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Lincoln Log gives its two cents about the academies

by William Tien


            A unique feature of Lincoln that perhaps no other school in the district has is the academies, which offer four different pathways to choose from: Information Technology, Green, Teacher and Finance. Two cents.jpgMany students who are a part of the academies praise them for the opportunities given to them from the program, yet many are also concerned about the exclusiveness of the academies and the restricted class choices.

            Once in an academy, the student must continue with that single pathway for the rest of high school. Academies can be dropped easily in the beginning, but after a year of being in it, leaving an academy is much more difficult. Similarly, it is also difficult for academy students to take classes that are not part of the program. For instance, if a student needs to make up a certain class or wants to be in a class of their choice, the academy class program restricts them from doing so.  Many students who were prepared to enroll in journalism this year were unable to due such academy restrictions.

             Priority among classes seem to have shifted and decisions seem no longer in control of the student. The same values of education are taught, or should be, in each class and one elective shouldn’t have more rights than another because it supposedly prepares a student more for college. Such a program should be available to every student anyway, not exclusive. Given that Lincoln’s budget situation is not at its highest, Academies are not able to do so. However, as academy programs are still exclusive, they should not be given such priority as to restrict other classes from being taken by a student.

Hey, we're alive!

by Liping Huang


The UFOs have arrived! The sky is burning! The streets are flooding and the ground is shattering. End of the world art.jpgThe stock market has crashed again, sugar free Pop-Tarts have run out, and the sun is coming towards us. The world is ending! This was our prediction for the 2012 apocalypse. But contrary to popular belief, the scientists were right. 

Many rumors stated that the world was going to end on Dec. 21 2012 because the Mayan calendar ended on that date. Boys were the bloggers wrong! They believed that the end of the Mayan calendar represented the end of the world, but the fact is they were using simple-minded mentality to predict something so astronomically huge and destructive. The calendar only ended because it needed to start a new year, similar to how we replaced our calendars for the year 2013. It is like saying someone had an eating disorder because they missed one meal. Exaggeration leads to misinformation and unnecessary panic. 

Even with the facts and truths about the falsity of the apocalypse, people still prepared for the end of the world. These doomsday preppers spent an unbelievable amount of money to survive the apocalypse. For example, some wealthy people spent millions to buy underground houses to protect themselves. They stocked the bunkers with seeds of all fruits and vegetables and hoarded their hallways full of water. This is the Lincoln Log, so I’m going to keep it real. If the world was going to really end, like really, no matter how much money someone had or spent, it would not stop a planet flying at a breakneck pace towards the surface of the Earth. In the rare case that those rich people did survive, they would have been living with about two or three other people. I would not be comfortable only living with two other people for the rest of my life. We would all get sick of hanging out with the same people for too long, especially for 80 years. 

    As if history had not taught us well, the countless numbers of failed predictions in the past should have warned us about the fallacy of this “Apocalypse.” Remember Y2K? Computers were supposed to crash and nuclear bombs were going to eradicate the earth. Remember Harold Camping? He believed there would be a rapture on May 21. Every time his prediction failed, he created a new date for a new rapture. Little to no evidence supported these apocalypse theories, unless you counted the wide range of Internet hoaxes. For example, some people believed that so called planets like Nibiru, Planet X, and Eris were going to hit Earth on July 21 and threaten us with mass destruction. If that was the case, astronomers would have clearly known about the danger and warned us. I am absolutely sure if a planet were to hit us, the media would clearly have told us. Another way people thought Earth would have hit the rocks was by a meteor. They thought the new Ice Age has come and a gigantic meteor would launch into Earth and get rid of every single living thing in its existence, except for the Twinkies. Too bad Twinkies are already extinct.
I have seen these hoaxes before. To be honest, the amount of science terms and advanced vocabulary seemed persuasive. But the fact that only gullible and weird Internet people, in addition to conspiracy theorists believed in this worried me. My research found no reliable sources that proved the rumors. This 2012 phenomenon taught me that no matter how many scientific terms are used or how many books and movies are made for a crazy rumor, the importance of reliable and truthful facts are crucial to developing assertions instead of making of misinformed guesses.

A controversial movie causes Global Turmoil


by Andrew Tang


        A low budget, poorly made, garbage video uploaded on You Tube caused a chain reaction of violent riots and protests throughout the Muslim world. The video was produced in the U.S. and titled ‘Innocence of Muslims,’ and created violence starting with the killing of a U.S. ambassador, Chris Stevens and three other U.S. personnel. Soon, riots broke out in Pakistan, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Australia and others with killed or injured protesters and police.


      Protesters were worldwide in every continent and over such a nothing video. The video looks like it was made to look like a joke. The movie was insulting because it tried to insult Muhammad by making him into an imbecilic, sinful false prophet and warlord, but the video was so stupid looking and terribly made that it shouldn’t even get any attention.


      The video opens up with an Egyptian official and a mob of Muslims persecuting the Coptic Christians of Egypt. The officers wore white office shirts instead of costumes that seem like genuine police uniforms. When the mob attacks a Coptic female, she falls to the floor almost looking like she is smiling. She just rolls to the floor in slow motion, with some cricket chirp noise as a sound effect, splashed with fake blood. The characters talk with American teenage accents when it is supposed to take place in 600 AD Arabia. Muhammad roams the desert with his followers in backgrounds that are just singular, nonmoving images, while pretending to kill people with lots of fake blood. He is seen inventing Islam by combining sentiments of the Torah and New Testament, implying that Islam is just fake and copied. There is speech in the movie that calls Muhammad names such as ‘child molester’ and lines that negatively describe him like, “He captures women and children, kills men and sells children and women after abusing them…all in the name of God. What God?” There is a segment when Muhammad kills a wife’s husband while the wife watches. When Muhammad kills him with a knife you don’t see the knife go into the man. The knife just goes below the camera while the man pretends to die. The wife just stands there and doesn’t care about the movie, but gives off two seconds of fake cries and then all of a sudden, looks straight. The ending of the clip on You Tube shows Muhammad in fake bloodied clothing stabbing the screen with a fake, kindergarten fire animation.


      The “Innocence of Muslims” movie caused 75 deaths, 687 injuries in raids, assault and riots. The people who rioted are mentally unstable, defective, crazy, weird morons for freaking out destroying buildings and other people over a point video on the computer. I don’t even understand how these defects got a computer or TV to see the video. I am amazed.


      People can post whatever they want online. If people don’t like something, they shouldn’t watch it. It isn’t a crime to express a negative opinion about a subject or belief. That is how people feel and they are not in the countries of the people who they offended to disrespect or provoke.