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Mustang Athlete Spotlight: Joshua Jeremy Lau

     Joshua Jeremy Lau, a sophomore at Lincoln High School has been playing basketball for more than half his life.  Lau is on the Junior Varsity Basketball team for Lincoln High School and has been on the team since freshman year.

     Lau started playing basketball during the first grade and found it so fun that from then on, he never stopped. In the fourth grade he joined the Dragon’s Basketball Team, which is a team outside of school.  The Dragon’s Basketball Team also includes Randy Hynson, a sophomore and long time friend of Lau’s. Lau has played on a number of teams and has a lot of experience. Lau played for Zion Lutheran School in fifth grade to seventh grade until he transferred out and went to Holy Name Middle School. At Holy Name he joined the Basketball team for his eighth grade.

     Lau maintains a 3.50 GPA average despite the many practices, games, and extracurricular activities. He shows his commitment to both his teams and Lincoln.

     On the court, Lau usually plays as the point guard. When he isn’t playing that position, he plays the shooting guard. Lau practices basketball everyday of the week. On schooldays he goes home and rests for a few hours, then heads to his backyard to shoot hoops. On weekends he goes to the park and practices. Lau tries to stay in shape and keeps his edge as he practices year long even when basketball seasons dont start. He loves basketball and plays any chance he gets.

     Jared Vu, a fellow sophomore and friend of Lau’s said, “Every time I see Josh have free time, he plays some basketball.”        

      Lau loves basketball so much that even in the classroom he does projects relating to basketball.
Lau is currently still playing for the Dragon’s Basketball team and the JV Lincoln team. He wishes to play as much basketball as he can so that he can accomplish his dream.

    “My dream is to continue playing basketball after high school, throughout college, and possibly a future with the NBA.”


By William Tien

Sports 10/2010

Fresh start for fresh team

   This year Lincoln's Junior Varsity Football team has 25 freshman on the roster. This makes it the largest freshmen populated team in the school district and one of the largest freshmen populated teams in a while. Although the team has not been striving so far preseason, Coach Doherty is not worried for the when the season starts. "I think we should do fine this season," Doherty said confidently. "Our biggest problem this season is the large number of students ineligible to play because of their grades."

   A major problem for the team is that many players are academically ineligible to play on the team. The school requires a 2.00 average GPA and ten players are currently illegible to play because of this. This will be a major setback for the team if the players do not shape up their grades. There are a lot of freshmen this year because six of the sophomores made the Varsity Football team this year. Usually there would only be two or three. This made an impact on the JV team because there will not be as much experience players compared to the new players.


   The freshmen are still getting used to the tiring and well worth practices every single day of the week for two hours. On top of the practices after school, the players have weightlifting class at first period.


   The team is off to a good start for the regular season. Despite the preseason's constant defeats, the JV Football team has proven so far they are a team to beat. With an undefeated 2-0 streak over Thurgood Marshall and Balboa High School. Starting the season off fresh is exactly what this freshman populated team needs.


   The season will be tough for the JV Football team because the teams that they are playing against are predominantly sophomores. The other teams in the league will have a slight advantage over our freshman dominant team because of their experience and skills. Go Lincoln Mustangs!



by William Tien

Mustangs on Treasure Island

    Sunday September 26th was a beautiful day for dragonboat! The Abraham Lincoln High School dragonboat team competed in the 500meter Treasure Island Dragonboat race

    Lincoln competed in both the High School Division B Championship and AAA High School Division A Championship. The Lincoln High Black team took fourth place in the Division B Championship. The Division A Championship was an intense race. Lincoln was leading, but in the final seconds of the race, Lowell had a burst of strength that put them in first place with 2:14.96 minutes. Lincoln High Gold took second with 2:16.16 and Lincoln High Red took third place with 2:20.30.

                Dragonboat is a wonderful team sport that emphasizes greatly on team effort. A dragonboat seats 20 paddlers, a drummer and a sweeper. The drummer of the boat beats the drum to keep the team in sync. The sweeper of the boat controls the direction of the boat.

                The four coaches of the Lincoln dragonboat team are Elijah Chan, Ariana Lim, Doug Wong and Chester Lam. The team trains three times a week on water and two times a week on  land. On water, they paddle, and on land, they run and lift weights. Wong said, “I’m very passionate towards dragonboat. I love the feeling that these kids give me. I like leading them towards the right path. As coach, I have to be tough, warm-hearted, and have a welcoming smile. If you’re a good person and willing to have fun, you can be in dragonboat.”

                Ricardo Mejia, a senior at Lincoln, is currently a captain and has been on Lincoln’s dragonboat team for three years. “The coaches are all awesome, passionate and supportive,” said Mejia. “The team feels like a second family to me.”

