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Awards Dinner 2015

Cadets are awarded awards for their achievements and accomplishments throughout the year with a nice dinner.

Spring Competition 2015

Cadets compete against other schools to see who performs the best in drum corps, exhibition drill team, and flag drill team

2015 SpringFest

Similar to Octoberfest, the students sell burgers to get additional funding for their programs and to see the happy faces on people.


To Celebrate the Anniversary of JROTC, Cadets run around Lake Merced to stay fit and at the end of the run they celebrate by having a barbecue.

N. California Cherry Blossom Parade 2015

Cadets perform at the Cherry Blossom Festival's Grand Parade to celebrate the Japanese culture in Japantown

Orienteering 2015

Cadets go to John McLaren Park (This Year's Location) to compete against other schools by racing to see who will find all the points on their map first.

Raiders Competition (Part 1) 2015

The Raiders Team from each school competes against each other to demonstrate their fitness.

Battalion Squad Drill 2015

Squads from each company compete against each other in a competition to see who performs their drills correctly both regular drilling and free-style drilling.

Japanese School Visit Abraham Lincoln High School 2015

Students from Japan visit Abraham Lincoln High School to experience different things in life some of which would be our Mustang Battlalion's Drum Corps.

St. Patrick's Day 2015

The Battalion joins in with the many people celebrating St. Patrick's Day by performing to a big audience in front of City Hall.

Chinese New Year Parade 2015: Year of The Ram

The Battalion celebrates the Year of The Ram by joinning the Chinese New Year Parade as they march and perform for the community at Downtown, San Francisco

Brigade Ball 2015: A Night To Remember

Cadets gather on a special night with the entire brigade, where they party, dance, and have fun with others.

Summer Resource Fair 2015

At the fair, cadets may learn about opportunities available to them during the summer and help the staff members coordinating the fair by performing multiple tasks such as telling people directions, playing with the children at the fun zones, and cleaning up.

Ice Cream Social 2015

Cadets gather together and enjoy delicious ice cream as they mingle with others and laugh.

Unity Day Parade 2014

Cadets from Colorguard, Flag Drill Team, Exhibition Drill Team, and Drum Corps. perform at the Unity Day Parade to commemorate the unity of people.

Christmas Party 2014

Cadets gather to celebrate the Christmas spirit by having a banquet with friends. They enjoy their time eating and talking, but Santa appears bringing the banquet a even more jolly mood.

Brigade Fall Competition 2014

All cadets from each school compete against each other in a series of drills and tests earning them trophies, medals, and commemoration for their hard work.

Veteran's Day Parade 2014

Cadets march together in a parade and perform to the crowd and the judges in front of city hall.

Costume Party 2014

Cadets have a gathering to celebrate the Halloween spirit with Burton High School as they share the joy and the delicious food. Cadets wearing a costume can compete against each other in the costume contest where they will appeal to judges and get prizes.

OctoberFest 2014

Cadets enjoy the Octoberfest while selling colonel burgers to Lincoln Students and Staff.

Battalion Guidon Competition 2014

Cadets hold their companies Guidon compete against other companies within the Mustang Battalion to prove that they’re the best. The Guidon Bearer that wins will represent the battalion during the fall competition.

U.S.S. Commissioning 2014

Cadets attend the commissioning of the U.S.S America; they toured the amphibious assault ship and participated in ceremonies, while having snacks with navy members.

Battalion Individual Drill Down 2014

One male and female representative from each company from the Mustang Battalion compete and face off against each other in a drilling competition to see who drills the best.

Bell Game Rally 2014

Cadets from Colorguard and Drum Corps. perform in front of the students of Lincoln High School in the annual spirit rally.

Beach Clean Up 2014

Mustang Battalion work with Brigade(other schools with the JROTC program) to help clean up the surrounding trash at Ocean Beach. Cadets have fun talking to other cadets and picking up trash, while helping keep our environment clean.

Battalion Motto Competition 2014

Companies in the Mustang Battalion compete against each other and show off their motivation. The companies take turns demonstrating their motivation by reciting both the battalion motto and their own company motto. The company that wins receive a trophy for their company.


Jump Start 2014

Freshmen attend the jumpstart orientation receive a performance from JROTC's Drum Corps., Exhibition Drill Team, and Flag Drill team.

J.C.L.C. 2014

Cadets attend a four day camp at Camp Parks and challenge themselves in activities using the skills they learned in JROTC.

Future Events


May 23-24, 2015: Disneyland Trip

May 27, 2015: Graduation

May 29, 2015: J.C.L.C