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Mustang Athlete Spotlight: Jonathan Limon

by Justin Fung


For many people the sport of wrestling is known to be intense, difficult and at times painful. JonathanLimoncolor.jpg For this reason, many people would find this sport to be discouraging.  However not for Junior Jonathan Limon who has been on the Lincoln Varsity Wrestling team since his freshmen year.  Limon also plays other sports like soccer since his sophomore year, and did track and field for a year.  He also does mixed martial arts out of school as well. 

Limon showed reluctance to join wrestling at first, but after trying out, his competitive edge, strong determination and an experience background in MMA, led him to quickly love the sport of wrestling.  He stayed on and becoming a very dominant and successful wrestler.  

Limon’s passion, focus and commitment are evident.  He has won two All City championships in his weight class.  Co-captain and Lincoln senior Chris Avila says, “When it comes to wrestling he is really focused he gets out there… he has probably one of the biggest hearts for wrestling on the team. He’s got a lot of heart; he’s got a lot of commitment…” 

            Limon also does MMA outside of school at Dragonhouse.  He’s been doing it since he was 12.  When explaining his reasons for joining, “I first joined when I was 12 years old in middle school.  I did it for the wrong reasons because like I used to get bullied, and I wanted to protect myself, but then afterwards I got better at it… it helped me with discipline and commitment…” 

             The combat sports Limon participates in are physically risky, and injuries can happen.  The potential risk of injury, does not prevent him from doing it,  “You really don’t worry about it, you just want to have fun and have fun with all the people, meet new people, make friends… the reason I do it is because of discipline, commitment and friendship…”

Aside from all the sports Limon participates in, he is also part of the Green Academy and also in AP Spanish, which he enjoys very much.  Limon does well in his classes, but he stresses that “without sports my academic life would be worse.” He believes that the sports he participates in help him do well in school. 

When it comes to balancing all sports and school work Limon says, “It’s really hard; you have to find every single bit of time to do your homework, class work and studying, and you have to get time to rest… and have time to practice… and balance everything else… in your own way, the way that best fits you.” 

When it comes to Limon’s future beyond high school, he hopes to go to college on a wrestling scholarship and continue wrestling there.  He hopes one day to turn his passion for MMA and become pro but admits, “I got to keep studying so I could pursue those dreams.”   

Flag football added to girls' sports

by Jacob Ortega

Flag football is a popular sport that has grown rapidly in California. flag football2.jpgIt's fast-paced play and emphasis on teamwork make flag football a fun experience, and the reduced contact between players lowers the chance of injury. Conveniently the SFUSD decided to make a girls' flag football league, and the ALHS athletic office was looking for a new sport for girls. Henceforth, flag football has been officially added to the Lincoln sports list as a girls' sport.

Flag football is very similar to regular football with a few differences. The first, and most obvious, is the use of flags to simulate contact. A ball carrier is considered down when their flag (or flag belt) has been removed, and blocking is severely limited. Many other rules are omitted or simplified to promote a less-violent atmosphere.

According to Lincoln's Athletic Director, Kevin Grayson, the decision to create a flag football team came from Donald Collins, the SFUSD Commissioner of Athletics. "[Other schools] play flag football in other parts of the country," Grayson explained, "[Commissioner Collins] thought that there would be interest in San Francisco... to get more female participation in athletics."

Grayson is optimistic about the interest level of the new team, but admits there are a few complications. "Spring has the most sports," he said, " there's conflict there." Despite this conflict, Grayson notes that the flag football program, "gives more opportunities for young ladies to be in sports."

Other schools joining the flag football league include Balboa, Burton, Galileo and Mission. The regular season will consist of four games. Lincoln's first game is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, April 2nd on our turf. The playoffs are scheduled to begin on April 16th with the 1st place team playing against the 2nd place team and the 3rd place team playing against the 4th place team.

Lincoln’s badminton team has yet to lose hope

by Charles Wat


Lincoln’s co-ed badminton team endeavors for success in this season. 20130318_161104.jpgThey suffered a losing streak in 2012, and to restore their morale a fresh season has just begun in March. The head coach this year is Sherman Lam and the assistant coach is Andy Lam.

With a humble defeat in 2012, Lincoln is definitely the underdog this year. The team is off to good start this year with an undefeated 3-0 streak over Marshall, SFI, and O’Connell. “It feels great to win 3 games in a row,” says Junior Charles Lam. “But we know that our upcoming matches will be more difficult.” Practice is usually afterschool in the North Gym for about two hours. Lincoln is training hard to defeat the recurring top dogs such as Lowell. “We don’t particular look forward to playing any individual school, but the schools to beat are Lowell, Washington, and Balboa,” says Lam.   

Assistant coach Andy Lam describes the team by expressing, “Our team is a team with potential and dedication. And honestly that’s what we need and what a team should consist of.”