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Opinions 10/2010

Value of a school newspaper

   How much greater are the benefits of a school newspaper than its cost to produce? Nowadays, it is conventional for schools to have all of the news and events posted on an easily accessible school website - such as SchoolLoop, in Lincoln's case. However, that does not even represent a fifth of what goes into a school newspaper. School newspapers feature information that would be a waste of time and space for teachers to post on the website. That is where the school newspaper kicks in: a team of student journalists knows what we all want to know about the school - a great amount of which school faculty does not really want students to realize or learn more about. Perhaps the school's cutting down on the number of classes is to pay for the renovation of a bathroom or to purchase new toilets. News like this, which could affect students' education, could be a possible article. How is this possible? If journalists find a news idea appropriate, they do not only have the First Amendment on their sides, but a potentially school-wide read newspaper, which is also typically on the school website for convenience.


   Maybe you missed out or want to get a glimpse of a school event; school newspapers usually feature all recent school events, recapping all of the pertinent information you are looking for.


   Arts and entertainment and opinion articles are also usually included. The team of journalists is normally made up of dozens of students with a wide range of interests, and there is usually at least one of who shares similar interests with the reader.



by Dylan Kuang

Players of the game

    Has anyone ever had their hearts broken by a seemingly sincere boy who turned out to be just another flirtatious guy? Has anyone ever been told that they were “special” by a boy, who then told a handful of other girls the exact same thing? Did anyone ever wonder why there were so many flirtatious boys in our society?

    Personally I never understood why boys liked to flirt with more than one girl. “The male brain inherently has the tendency to desire multiple women as a symbol of ‘masculinity,’” said Peter Lee, senior at Gateway High School. “Also because women in our culture are so often objectified, it’s easy for most males to see them as a ‘prize’ or something to pursuer, therefore the more they feel they’ve ‘won,’ the more of an ego trip they get. It’s a sick sort of satisfaction.”

    “[Boys like to flirt with multiple girls because] it’s fun and it entertains us,” an anonymous male Mustang said.

   I honestly think that flirting with girls is a foolish way for boys to pass their time. There are plenty of other activities they can do like play basketball or video games, why go around messing with girls instead?

   Some boys even have ulterior motives, “Boys just want to have sex,” Mustang alumni Raymond Sun added.

   I can understand that during a person’s teen years, their hormones are out of control, but people should at least have sex with people they love or at least like. That’s why it’s called making love right?

   Why do guys like to tell girls things they don’t mean? “Guys being guys, we like to take the simple route to most problems. By ‘white lying (telling a girl something without meaning it)’ we are inputting ‘cheat codes (lying to girls to make it easier for boys to win their hearts)’ to getting girls, so to speak,” said Lee. Senior Mustang Anastasios Tasos Keno Grigorious adds, “It’s also challenging, and we guys like challenges.”

   Can’t guys find challenges somewhere else? Maybe some boys like the thrill when chasing a girl, but please, at least try to chase a girl you like.

   Personally, I believe that it is extremely revolting when men try to pick girls up they don’t even fancy. Girls are not blind; we can see when a boy who just told us that we were “the prettiest girl in the world” says the same exact thing to another girl just down the hall. I am never impressed when a boy flirts with me if I already know that he is an all-around class flirt. Let’s face it boys, word gets out to us girls very quickly. We know which boys are just fooling around and which ones are genuine.

   A piece of advice to all flirtatious boys: please do not treat us girls as options because when you treat a girl like an option, you’ll lose her affection and trust permanently. Sooner or later, no other girl will be serious with you. Keep in mind that she will not always be there for you to look over and pick from.


by Shirley Zhu

On hypocritical anti-bullying

Many Lincoln students and people around the world took a stand against homophobia and the bullying of gays by wearing purple on October 20th's spirit day. These people showed that they believed it is wrong to bullying someone based on their sexual orientation by participating in this spirit day. But why emphasize on this issue only on one day?

Why do people bully homosexuals? Could it because they are a minority? Society has excluded, punished and humiliated the minority since the dawn of times from segregating whites and blacks to forming large cliques that bash on the loners. Society has also conjured up words and phrases that turn the minority into derogatory things. Teenagers use words like "gay," "fag/faggot" and "homo" as insults all the time. When did it become a negative thing to be gay? According to the Webster dictionary, "gay" means to be happy and merry. Yes, it also means to be homosexual, but how can that be used as a derogatory term? Has society influenced the language of today's youth to the point where people are insulting the orientation of others?
Many Lincoln students came to school wearing purple on that Wednesday, but many of those students use words connected to homosexuality as insults. These people are preaching about how bullying gay teens is a terrible thing to do, and yet the same people will throw these words as daggers, stabbing people with their insults. A little contradictory, no?
by Tiffany Do