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Peer Resources

What is Peer Resources?

Our Mission Peer Resources creates just change in our schools and communities through the leadership of young people supporting, training, and advocating for each other. Our Values Leadership opportunities for youth who do not normally get the chance to lead Increasing youth voice Peer to peer support, training and advocacy Just change* Institutional change Restorative practices Putting love in action *We define “just change” as action toward justice; transformative resistance Our Goals Students are empowered as agents of change Schools are transformed institutions


What do you do in Peer Resources?

 What do you do in Peer Resources?

We do a variety of activities training students in: communication skills, analyzing oppression, analyzing and solving problems, acting as mentors to younger students, etc.

Peer Resources is not a normal looking class. We have couches and comfortable chairs. With a few exceptions, everything that is said in the class is confidential.


Can students just stop by the Peer Resources room?


MOST DEFINITELY!!! Peer Resources is not just for people in the classes. It is also for people who just need a safe, warm, comfortable place to hang out during lunch or with a teacher pass.