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Sports 02/2011

Girls' Varsity Basketball

   Abraham Lincoln’s girls varsity basketball team is not doing as well as they had hoped for this season. The team of only nine players, almost half of whom are freshmen or sophomores, started off with three wins followed by six consecutive losses. However, the players started playing more seriously in their last non-league game, and in their first two league games. So far, the team has three wins and two losses in their league games. Overall, the team has won 50% of their games with eight wins and eight losses, which the team believes it can better.

    In local games, the team has done well against Mission, Marshall, and Lick-Wilmerding, but has struggled against Washington in a 38-61 loss and Balboa, losing 56-64.

    Despite the few number of players, the team is staying optimistic about their season. The top scoring players, Junior Jessica Garrett, Senior Kelly Sung, Freshman Ezra De Asis, Sophomore Michelle Wong, and Sophomore Sophia Nguyen, each average from 6.8 to 9.9 points per game. Most of them also do a great job leading the team in assists, block, and rebounds.

    “I like the effort and passion in the players,” said senior Lazare Gubeladze. “Lincoln may be short on players, but not short on heart.”

    Many games are coming up in the next two months, with usually one game every two to three days. Fans like Gubeladze support the team through their previous and future hardships. Upcoming games are posted on the Lincoln High website under the Athletics's Sports Calendar. Support the team by going to their games!


    At the beginning of the year, Lincoln’s Varsity Wrestling team had only 12 people on the roster. This made it the smallest wrestling team in the city. Many students that should have been on the team were not, due to low grade point averages. There were also low numbers of people showing up to practices, leading to cuts on the team.

    Lincoln’s first match was against Lowell’s Varsity Wrestling team, which Lincoln lost due to a shortage of competitors compared to Lowell. Every weight class must be played during the matches. Since Lincoln did not have as many wrestlers in individual weight classes as Lowell did, this led to the disappointing loss to Lowell.

    After their first match, coaches Clayton Wu and Calvin Wu decided to combine the Junior Varsity with the Varsity team so there would be enough wrestlers to compete. The shortage of wrestlers was no longer a problem,, as the team now rosters 18 people.

    Even when the team had fewer wrestlers, sophomore Ken Wang had a positive attitude for the season.

    “Even thought there aren’t many people this year, we still have more people than last year, and that’s good. We have lots of freshman this year, and we can train them o be great.” Wang stated.

    The team now consists of six freshmen, five sophomores, three juniors, and two seniors. The two seniors, Ricky Feng and Valeria Castellanos, are the captains.

    The team will face many struggles this season and will have to work through hard practicing and training to beat the odds and come out on top by beating all the other teams.



by William Tien

Mustang Athlete Spotlight: Bora Yoon


    Bora Yoon, a sophomore at Lincoln, loves to explore the many varieties of sports. She is currently on Lincoln’s dragon-boat, track and basketball teams. She also has played soccer and run cross country.    Her favorite sport is track. She loves to compete at track meets. “I like the feeling of adrenaline,” says Yoon. It makes her feel healthy and fit. She loves making new friends and has learned about the importance of teamwork and how to communicate with others.

    Playing sports is her outlet for stress. The physical and mental workout helps her feel calm and refreshed. The feeling after a workout helps her feel strong and lively. She likes to be active and challenge herself exercising. Yoon is hearty when it comes to sports. “Without it, I would feel so empty. I would just be at home playing video games.”

    Yoon hopes to continue playing sports through her high school years and maybe in college. She has a great passion for playing sports. She also loves school, and appreciates the time she spends at school having an accumulative of a 3.8 GPA.

    Yoon hopes to carry what she has learned from her experience with working and competing with people to her advantage to college life.



by Lisa Lam