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Lincoln's football team starts season with a win

By: Michelle Villanueva



Abraham Lincoln’s junior varsity and varsity football teams played Irvington High School on September 2nd, winning with a score of 38-14 for JV and 21-6 for Vars. On September 8th, Lincoln’s JV team won against Santa Cruz High School 16-14, and Vars won 21 to 10.

The following week, on September 15th, the JV team won 33-7, but Vars lost 43-0 against Carlmont High School.

Despite the heat during the game against Irvington, Lincoln managed to win both games for JV and Vars.

Against Santa Cruz, Lincoln’s JV team was down 10-14. But with five seconds left on the clock, JV quarterback Luis Contreras threw the ball to wide receiver Jonas Francovich who scored the winning touchdown and won the game 16-14. The sideline went wild and was in shock at such an amazing play.

“I thought we were gonna lose,” Contreras says, “I was just hella happy after.”

The Vars team started off down 10-0. By halftime, Lincoln’s players shut Santa Cruz out and put 21 straight points on the scoreboard. Senior Jackson Walker, (#11) caught an interception and ran for a touchdown and senior Randy Wong, (#3) caught two interceptions, thus contributing to the final 21-10 score.

Lincoln’s varsity quarterback, Rocky Marania (#9) reflects on these games saying, “All three of those games are in our rear view because we have to move on to the next game with a fresh mind. We go into every game well prepared, and we take it all on together as a brotherhood. Win or lose, we always got each other’s backs and this is important as we head into league.”

After their preseason, Marania states “[Our] ultimate goal is to be back to back [city champions], and I am confident we can get there, however I just want to get through the season with my brothers [with] no injuries, and no negative outcomes.”

Both the players and coaches have the same goal: to have a positive outcome within the league season. “We’re gonna get better and better and better,” varsity running back Desean Crawford (#2) says, “I wanna continue the good chemistry and continue to win.”

“In the league, hopefully we’ll stay healthy,” head coach, Phil Ferrigno says. “If we just keep playing hard and worry about what we do, we’ll be fine.”

Marania says, “Every year we go into the season with a new mindset forgetting everything in the past, but I feel as if our new attitude this year is all for the team, and that will help us both on and off the field.”

More runners are doing cross country this year

By: Allison Wu



Cross country runners practice everyday to prepare themselves for the five kilometer meets. Their practices include running to the track, to the beach, Golden Gate Park, the reservoir and sometimes Lake Merced. The coach of cross country is Coach Chiparo who is also a PE teacher. Cross country is only for fall season which is August to December. There are 40 runners in the team and two managers.


“Last year, a senior at our school named Christian Chun got qualified for the state meet” Said Wendy Zhu. According to practice record, Christian Chun 11 minutes 14 seconds ran two miles in practice. Other runners took around 12 minutes to 18 minutes. “This year we are more strict than last year, I can see improvement this year, the time are much faster compare to last year,” Zhu emphasised. “If they are not able to come practice after school they will need to come lunch time to make it up, so they will not have excuse to not go practice.” said coach Chiparo.


On September 16th, our school cross country team got an invitation from Lowell High School. “Freshman Charlie Moore did a amazing job on the Lowell invitation meet and we got a metal,” said Chiparo.


“This year we have more runners and we run to the beach more often than last year. I will try my best to get a medal for our school.” mentioned Winnie Huang


“I didn’t run on the Lowell invitation meet, I don’t have my physical form, but I am there to cheer for them. Coach Chiparo tell us the strategies to run with each other and push each other which is really helpful that we feel there is someone on our back.” said Leo Xiao.


Falls Sports Roundoup

By: Dimitri Zlatev


Girls golf launched the fall season less than 2 weeks after school started, on the same day as the welcome back rally. Unfortunately they lost to Lowell at Fleming field, with a 39 point spread.  Since then, they rallied, and have been running a streak of wins against Galileo, Wallenberg and Washington. When asked for comment Coach Robinson said he was confident in the team’s ability for the upcoming playoffs but expressed uncertainty for the future. “The winner will face Lowell for the championship and [we will] likely lose even on our best day and their worst day.”  Robinson also emphasized the team’s ups and downs, “The team has been practicing hard and working on improving their golf skills which is a challenge. Golf is a very hard sport but the team is upbeat and positive and seeing some progress.” Ending on a positive note, Robinson stated his belief that “miracles do happen.” At the moment of writing this, their next match is October 5th in Golden Gate park.


Next sport to hit the courts was girls volleyball. Both JV and varsity defeated Marin Academy 2-0  during a non-league game Sept 13. They replicated the twin defeat against Wallenberg Sept 19, again 2-0 for both levels. The teams returned to home turf on Sept 22, against Galileo 3-0. Tuesday the 26th they take on Burton (away) and Sept 29 they are home against Balboa.


More girls athletics joined the mix when tennis took on Immaculate Conception Academy and Wallenberg.  Again Lincoln dominated, both Sept 15 and 19, with scores of 3-0 at both sets. The next set is Sept 27 against Galileo in the Golden Gate courts.


Football and Cross country begin this week with the all comer tournaments at the polo fields Sept 27 and Oct 12.  Varsity football joins the fray 7pm Sept 29 at Kezar, against Balboa. JV will follow up with their first game Sept 30 at Balboa.