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La Raza Unida Club

La Raza is a group of students that come together to get to know one another and share each other's culture. The students that are in this small community become a family in a short amount of time and attempt to achieve great things together.  

One achievement that we are focused on is to let people know that are many different types of Latin cultures.  We also aim to share the traditions of these diverse cultures and the variety of foods each culture has at the festivals that are held at Lincoln.

Every year, our tradition is to share the different types of Latin dance at the annual Brotherhood Sisterhood Assembly (BSA). A lot of hard work is put into this club by each member and by the sponsor. We are looking forward to having new members join to help us create new goals to let people know that we are Latin and proud of it.

We meet every 1st and 3rd Tuesday every month in room NB11.  New members are always welcome! 

Latinx Heritage Month Display 2017
Latinx Heritage Month Display 2017
La Raza Club's Dia de los Muertos alter 2015
La Raza Club's Dia de los Muertos alter
La Raza Club Family Potluck
La Raza Club Family Potluck

Club Sponser

Mr. Raygosa

La Raza Club Officers

Sheila Reynoso-Co-President

Elizabeth Johnson-Co-President

Emmanuel Marquez - Vice President




Fall Fest 2018
Club Registration Day 2016
Club Registration Day 2016

La Raza Unida Mission Statement

La Raza Unida means, “United Races”.  We represent cultural pride no matter what ethnicity, race, or culture we claim.   Anyone has the opportunity to join. Once you join our club, we make you feel welcomed like a “familia”.  We are both an internal and external support system for all of our club members. We have meetings on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month in NB11 during lunch to check in with our club members, but also to handle club needs together, as one. Our goal is to always help and support each other. We are a small, but strong, La Raza Unida community in Lincoln.