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The theme “Together, We Are Family,” brought a sense of community to this year’s BSA Performance at Lincoln.

By: Krystal Liu and Tiffany Hu

  Each year, clubs work tirelessly to prepare for performing in BSA. Congnan Lu, a sophomore in Chinese club, said, “We started preparing and practicing the dance since last year during October or November, so it has been four months.” Indeed, Lincoln students began their preparation early and are excited to see what other amazing performances will be given from the other clubs. Additionally, each year has a different theme for the BSA event. This year’s theme was “Together, We Are Family” which aimed to unite Lincoln students together.

  “I want to bring happiness and unity to this community,” said Nicole Chan, a member in the  J-kpop club. The purpose of this theme undoubtedly is to make Lincoln feel like a big family, who are strong together. In their performances, students express themselves through dancing, acting, singing, and more.

  Pink Tsunami is a school wide tradition that is held by the whole Lincoln community every year.  Pink Tsunami happens annually, and on the day of the event, Lincoln homerooms compete in showing support the LGBTQ group by wearing pink, and using pink materials to decorate their classrooms.

  Along with admiring student’s passion and enthusiasm for these events, we should all work to understand the true meaning and purpose behind the BSA performances and Pink Tsunami, as they are a purposeful and crucial part of the Lincoln community. These events help students express their school spirit and support through performances and actions, and they also gather the community together as a family.