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“Moana” makes waves in theaters worldwide



By April Woo

Photo courtesy of : Disney


Moana and Maui pose for an advertisement.




Many illuminated faces met my gaze as I jogged up the stairs to find a seat in time for the much anticipated Disney movie “Moana.” I tucked myself away into the farthest corner of the packed theater and was whisked away by the grace of cinema magic to the tropical paradise of Oceana, the setting for the film. The movie advertisements I saw on numerous bus stop signs came to life as character introductions began, and the art of storytelling began to sail its course.


The main character, Moana (Auli’i Cravalho,) is a new figure in the Disney Princess lineup, literally. Her “realistic” body proportions are a bold step forward from the traditional body images of prior Disney princesses.  As the princess of the island Motunui, she dons a selection of colorful pieces of traditional royal wardrobe made up of bright hues, textured fabric and exotic feathers that show a glimpse of the rich culture of Polynesia.


Moana has no love interest, with the exception of the ocean. This allows the plot to focus on the journey she ventures on after mysterious forces plague her island because of a curse. Against her father’s orders to never sail beyond the reef surrounding the island, Moana leaves with encouragement from her grandmother to find the demigod who can help and is responsible for the curse, Maui (Dwayne Johnson.) This act of rebellion reminded me of Mulan leaving to serve in her father’s place in the army to fight against the Huns and Ariel disobeying her father’s rule of not interacting with humans or going on land.


The most entertaining aspect of the movie for me was Maui’s “living” tattoos. His muscular frame is adorned with tattoos that depict his accomplishments such as pulling islands from the sea, defeating a giant crab called Tamatoa, and pulling the sun. There is a mini-Maui that dances around between the ink and non-ink areas on his skin and serves as an alter ego. This idea was not original, and I instantaneously likened them to the singing muses on the vases in Hercules, which was directed by the same directors as Moana.  


The plethora of theatrical, rhythmic song numbers, some written by the renown Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton, was well appreciated. I remember a quote I saw online that goes, “We decorate time with music and space with art.” These words ring true for the scenes in which harmonious songs echoed throughout the theater and colorful art danced on the screen.


The movie brought joy to the crowd made up of all age groups.  Laughter and applause were instantaneous when the ending credits rolled, and I had the joy of seeing a sister help her baby brother clap. The importance of empathy and listening with an open heart and mind is integrated into many scenes, which in a time like this is imperative to act on.

Lincoln members commemorate four people who passed away in 2016

By Ben Sheh

Photo compilation by : Ben Sheh


These are four artists that captured the minds of many: Prince (top-left), George Michael (top-right), Carrie Fisher (bottom-left), and David Bowie (bottom-right).




2016 was an unbelievable year for many. There was the presidential election, which shocked members of the Lincoln High community as well as the rest of the world. Fatal police shooting rates rose, and the hot debate of whether or not race was involved with these shootings still go on. Terrorist attacks in Europe took front page news, and led to a divide in ideologies for politicians, immigrants, and citizens alike.


Amidst it all, 2016 saw the passing of many famous people whom many held dear in their hearts. Originally, a preliminary list of the people who had passed away took up 13 pages--which was far too long to write an article about. In light of that, I conducted a random sample survey to determine whose passing impacted Lincoln High members the most. The results showed that there were four people that a majority of people recalled that impacted them. Here are those people.


David Robert Jones, better known by his stage name David Bowie, was a best-selling musician. He was best known for innovating in music, even creating a genre on his own, “glam rock.” Bowie became famous for his release of “Space Oddity,” and went on to create music in many different styles. He was 69 when he died on January 10th, 2016 from cancer.


“I could sing the words to most of the songs he wrote,” said Rosemary Kamkar, with a look of distant memories in her eyes. She was one of many teachers at Lincoln who recalled Bowie as a prominent figure in their childhood.


Another musician that many members of Lincoln remember was George Michael. Over the course of his life, he won numerous music awards and nominations--including two Grammy awards as a songwriter. Michael was also known for supporting LGBT rights and raising money for AIDS charity. He died of heart failure on December 25th, 2016 at age 53.


Japanese teacher Koichi Sano recalls Michael’s passing as the one that impacted him the most. He said, “I was so shocked, because he was exactly the same age as me when he died.”

Prince Rogers Nelson, known simply as Prince, died April 21st, 2016 at 57 years of age. His death caused such a stir because of the circumstances, as accidental overdose of a prescription was the official stated cause. Prince was loved for bringing flamboyance on the stage, and many fans paid tribute after his passing. Having won many awards, he is regarded as one of the most influential R&B musicians of all time.


But perhaps the most distressing of them all was the death that happened right at the end of 2016. Actress Carrie Fisher died on December 27th, 2016 at 60 years old. She was best known for her role as “Princess Leia” in the “Star Wars” movie series, astoundingly spanning from 1980 to 2017. Art memorials floated around on the web everywhere after the news, and many Star Wars fans paid their respects. Shockingly, on December 28th, the very next day, her mother Debbie Reynolds also died at 84 years old. She was an actress, famous for being featured in "Singin' in the Rain".


Her last words were reported to be, “I want to be with Carrie.”

