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Loggin' Out


LO = Lucky Object             ULO = Unlucky Objects

by Rachel Yee



cVIRGO August 23- September 22

 LO: glow in the dark stickers ULO: paper plates

Has that hallway cutie been catching your eye for weeks now? Why not let it out? A simple hello won’t cramp your style. Express how you feel before someone else gets to them first.  


`GEMINI May 21- June 21

LO: bath salts ULO: sea-salt ice cream

For once little Gemini, how about you focus on yourself? Don’t let the thought of everyone else needing something from you get too overwhelming. Start up a hot bubble bath, add in some bath salts and just soak. 


fSAGITTARIUS November 22- December 21

LO: plastic flowers ULO: cargo pants

Let your heart loosen just a tad, for that special someone has been there all along! Keep your hopes high and your eyes open for a once in a lifetime experience. Loving Leos are just waiting for your attention. 


dLIBRA September 23- October 23

 LO: Ninja Turtle action figures ULO: tanning lotion

Oh, lucky Libra, little life of the party, let’s not go a bit overboard. Remember your promises, and your friends will remember to wave hello to you in the halls the next time.


iPISCES February 19- March 20

 LO: Nature Valley bars ULO: candles

Some fun in the sun won’t kill you, oh pretty Pisces.  Maybe some family bonding could turn a sour mood inside out.


hAQUARIUS January 20- February 18

LO: cat mugs ULO: trampolines

Adorable Aquarius, this may not be your month to score a hot date, but it definitely is your time to splurge. You’ve been saving and saving for so long you deserve to go a little crazy on your next spree. 



^ARIES March 21- April 19

 LO: deodorant ULO: cherries

You’ve been through enough, brave Aries. Let’s let your heart rest and take it slowly this month. Relationships can be a total bust; don’t let that get you down; your energetic attitude will definitely get you over the hump!


_TAURUS April 20- May 20

 LO: post mix lemonade ULO: piñatas

Talkative Taurus, watch what you say, there might be some unwanted open ears listening. One wrong set of ears is all it takes to ruin your month. On the brightside, you’re in the clear to match up with some other Taurus you’ve been hanging with for quite some time. 


bLEO July 23- August 22

LO: sock puppets ULO: voodoo dolls

Keep your head up, Leo! Let’s try to make this month a bright one with some positive reinforcement by your best buds. If you’re up for a change, maybe you could try to express yourself every now and then; your friends can’t always assume everything.


aCANCER June 22- July 22

LO: wrapping paper ULO: duct tape

Party it up, dear cancer! This is your month to go all out, to really let everyone see you and all your glory. A couple of risks here and there couldn’t hurt, as long as you remember the pastel rule: what goes around comes around.


gCAPRICORN December 22- January 19

LO: ugly Christmas sweaters ULO: hula hoops

Everything is coming together and finally working in your favor. Lucky as you are, getting a date with someone out of your league isn’t a surprise; it’s merely just another one for the books. 


eSCORPIO October 24- November 21

LO: double-sided tape ULO: zesty ranch dressing

Silly Scorpio, why waste your time moping around? Get up and out! Opportunities from all over are seeking your attention. Put in a couple more minutes of study time and you will be unstoppable!