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Teacher appreciation lunch

Teacher appreciation May 2019

teachers having lunch

Teacher Appreciation May 2019

Teacher Appreciation May 2019

teacher appreciation

Teacher appreciation May 2019

graduation photo


Community Overview

Wednesday Sept 11 is our next meeting.

2018-19 PTSA funded new speakers for the gym, including installation. Over the summer, students will be working with Precita Eyes to install a mural in the Library, in a PTSA funded activity. 

PTSA also funds 12 senior scholarships, we support teachers in a mini-grants program twice a year. We help student groups with events and activities, when just a little more is needed. In general, we try to fund what we can, so the school can support it's mission. 

Thank you to everyone who helps get it done!

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Congratulating to the 12 seniors who were awarded PTSA scholarships

Photos of senior awaradees

2017-18 PTSA funded 2 solar suitcases. Students learned to put them together & sent them to a school in Kenya to keep the lights on at night.
girls school in Kenya

More photos (and thank you letters!)

Freshman orientation

Freshman orientation 2019

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PTSA and Lincs feeding our Teachers and Staff before Back to School Night
Teachers dinner before Back to School night

Principals   PTSA presidents
Supervisor Tang took Principals &  Presidents to climb the dome (More photos here)

Lincoln High teachers on 1st day

PTSA& Teachers Back to School breakfast Aug 15, 2017