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Lincolns's lead weightlifters



By Darren Li

Seth Tom lifts 75kg(165lbs), breaking the Youth American Record for weightlifting in the 50kg(110lbs) category.


Photo courtesy of : Kevin Doherty




On April 4th, 2017, Seth Tom lifted in the 50kg(110lbs) weight category and managed to lift 75kg(165lbs) on his third snatch, breaking a American Youth Record on his birthday.


Tom has an interesting relationship to weightlifting which he claims “has been a love hate relationship.” At times, when Tom messes up, he likes to blame himself, “I love the feeling of being accomplished. Standing on stage and making my lift makes it feel like my hard work definitely paid off. What sucks sometimes is when I don't perform well. When I don't do well, sometimes I start putting myself down constantly telling myself what I did wrong and I could've done better. This repeats many times over and over again but I've learned from each experience which is the best part.”


What keeps Tom going are his three supporting pillars: his friends, family, and Kevin. Though they aren't blood-related, he considers Kevin and his friends Ben Hwa and Jenny Ham family as well. His family has been with him every step of the way in his weightlifting career. These experiences and pillars are the things that made him into a lifter and the person he is today.


When asked what he would do in the future regarding weightlifting, he replied, “I don't have many plans in the future for weight lifting because I like to go with the flow. I’ll go with whatever happens. If I become an olympic champion or world champion, great. Just as long as I enjoy what I'm doing.”


I think it's safe to say that Tom will take his chances with weightlifting if he gets the chance but won't mind if he doesn't.

Mission High School Makes San Francisco Basketball History

By Keshawn Mitchell
Post-game photo of winning team Mission Bears


Photo taken by : Scot Tucker





The Mission Bears became the first public school from San Francisco to win a state championship and NorCal Title since 2001.Mission shot 50.9 percent overall and 50 percent from a 3-point range. The Mission bears had a hard  82-75 overtime victory with 12 ties and nine lead changes over Villa Park in the Division three boys title game at Golden One Center in Sacramento (home court of the Sacramento Kings.) The Mission Bears had an impressive record with 35-1 in the overall season and a streak of 24 wins.


The Mission Bears now are nationally ranked 214th and ranked 30th in the state of california. Moments after the win, Mayor Ed Lee tweeted, “Congrats Mission High School on an amazing game & for bringing the state title home to #SF. Go Bears!”

The Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr also congratulated the team, and invited them to the game against the Washington Wizards. “The support from the city and from other high school coaches has been amazing ” said Bears head coach Arnold Zelaya.


Mission Bears star player Niamey Harris, a six-foot three inches 180 pound senior, had a great game with 31 points, 10 out of 16 shooting and six steals. His overall stats for the year averaged 16 points, six rebounds and two steals per game.

...come back from Thailand!



By Darren Li

Kuinini Manumua calmly lifts her barbell as she sets multiple personal records.


Photo courtesy by : USA Weightlifting




A female weightlifter who goes by the name “Nini” around school has made headlines in the US youth weightlifting community. Kuinini Manumua who lifts after school in Hassle Free BBC (known locally by Lincoln students and staff as the “weightlifting room”) is your everyday high school student. Not many of her classmates and friends even knew she weight lifted until just recently.


After obtaining her stardom, Manumua has come back from her trip from Bangkok, Thailand after participating in the Youth World Weightlifting Championships. It was on April 10th, 2017, Kuinini Manumua scored a bronze medal by lifting 93kg(205lbs), a clean & jerk of 117kg(258lbs), as well as a total of 210 kg(463lbs) in the 75+ kg weight category, Manumua obtained bronze by scoring third.


What’s more amazing is that she did it with only two years of experience! Surprisingly, Manumua had no idea she would be doing weightlifting two years ago. If it wasn’t for Kevin Doherty pulling her out of volleyball, Manumua would have never tried the sport. Much of the weightlifting team is impressed with her performance, including Doherty. “With only two years of experience, Manumua probably has the greatest potential in the US.” Doherty says. “I really do think that she could have a shot at going the Olympics.”


Weightlifting has been a strange experience for Manumua with many mixed emotions, many of them being good. “Weightlifting is good and bad. Sometimes it’s really fun...” But even Manumua has her obstacles. “...but other times it hurts so much you just want to quit.” She says, referring to her shoulders.


A few weeks before going to Thailand, Manumua developed an ache in her shoulders which she said was similar to “breaking her shoulders” but she did not quit. Her determination and loyalty towards weightlifting is something not to be undermined.


When asked if she would continue weightlifting, Manumua replied with a solid “Yes.”