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Every year the Abraham Lincoln High School Alumni Association gives scholarships to current students. If you would like to find out how to donate to our scholarship fund or to fund a scholarship yourself please contact the Webmaster through the link on the front page. 

Scholarships for 2013                      Total Given         $ 30,500

         1.  Alumni Scholarship for Academic Achievement                                        

                        Sherry Teng                           UCLA

         2.  Karl Schwarze Scholarship for Special Achievement                                  

                        Demetrius Williams               ____________

         3.  Clyde White Scholarship for Academic Achievement                                

                        Vivian Phan                           ____________

         4.  The Special Achievement Scholarship in Memory of Peter Yan                 

                        Lauren Lee                            San Jose State

         5.  Class of 1955 Men's Club Scholarship                                                        

                        Kristi Wong                           College of San Mateo

         6.  Class of 1955 Men's Club Scholarship                                                                                                       

                        Michelle Wong         _________________

         7.  Class of 1955 Men's Club Scholarship – in Memory of Jim Puccetti          

                        Derek Morrell                        _________________

         8.  Class of 2004 Scholarship                                                                            

                        Johnson Yang                        S F State Univ.

         9.  Jeanne-Marie Pannier Soderquist Scholarship                                             

                        Huzaifa Shahbaz*                 Humboldt State Univ.

                        (*President of the Student Body)

         10. Dolores Daubert Lewin Scholarship                                                           

                        Eric Wong                              CCSF

         11. Ted Soulis Scholarship for Art                                                                   

                        Randy Hynson                       SF State Univ.

         12. Ted Soulis Scholarship for Athletic Achievement                                      

                        Eden Yisak                            ____________

         13. The Nasser Family Scholarship                                                                   

                        Edgar Estanislao                   ____________

         14. The Nasser Family Scholarship                                                                   

                        Emilio Oliveros                      Sonoma State Univ.

         15.  The Barbara Avery Excellence in Mathematics Award                             

                In Memory of Keiko Tsuda Lowery                                              

                        Angel Chow                           UCLA

         16.  The Mollie Brill Excellence in French Award                                           

                In Memory of Keiko Tsuda Lowery                                              


                        Adrian Ngai                           Rutgers University

         17.  The Gordon W. Gribble Science Scholarship                                                                                       

                        David Dinh         UC Davis

         18.  The Whitehead Family Scholarship                                                                                                          

                         Betsy Borst         UC Santa Cruz

         19  The Bill Buckley Memorial Scholarship                                                     

                        Selena Ma                              San Diego State Univ.

         20  The Eddie O’Malaley Memorial Scholarship                                              

                        Tiffany Cheung                     CCSF

         21.  Ron Pang Scholarship                                                                                

                        Kimberly Nnaemeka             San Diego State Univ.

         22.  The Mustanich Family Scholarship for Excellence in Athletics                

                        Jared Vu                                Univ. of Pacific

         23.  Mustang Legacy Alumni Scholarship                                                        

                        Estefany Carreno                  SF State Univ.

         24.  Class of 2010 Alumni Scholarship                                                             

                        Oscar Flores                           Wheaton College

         25.  The Senior Class Alumni Scholarship                                                        

                        Sienna Mok-Reader              Cal Poly SLO

                             TOTAL                                                       $ 30,500

Criteria for the scholarships are specified by the donor or scholarship committee.  Students are nominated by the faculty of ALHS.  For a list of criteria for our annual scholarships please see this word document.