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2017 Update

Make sure your Passports are valid until January 2018 or you will be denied travel.


Workshop Meetings will start March 6 at 3:30pm and will be Bi Weekly in room 318. Eg. the next meeting will March 20.


To get reminders via text follow this URL:

Global Glimpse Club

Trips are now available for Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador!


For general overview of program, follow website link & get in touch with Stephen Miller in room #184 extension: # 3318.  


Also one can can connect with one of our amazing Ambassadors (Elaina Cox, Kimberly Kwan, Jennifer Nazarra, Chloe Rapin, Kali Tagamori-Lai, Nathaniel Villa, Ada Yu, and Min Zaw) & previous leaders Mr. Chad Chiparo in the South Gym or Mr. Ian Enriquez in the Wellness center.


Welcome to Global Glimpse!


Nicaragua is an undiscovered gem in the heart of Central America where few others travel. Get ready to be lifted off your feet by fast Latin rhythms as you walk through culturally colorful, bustling streets and savor the taste of sweet plantains! Pristine white sand beaches, deep crater lakes, epic volcanoes, butterfly filled mountains, tropical jungles, rich coffee lands, and some of the greatest biological diversity in the world gives visitors limitless opportunity for adventure and discovery.The Nicaraguan people are strong, vibrant, and proud. They enthusiastically share their fascinating history and culture with travelers. Only a short flight from the United States, Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in all of Latin America. Global Glimpse is the largest international travel program operating in Nicaragua, and we pride ourselves on our strong network of national and local relationships that create an unmatched experience for our participants. Want to have unparalleled access to a country not over-run by tourists? Immerse yourself in Nicaragua with Global Glimpse!
Global Glimpse is currently gathering recommendations for interested Juniors.  For more information, please see Ian Enriquez in room 143 or Stephen Miller in room 318.
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Requirements for nomination:

1. Currently a Junior

2. Demonstrates leadership & influence among peers.

3. (Preferable 3.0 GPA or higherStudents who are motivated may be accepted regardless of their GPA standing.


Global Glimpse Ambassadors

Jennifer Nazara
Kali Tagomori-Lai
Chloe Rapin
Nathaniel Villa
Kimberly Kwan
Minmyat Zaw
Ada Yu
Elaina Cox

Nomination Deadline

Teachers & counselors, please submit your list of nominations/ recommendations for the 2017 Global Glimpse program to Stephen Miller by Monday October 17th 9am. The program is a 3 week study & travel abroad program for current Juniors. The program takes place in the summer. There is a limit of about 20 spots available. For financial need (the first 12 to apply & be accepted based upon financial need will recieve the most support.)



Questions or for info please e-mail or exten: #3318