                Kelly Tan, a senior at Mills High School who transferred out of Lincoln but continues on the dragonboat team, is also a captain. She has been on the team for four years. Tan said, “Dragonboat to me is an emotional sport. It builds character, and the team feels like a second family. I love it and have given up a lot for dragonboat.”


by Edward Chung

Run Mustangs, Run!

Can Abraham Lincoln High School’s cross country team beat Lowell this year? “Of course we’re going to win. We are going to kick Lowell’s f****** ass!” said, senior and captain of the girl’s team, Silvia Ng.

                Cross country is a running sport that takes place outside on different terrains, where one team must try to complete a course faster than the other team. Only the first five finishers on each team get a score, and these scores are calculated together. The team with the lowest score is declared the winner.

                Lincoln’s cross country team is being coached by Ben Hwa. He has been coaching for two years.  He ran for the team throughout his time at Lincoln. According to Hwa, the cross country team at Lincoln is great and hardworking. As a student, he joined cross country because his friends convinced him to join the team, and he found out he was good at running. He won junior varsity, varsity, and city titles in competitions.

“I like it so much, I came back. The kids here make coaching worth it, said Hwa. ”When they work hard, they succeed.”

                The Lincoln cross country team runs six days a week and also lifts weights to   keep in amazing shape. “If they stay consistent, they will get better no matter what,” said Hwa. “Consistency is most important.”

                Michael Xu, also a senior at Lincoln and  a new member to Lincoln’s cross country team joined because he wanted to run. “Running makes me feel free, and I love competition,” said Xu. His teammates are always supportive and play a big factor in why he runs. Getting better, faster, and gaining more stamina are his top priorities.

               “Workouts look tough, but coach knows what he’s doing. I think Ben does a good job coaching.” said Xu.

                Cross country is not just running. It is a sport that builds character. “Cross country has given me confidence, keeps me healthy, and the team is fun to be around, said Ng. “At the start, I thought it was a drag and wouldn’t get far, and as time went by, I started to love it.” Ng has been on the team for three years and is currently captain. “Silvia is very inspirational. She always motivates us during practice. That’s why we love her so much,” said Kimberly Tang, a sophomore on the team. As captain she has a big role on the team and is also a big influence on her teammates. Ng said, “Ben is a really good coach. The training is hard, but he gives us breaks and we play games like capture-the-flag.”

                Doing well, finishing, and winning are the only things on the team’s mind.


by Edward Chung

Finally, Tennis Courts!

   It is easy to see the vast, gray area where the tennis courts are supposed to be located. The area used to be filled with temporary bungalows, but since the new building has been completed it was decided that the area was to be built into tennis courts.


   It has been  under construction since the spring semester of 2010 and while under construction the workers found chemicals in the soil. The area has been cleaned of the chemicals, but construction is still moving at a slow pace.


   The tennis team is not too happy with the lack of tennis courts. "It makes me angry just like everyone else on the team," says Charlene Xu, a senior and one of the members on the tennis varsity team. "They promised us the tennis courts would be done and now they keep switching the dates on us," says Xu.


   The date for the completion has been switched numerous times. The courts were promised to be done before school started, but as of going to press the courts are still not finished. The tennis team now has to practice at Vicente Park since there are not courts at Lincoln. "It is frustrating because we have to share the courts with the public, and there are never enough courts," said Xu. The team practices every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday at the local park. The team has been informed by Mr. Payne, that the courts will be done by the first or second week of October, but they seem doubtful. Even with the lack of tennis courts the tennis team still seems coincidence in their skills to win games. At least now we have tennis courts.



by Crystal Lee


    The girls volleyball team is coached by Tanya Siebert, who now works in A.P. Giannini middle school. Coach Siebert has been interested in volleyball since she was about five years old. Her mother used to play volleyball, and got her interested in it as well. She has love and passion for the sport. She currently the coaches for both Lincoln and A.P. Giannini, but because they play on different season . This makes it more convenient, since it does not doesn’t interfere or overlap the schedules. Despite it being the same sport, there's a difference in maintaining the consistency and rotations amongst middle school and high school students. Her goal for the girls volleyball team this year is for each of the members to get better individually in every game that they participate in.  Joining the volleyball team may seem like an easy and good idea that can be considered for everyone, but Siebert says"that it should only be for those who are committed and dedicated into  putting their own time into playing; but homework, school, and family still comes first".

    Coach Siebert loves coaching for the team, because not only does it help develop the players, but she also takes pride and is proud of each and everyone one of them for their hard work. She says, "For every practice determines the outcome of the goals they set; practicing things like spiking and etc," and that each game can be used to give the players good feedback, on taking note of their own strengths and weaknesses. The girls volleyball team lasts till the the 12th of November, So check come and check our team in action,whenever you get the chance!



by Helen Moy