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Top Entries of 2017 Lincoln High School Poetry Contest
Top Entries of 2017 Lincoln High School Poetry Contest

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The Vigilante

By Samantha Hua


I am now his next target

He will definitely come for me

For he knows my murdering spree

Deep within the underground market


From weapon sellers to drug dealers

He takes them all to their grave

And now I’m the one hiding in a cave

He tracks down even the sneakiest wallet stealers


What’s the use if I can’t flee

From his piercing hail of arrows

Speeding towards me like a raging sparrow

With his eyes on me, I cannot break free


As I take my last breath and turned towards him

“You have failed this city” He shouted loud and clear

Two arrows to my chest as I let out my last tear

A straight impalement to my heart and my vision went dim


I have failed this city

says the vigilante


Based on Arrow




Last Name

By Destiny Brown


We are all given a first and last name,

With our first name being from Bob to Jane

But what about our last names?

Now these come with history,

They are passed down generation to generation,

But have we discovered the real mystery?


I have always wondered,

Why was I given a last name that my ancestors did not consent?

My last name is Brown and my friend’s is Edison,

But these were not our African names

What is this? Some type of American medicine?


We have been through so much,

From slavery to discrimination,

But why throw away our last names?

What an obamanation.


You may not believe it but your last name is like a secret

It stores important history

So why couldn’t we keep it?

Last name, Last name, Last name.




How Fiercely I Have Loved the Wail

By Isabel Wolf


How fiercely I have loved the wail of

Daly City Bart

Through a window in a house overlooking two


And the mess of stray cats in an overgrown lot

Whose eyes mirror ghostings of Peninsula fog


I have watched boys spit off this rain-roughened


And listened to the windy wash of highways wrapped

around us

In the lost half hour where the sky bruises cobalt

Not a soul can speak to where the ocean ends


So I say to the glare of the Pacific Super’s


There is no need to shine so bright

The people who live on this starless horizon

Know every light there is




Combustion Engine

By Herbert Cruz


Awaken at six


Early sun is fixed


Get dressed and depart


Exacting work presented


The crankshaft had ascended


The time to release afar


The end of the day


Tension fades away


Time to loosen up




The Garden of Privilege

By Cynthia Chang


What a grown, yet contrived garden it is.

Whites place their destructive hands in their pot of privilege.

And people of color are forced to help water.

They are the seed, sun and Earth’s beautiful ancient soil.

Backgrounds and cultures are demolished,

Leaving only one kind of plant that’s left.

The plant is whitewashed, artificial, and unnatural.

It yearns to overpower the others,

Sunflowers that have existed forever,

Daffodils that have been dehumanized all their lives.

They’re unwatered, abandoned and abused.


What a grown, yet contrived garden this is.

On rainy days, insects come out to play.

Some know their roles, some cease to have one.

When corruption is at its pinnacle,

Ladybugs are switched with wasps

And in return, we get pain instead of protection.


What a grown, yet contrived garden this is.

They want the white fence intact

When we want it broken.

Words, lessons, and protests.

Even if our petals are wilted,

Our roots will bloom and thrive relentlessly

In the garden of privilege.




Why Fear Love?

By Jason Tan


Petrarch languished in want of Laura’s love

See Shakespeare’s grasp for love he wrote in life,

Betwixt art and its tender subject of,

True love evades us in a culture rife.

Man’s mind is fooled and clouded with worry,

In search of treasure that belies untruth.

One must tire of being culture’s quarry;

But herein lies the strength of tender youth.

An infirm senile wards off love’s spectre,

A bitter anchor, sunken by heartbreak

A drought upon the father’s sweet nectar

The honey of love, for age he’ll forsake;


But youth’s grip holds firm in gay pursuit;

Eager, we plant love’s seeds for its sweet fruit.




The Two Face Snake

By Nicholas Walker


The two face snake hated to be two faced.

One face was to hate, and one to love. Alas

The two faced snake had to kill what prey dwelled

In the forest. The snake ate a nice carcass

Of a toad that he pretended to love .

The snake was starving and genuinely

Enjoyed the toad’s company, however ate him.

The two faced snake was remarkably

Sad to have killed every creature he met.

The snake decided to only show one of his

Faces. He started to love all souls he met.

Slowly he decayed due to lack of his

Food. His new friends tried to  get him fulfilled.

But the snake slowly starved and slowly died.