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The Lincoln Log Policy

Lincoln Log student journalists exercise our First Amendment rights with care and integrity and are not subject to prior review or restraint. We are the voice of the community and take that responsibility seriously.  As student journalists we strive to maintain morality, timeliness of our articles, and accuracy in every one of our journalistic activities.  We strive to be creative and original in our ideas and angles and will not promote the spread of slander and libel.  We work to deliver news without bias.  Submissions and suggestions are always welcomed at The Lincoln Log, but our staff will use their own discretion when publishing the paper.  Concerns and questions should be directed to the staff, as we are responsible for our own actions.  The staff and the advisor, Sara Falls, can be found in room 145, or we can be reached via email at


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The Lincoln Log Staff


Alexis C. Gomez

Congnan Lu

Huan Bin Chen

James E. Stonecipher

Jael N. Bryant

Jesus N. Perez

Justin Wong

Jonathan S. Chan

Laila A. Boston

Maria G. Martinez Diaz

Nikko Dul

Ruo-Jie T. Hu

Shidian Huang

Urban G. Tedeski

Qiyun Lin

Zhigang Lin




Savinie Lin

Zev Curiel-Friedman

Copy Editors:

Olive Savoie

Scott Wu

Alisa M. Romagnoli


Sara Falls



Lincoln Log Faculty Advisor:

Ms. Sara Falls

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