Hack your way through the streets of San Francisco in “Watch Dogs 2”

By Darren Li

Photo courtesy of : Ubisoft


Marcus Holloway stands among his colleagues while he readies himself for the journey ahead.




  “Join us. We are Deadsec.” This was the last thing I heard before the main character of “Watch Dogs 2”, Marcus Holloway, was thrown onto the streets of - you guessed it - San Francisco. Watching a gameplay preview of “Watch Dogs 2” on Youtube was more than enough to get me pumped up and excited to save and purchase my very own copy of the game for $60.


  “Watch Dogs 2” is the second game in its action-adventure, third-person shooter series that is based on revealing corruption and secrets held within the game’s plot through the useful tool of hacking. It was released on November 15th, 2016 and was published by Ubisoft which has an HQ located in San Francisco.


I began my journey in the game world as soon as the download completed. I pressed “New Game” and my character was delivered to the “Blume ctOS Server Farm” based in the game’s very own San Francisco map.


  My first impressions of the game were varied, mainly because it differed from what I had seen from the pre-release gameplay. I was happy to experiment with the controls but was sad to see a different introduction.


For a person like me who had dreamed to one day become a hacker or spy, using the in-game hacking tool named “NetHack” was a dream come true. Marcus Holloway has an interesting loadout, one with weapons you would not usually see on a stereotypical hacker with a laptop and glasses in hand.


Marcus’s main weapon of choice in close quarters combat is his “Thunder Ball,” which closely resembles a pool ball attached to a string. He uses this to swing away at his foes, knocking them out. This allows for close quarters combat without being caught.


  There are a variety of lethal long range weapons to choose from, but it’s best to stay away from them as you will be trying to stay undercover for most of the game. However, this doesn’t mean that all guns are barred to you. Upon beginning the game, you are gifted with a stun gun and buying weapons with custom attachments later on in the game will serve the same purpose for going undercover. Using the stun gun will incapacitate any guard or civilian with a single shot, allowing you to slip past many obstacles.


Using your smartphone installed with “NetHack,” you are able to see things which are usually impossible to see, such things include security camera’s, control panels, and the connectors that link them. There are other things you can see like personal bank details, job occupations, and moods when you identify people with “NetHack.”


  Once you finish the first mission, wiping the identity of Marcus Holloway off ctOS servers, you are given various missions and the freedom to explore the city uninhibited. Although compelled to finish more assignments, I opted to explore the city that many Lincoln High members call home. Only this time, I didn’t have to take a step out of my house.


  Exploring the city was fantastic. I was surprised to see that the streets of the in-game San Francisco were almost identical to the streets in real life, albeit with a few minor differences like different logos, buildings, and brands to prevent copyright issues. An example would be the in-game smartphone’s search engine “Nudle” instead of “Google.”


Places like Downtown and Golden Gate Park were fun to walk through because of the nostalgia it brought to me. The simple jogs and overly acrobatic movements of Marcus Holloway even allowed me to reach the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was truly amazing to see the effort put into the creation of this game.


  Concluding my review, I can say with confidence that this is a great game and that I would need to play a lengthy amount of time to fully experience what this game has to offer. This game would definitely appeal to a lot of people and gamers, especially those who appreciate a well made game with many options and character customizations to choose from.

“Split” will send shivers down your spine

By Keshawn Mitchell

Photo courtesy of : Blumhouse productions


A cover photo of “Split” shows Kevin Crumb.




The movie,  “Split” written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan is a drama, horror, mystery and suspense movie. “Split” is primarily about a man named Kevin Crumb played by James McAvoy who has 24 separate personalities which each change his appearance, sexuality, and accent with everyone. James McAvoy’s transitions kept me well engaged into the movie and I think it's pretty cool how well he does it.


The beginning of the movie shows how he kidnaps the three teenage girls, drugging Claire's dad in order to get into the car with the three teenage girls, claire (Haley Lu Richardson) and Marcia  (Jessica Sula) and Casey (Anya Taylor). He drugs them and takes them to a hidden underground lair.The movie mainly focuses on Casey, who was raised by her father and uncle, who lived life hunting. The movie shows flashbacks of Casey from when she was five years old and her uncle was secretly raped her, which i think is where she gets her survival skills from due to the face that she doesn't panic while being held.


Kevin goes through all of the changes because he is suffering from dissociative identity disorder. Due to the fact that he was beaten as a child, which cause him to change his personalities in defense of the thoughts of his abuse because the thoughts of the abuse still haunts him as a grown man.


The main personality kevin changes from are Ms.Patricia who mostly leads his personalities, a man named Dennis, then to a nine year old kid named Hedwig and a guy named Barry who lives as a Fashion model. At the end of the movie Kevin turns into a beast that can climb and run up walls and has three times the strength of a regular person,with super long hands and is two times taller than a regular person. My favorite personality is Hedwig because he is funny and his faults make the movie interesting, for example the girls try several times to outsmart him by acting like they're his friend to try an escape but he always catches them.


The movie Itself wasn't good. I wouldn't recommend the movie despite the trailers, because the movie was slow.  One good quality is the acting of James McAvoy showing all his different personalities, which keeps viewers tuned in to the movie.