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12th Grade AVID
11th Grade AVID
Star AVID Student
Star AVID Student
AVID Classroom
AVID Classroom

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AVID Program


"AVID is a class designated for students who are motivated and focused on Academic Achievement. AVID not only helps you with high school, but it also helps you get in to college. It helps you with the A-G requirements and with the college application process. The class gives students the extra push they need to succeed. The student-teacher relationship is a great one since AVID is more than a class, it's a family." 

- AVID graduating class of 2012.

AVID 2013-2014 Graduating Class - CONGRATULATIONS!!
AVID 2013-2014 Graduating Class
CSU East Bay AVID Campus Visit 2013
CSU East Bay Campus Visit 2013

AVID Site Team


  • Mr. Payne


  • Mr. Calloway

Elective Teachers:

  • 9th Grade - Ms. Mariotti / Mr. Doherty
  • 10th Grade - Mr. Doherty
  • 11th Grade - Mr. Doyle
  • 12th Grade - Mr. Hutchinson
AVID Field Trip to UC Berkeley
AVID Field Trip to UC Berkeley

AVID Mission


AVID is a national program that was started 30 years ago. It has been at Lincoln for 6 years. We graduated our first class in 2011. 

The mission of AVID is to ensure that ALL students, specifically the least served students who are in the middle:

  • Will be eligible to enroll in a four-year college
  • Will take and complete rigorous college preparatory classes at Lincoln (Advanced Placement and Honors)
  • Will complete all University of California A-G requirements
  • Will enter mainstream activities at Lincoln High School       
  • Will become educated and responsible participants and leaders in a democratic society. 

AVID Support



  • Students take an extra elective class that focuses on skill development, community building, and tutoring to help students succeed in rigorous classes at Lincoln High School. It teaches Cornell Notes, Reading, Writing, Discussion, Organization and Study Skills. 


  • Site team is made up of AVID elective teachers, content teachers, school counselors, school administrator, district administrators and parents all working to ensure the success of AVID students.


  • Students get personal college counseling and visit local colleges (Berkeley, Stanford, San Francisco State University, University of San Francisco).