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Lincoln’s varsity football team has high hopes going into season


By Megan Robinett

The football team huddles after practice.


Photo taken by : Meghan Robinett



 It’s that time of year when we hear everyone speaking of how great the football team is performing. Lincoln’s varsity football team has been doing fairly well going into season. Their record from pre-season was, 1-4, while in-season was 1-0. The team has also won their first season game against Balboa High School. It was a phenomenal victory with a score of 43-26. Alex Chan, a senior who plays as outside linebacker and receiver, made an interception for a touchdown.


   Varsity coach Philip Ferrigno, who has been coaching since 2002, says “Alex Chan did a great job, just purely great.”


   Ferrigno is very pleased about how the first game against Balboa turned out. He adds, “I hope we can play well and together. I hope we can make it in the playoffs.”


   Ferrigno is looking forward to getting/achieving a big win in the Bell Game against Washington.


   All-time star player since freshman year and MVP from last year, senior Ronald Phelps says, “My hopes for this season are that we play as a cohesive team and get better everyday.”  Phelps plays the starting right guard position and has brought his team to the playoffs several times. He is hoping they can win the City Championship this year.


   Phelps adds, “This program has helped shape me into a young, intelligent, gentle man. It has always been more than learning how to play football, it’s about getting you prepared for the real world.”


   Phelps is very passionate about football and this sport has changed his life. With all Phelps has done for his team over the past four years, he hopes this season will be one to remember and the best one of all.

Girls varsity volleyball smash through the season

By Ethan Angeles


   “On two one, two. Clap*! Clap*!” is a common cheer heard by the audience during a volleyball game at Lincoln High, when the enemy team scores. “You’ll get it next time!” screams the other girls on the bench giving teammates confidence. Lincoln Girl’s Volleyball is about to start on October 14th at Washington! Although this game is far away, you can catch any of the Lincoln  girl’s volleyball pre-season games.  When asked about the new players, the season and goals, the varsity players replied with;


   Returning player and team captain Caitlyn Chin says,“ We are definitely going to do well this year. We have a really good set of girls. It’s going gucci in the preseason, and I think the new girls are doing pretty well. I think we have a chance to win this year if we play well like we currently are. I really want to help myself and my teammates improve, and win this year because we fell short last year. I really want to beat Lowell, and squash Wash!”


   Another captain and returning player Sarah Blumenfeld has said,“ We are doing really good this year. We have the ability to do great things, but we lack the concentration. The new girls are  a new addition to our volleyball family. We are definitely going to get gold this year. One goal I have is to do better than last year.”


   Returning sophomore and varsity player varsity player Jasmine Yun said,“ We better win! The new girls are cool, and fun to talk to. Yes! We do have a chance of winning this year. My goal is to win, and be better than last year.”


   The team is off to a great start this year with a 9-2 record. They also won the NORCAL finals undefeated. I’d say they are off to a great start, but still have a long way to success. These girls strive hard on and off the field. When they aren’t going up for a hit or down for a dig, they study hard in their classes. You probably know some of them, but never knew they played. Come and support them at their next game, on October 14th at Lincoln! If you miss that one, go to the Lowell game on October 18th at Lowell, and just in case you miss that one, meet them at their third game at Galileo on October 21st.

Archery sport of the body and mind

By Cameron Takashima


   Archery is a sport not commonly referred to when people ask students what sports they do. You pull an arrow on a piece of string attached to a stick and let it fly sounds simple right? wrong. The sport itself is a lot more complicated than what most people think and it has only gotten increasingly more complicated as time has gone on. This sadly makes it very hard for people who want to get into the sport. Luckily for those interested in pursuing archery as a hobby Lincoln High School has the answer, the archery club. Thats right if you didn't already know your school has its own archery club,  the archery clubs funds go towards renting equipment and they will teach how to use it too.


   For many people archery seems like a pointless sport. It seems as if all you do is shoot arrows and get nothing for it. This is not the case, as archery does in fact have a lot to offer in terms of what you can learn. Rianna Diaz, one of the club representatives says “ Archery helps people develop patience, observational skills, as well as physical strength. As an avid archer myself i can attest that these facts are the truth. Archery helps with all these skills and more, like the most common affliction in the US today stress. Its a great tool to have for stress relief as it gets people out of the house and can take your thoughts off of whatever in their mind, the shooter is provided “with a great sense of satisfaction when you nail the center of a target”(Rianna Diez). Patience is also a great life skill to have too, you will encounter times in life that will cause you stress and overwhelm you. Archery helps to improve one's patience. Thus contributing to a less stressful life.


   You may be wondering where the archery club is as there are no posters or any advertisement in the school, i even looked on the school loop page for some info but found absolutely nothing. But after asking around i found that they meet every block day at lunch in room 21C. Of course this is a weapon based sport so if you have objections

to this sort of activity this is not the club for you. For the same reason this is probably why the sport is made to be a club, this means that the club has no equipment of their own as that they have to rent it from the locations they go to. But the club says it's not a problem, the club members say that they enjoy doing what they do so it doesn't matter as long as they can do it next time.


   On the subject of equipment, it is anything but common and to buy the equipment yourself would be no cheap endeavor. The bow itself depending on what you buy can be very expensive and ranges from a modern style of bow to a more old fashioned style. Each has their good and bad points as well as range in uses and capabilities. By joining the archery club you will learn about some of the different bows and how to use them properly. As the club is a sport revolving around weapons, safety is a very important factor that you should pay special attention to, you will learn all this and more if you decide to invest your time in archery. So have fun and be safe.

Girls Tennis Team slices through the new season

By Nicole Chui

Doubles player, Kirsten Wong prepares her powerful backhand.


Photo taken by : Nicole Chui



Poooowww! One of the girls on the Lincoln tennis team charges at the net to smash her last winning shot to her teammate during practice. With eight returning players, five new players, and returning Lincoln tennis coach, Gregory Simmons, the Girls’ tennis team strive to set a higher team record through intense practice plans and ambitious goals.


  “Compared to the earlier years, today is different in terms of the size of the team and members’ outside commitments,” said Simmons. He added, “However, my goal is to not only teach the girls how to hit the ball over the net, but to train them how they strategically place their shots.”


   At the beginning of practice, the two senior student captains, myself and Kimberly Kwan, lead the team with a light two lap jog, stretches, and mini tennis rally in which players hit at the mid-court line. Before the team commences their practice plans, Simmons holds a short meeting with the team to discuss our hitting form and our self-assurance when we face against other competitive players.



   As Simmons carefully watches a double team practice matches, he yells “Keep moving your feet and make more across court or down the line shots!”


   On the court, Coach Simmons intensively drills the team to play their A-game and pays close attention to every player’s performance level. Simmons’s motivation to perfect the team’s techniques and strategies doesn’t come solely from his passion in tennis, but also from the team’s attitude towards the improvements they’re making. Learning not to sweat over the small mistakes and overcome their self-doubt are not simple, but the team doesn’t give up in the interest of playing their very best.


    “I really like the team we have this season and the bond we share as a team allows us to encourage each other to physically and mentally improve on the court,” said Kirsten Wong, a Senior student tennis player. “As a doubles team player, I not only look forward to improve my playing tactics, but also my connection with my doubles team partner.”


     During practice days and game days, Simmons will always be each player’s worst critic and best friend, and truly shows both sides of himself to ensure that each player gives it all they have.

    “A powerful smash can easily take down the opponent,” Simmons jokes. “However, it’s the consistency of strength that I want my players to build both physically and mentally in order to win any game.”