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English Learners' Advisory Committee 英语学习者咨询委员会

Chinese Immersion Pathway 中文沉浸课程

Mandarin Immersion Program 中文双语沉浸课程

This school year, Abraham Lincoln High School continues to offer its Mandarin Immersion (Secondary Dual Language Program). 本学年林肯高中继续提供普通话沉浸课程

The Lincoln Chinese Immersion Program offers engaging immersive classes for students who are serious about studying the Chinese language. The current classes in the program are Chinese (various levels) and Biology. Lessons are taught in Cantonese and Mandarin so students can learn in a fully immersive environment.  


Regardless of your current program (immersion or not), all students must pass the SFUSD 8th grade Chinese placement test to be considered enrollment in the Lincoln high school's SDLP (Mandarin immersion program).






Objective of the program: 课程目标

To provide an accelerated language learning pathway to allow Chinese immersion students from middle schools’ immersion program to continue develop their Chinese language proficiency while expanding their exposure to the Chinese culture and application of Chinese language in the world of work. For Cantonese immersion students, the program will provide a transition from Cantonese to Mandarin and simplified characters so that they are prepared for AP Chinese and Culture Exam.


Program pathway: curriculum overview 课程一览

Grade Required language course Required content course Optional content courses Other
9th Appropriate level of Chinese course Biology 1/2    
10th AP Chinese None CCSF Mandarin Program  
11th AP Chinese None CCSF Mandarin Program  

Important notification to incoming 9th grade Chinese immersion students 重要通知

All students who are admitted in Lincoln high school's SDLP are required to take at least one Chinese language course and one content course in Chinese to be considered enrollment in the program. City College of San Francisco's Chinese language classes will NOT meet these students' Chinese language course requirement. SDLP students who are not taking the required Chinese courses will be considered dropping from the SDLP and are subject to the SFUSD Educational Placement Department's high school re-assignment. The students may lose their seats at Lincoln.