On December 25, 2007, the San Francisco Zoo experienced a tiger attack. This gruesome rampage’s outcome was one person dead and two people severely injured. Eyewitnesses say the three men were taunting and yelling at Tatiana, the tiger. Police Toxicology tests proves that the men were drinking and smoking marijuana. Tigers cannot stand the smell of alcohol and will act aggressively with rage. If Tatiana was not put in the unstable, small enclosure and the men were not drinking, Tatiana would have never tried to maul the men.

            We should secure the animals’ and the peoples safety at all times with more cameras and security guards. However, if animals were not locked up in zoos, we wouldn’t have to worry about the animals’ or the people’s safety in the first place. Tatiana was shot by police officials who came later. SF Zoo Director Manuel Mollinedo said, “The tiger had to have jumped out but how she jumped that high is beyond me.” The wall that surrounded Tatiana was 12 ½ feet tall. Zoo officials say that walls should have been at least 20 feet tall. In this case, Tatiana’s cave wall was way too low. Why the SF Zoo made the wall too low, one can never be sure, but safety should always come first.

            The SF Zoo knew that the wall was too low and didn’t do anything about it. This wall would jeopardize the safety of both the animals and people. It is the SF zoo’s fault for not enforcing a more appropriate environment for the tiger to live in. Captives suffer terrible deprivations, physical maladies and mental torture. She needed to be free to roam the vast fields of her own environment.

            Anti-zoo activists talk about big cats endlessly pacing back and forth in their cages, zoo elephants constantly swaying side to side, polar bears swimming in endless circles, and monkeys grooming themselves until they have no fur left. “Zoos do not educate people because people walk too fast through them anyway. Walk, point, make fun of the animal, ignore the sign and move on, rush, rush, rush... Get the herd of kids through the zoo so we can eat and get back to our pointless lives. No one takes the time to even read the signs talking about the animal or them being endangered in the wild,” opinionated Sara Ferguson, one of the anti-zoo activists.

Attempting to Achieve the Impossible


by Edward Chung


                  Girls worry too much about how they look. I don’t think many guys care a lot about how a girl looks, or at least I don’t. A friend of mine usually asks me, “How do I look? Do I look weird?” I tell her she looks fine, but yet she still goes, “I look weird. Don’t look at me!” I think sometimes girls need to just calm down and stop over-stressing about how they look. They should love themselves the way they are.

                  Girls put on makeup to make themselves look more beautiful, but the makeup works only to a certain extent, because having way too much makeup on is unattractive to me. When a girl puts on a lot of makeup, I end up wondering why she needs so much. Sometimes, girls just end up looking fake and not as wonderful as they look without makeup. From my point of view, I think the less makeup a person puts on, the better they look.

                  Society seems like it sets standards for what it really means to be beautiful. The magazine cover girls, are not as they appear to be. I’ve seen a Dove commercial video where an artist used Adobe Photoshop, an image editing program, to alter the way a model appears in an image shortly after a photo-shoot. The model looked different compared to the edited version of her, because the artist removed her acne and reshaped her body. In reality, even models aren’t perfect, so they have to be edited to achieve perfection. Celebrities are idolized as beautiful or handsome, but many celebrities also undergo plastic surgery to try to achieve that. I think we are brainwashed to think that if people don’t look like celebrities, they are not attractive. I think girls, who try to meet society’s standards of the phrase beautiful, which is based on falsehoods, need more self-confidence.

                  I see no point in adjusting the way girls look because putting on makeup, colored contacts, fake eyelashes, and fake nails just makes people look attractive for only that moment. Once that makeup is all off, they might look way different than before. They look at themselves as imperfect, but no one in the world is perfect.