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18-19 Current Year

Health Idol: The Niners

This year, we are introducing the Niners.  9 freshmen who will be competing for a chance to kick out some of our official contestants.  This means we have 15 freshmen competing for the first time!  If none of the Niners score within the range of the eliminated contestants, then one of the will enter thecompetition and eliminate someone in their place.  Any of the Niners that do fall in the eliminated range will also fall out of the running.

There is also the Shubin, another contestant who has to outlast the Niners.  If 3 of the Niners get into the competition, then the Shubin will fade away in legend.


This year's contestants are:

Faculty: Chris Cary (History), Don Harris (PE), Gianne Souza (Science)

Seniors: Jose Marquez Ayala, Iris Chu, Sam Whitfield, Ben Mignola, Ainsly Perez, Julian Aguirre, Ruby Parish, Stanley Yuan, Bryant Liang

Juniors: Martin Koulikov, Harrison Lee, Emily Lui, Chloe Wong, Aidan Ng, Janna Aniciete

Sophomores: Congnan Lu, Jed Peek, Yvonne Qiu, Cristian Hidalgo, Eric Hong, Samantha Strong

Freshmen: Kaia Hines, Skylar Yoshimura, Lucas Roth, Joseph Cabrera, Strother Ramsay, Courtney Langdon

The Niners: Cindy Chong, Jonas Abrams, Xander Contreras, Imaya Anderson, Caycie Clayton, Parker Barry, Kennan Grant, Sean McCarthy, Collin Cheung