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how lincoln students and teachers can improve together

By: Scott Wu

Students recieves help from physics teacher Mr. Jou   Photo By: Scott Wu

     We all know school isn’t easy and teaching is harder. What can the teacher do to help students towards their success? How can we fix this? I constantly see lincoln kids struggling in their classes due to bad teachers, not putting the effort, etc.
 I asked one of my friends at Lincoln on how teachers could possibly help him with his work. “I think we should be able to grade our teachers personally and the teachers can see what we say. Hopefully they can see a pattern from the students and help us all out accordingly”, says Junior student Thomas Wong. He says he has a teacher who constantly picks on one kid to volunteer, never giving the spotlight to anyone else.

 “I think teachers should understand a student’s life as well. Not that the teacher needs to stop giving homework or anything but be there for the student”, says Lina Gouda, a senior student at Columbia Secondary school in New York. A teacher definitely can understand how a student thinks and acts if they spend time with them.

 Teaching ways into one. They then can use their experience and  build a teaching method that works for every student alike I also managed to get in contact with my friend Lilli, who graduated from St Patrick’s college in Launceston, Australia. He says: “Teachers should get to know their students learning type. Hearing, visual, hands on. Each person learns differently and if a teacher the same thing the same way to all his pupils, there will be those that are left behind and stuck. Like a doctor can’t prescribe the same medicine to all patients.” Although it is very hard for teachers to cater to students one by one to teach them differently, perhaps they can incorporate their multiple .

 The last person I interviewed was Kris Patel, an Indian graduate from The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He says in his experience that “A good teacher will help you stay on the right track towards success and help you with getting opportunities. They’ll help with resumes, letters of reference, or even just simple advice on life”.
 A teacher that can help students not only in academic work, but rather life goals can also encourage a student and teacher to work together to accomplish academic success. Teachers should not just be people who work six to eight hours a day trying to teach their lessons. A good teacher must be able to assist and help the students in need.

 I interviewed Kenyatta.Scott, an algebra one and geometry teacher about teaching and his situation with teaching is like any other teachers. He teaches math because it’s his favorite subject and has majored in it. I asked him what was the hardest part of teaching and he hesitantly  said: “Students who give up. The word “cannot” is frustrating to hear from students who give up the work. It makes me feel powerless.”
 Even though he occasionally sees his students give up, he still loves teaching. Scott says it’s “exciting” because you don’t know what result you will get from students. He also loves seeing students who think they can’t work right and eventually realizing they can. The one hope Scott wants for his students is for them to be better note takers to be better lifelong learners.
 In this current generation, our education system is missing what makes learning so valuable and enjoyable: good teachers. As many students have said, teachers need to get to learn about different types of students and how they learn. If a teacher truly loves teaching, they need to get the students to love learning. The best way to do that is for teachers to try their best to help them out equally.
 Have students grade other teachers at a high school level. Students in Lincoln occasionally complain and say: “Dude, our teacher doesn’t even teach us anything”, or “He/She just gives us work to do and doesn’t teach the content.”
 We should be the generation to stop using that statement on a daily basis, and help our teachers become better for the future.

lincoln log needs more funding

By: Rocio Perez

Editior-in-chier Zev Curiel-Friedman disscuses daily tasks with writing for publication teacher-Sara Falls.  Photo By: Rocio Perez

    It’s good for our community to be informed about news, events or issues that are controversial. During school time the Lincoln Log newspapers are sometimes delivered to classes so students can read them and enjoy them. The Lincoln log has been the school newspaper since the 1940s. The Lincoln log needs some more help by getting better computers and cameras.

 At the beginning there was trouble with funding and money involving the journalism class. Sara Falls Lincoln Logs advisor says, “As you know I think we could always use more- -I have a ‘dream list’ if money were no issue: More computers all with InDesign(from the Adobe Suite) are the big-ticket items, also more digital recorders and maybe another camera, so we’re doing okay. I suppose everyone in public schools wishes they had more money.”

 Our software needs an upgrade and more computers so students can get the work done faster and better cameras to be used for better quality of pictures.

 In writing for publication class there are lots of activities that involve using the computer. Sometimes there isn’t enough for everyone to use and they end up sharing. They tend to be slow and sometimes don't work. Maria Martinez, a student new in writing for publication class says,” I think journalism needs more funds because the computers aren’t enough. There’s about eight computers for twenty five students. Sometimes there is layout to do but there isn’t enough for every student to work on. If we can spend money on other stuff why can't we spend some for writing for publication.”

 Noe Perez is also a student in writing for publication

 This is Perez’s first year in writing for publication class. I asked him and he said,” Yes,I believe journalism should get more funds because everyone needs to know the secrets from Lincoln. And we need more better cameras with better quality so that the pictures can come out clearer and better.”

 Writing for publication needs more funding for media and better technology so that we can all succeed together as young journalists.

gender neutral bathrooms are a band aid solution

By: James Stonecipher

Pictured above: A common Gender neutral bathrooms sign   Photo By: James Stonecipher

 The issue of gender neutral bathrooms is a band-aid solution, which stems from a larger problem, thanks to social media. There is but one true solution, and that is for everyone to respect personal privacy, and to put your own life and priorities before others.


 Now, the root problem with social media, is it allows us to put our entire life for everyone to see. However some people see it their duty to know and think what’s, “best” for you, and a lot of people tend to assume they know the best and most absolute way to make everything better. From both republicans, and democrats, to liberals, and conservatives, too every communist, capitalist, socialist, anyone and everyone tries to tell you how to live your life. The problem with this is that it starts to affect basic human rights and necessities. From what you should eat, to how you should look and where to go to the bathroom. When truth of all this is, your yourself, and should worry about yourself, and you know what’s best for you. So how does this relate to gender neutral bathrooms?


 I believe everyone has the right to choose their gender and sexuality. There are some who do take things too far, but overall it’s part of why we live in the land of the free. The freedom to make decisions is very powerful though, and as some like to preach, its based on birth and, “social constructs.” Which are irrelevant to your outcome in society, because your choices lead you to your path. As we know the issue of gender neutral bathrooms is complicated because of safety and because of ideological belief. The split of people preach their solutions of using the bathroom corresponding with birth gender, or just allowing people to use whatever bathroom their expressed identity comes to a stalemate. The problem with this, is that it's not the choice of government or society to tell you what bathroom to use. However it is up to us as a society, and sometimes the government, to hold everyone accountable for our actions.  


 We don’t need a new fleet of bathrooms corresponding to every gender, though a gender neutral bathroom never hurt anyone, and for some parents they’re convenient for use because a mother and son might need it, or a father and daughter. So instead of implementing a bunch of new bathrooms, we just need to respect everyone's choices even if we don't agree with them, and keep to ourselves, because we don’t always know what's best for people.