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Sports 12/2010

Soccer Pride

            Soccer season began a little after school started in August and ended in late October. Even though our team didn’t make it to play-offs, they made it third in the league. They only lost to two teams, Mission and Lowell. They tied once with June Jordon. Our team worked hard preparing for games and worked even harder on the field. Our team played with their hearts and souls, giving their all for the team.

            The passion in our soccer team is amazing. “I’ve been involved in soccer for twenty years… it makes everything else bearable,” said Coach Kenyatta Scott. With his twenty years experience coaching, he has faced many obstacles with young adults and learns year after year. “You have no idea what will happen. You choose a group of kids that mesh together, and some of them just make sure that you don’t take life too seriously,” says Coach Scott. The mixture of kids on the team, they know to have fun while, also staying focused.

            The players help push themselves and each other. “We have good chemistry. We’re like a family,” says Santiago Mejia, a senior on the varsity soccer team. With the strong bond between the players, they never settle for less than their best. “I don’t recruit players. The players recruit players,” says Scott. The team chooses their players not only on their abilities, but also on their attitude. If they work well with the rest of the team and have the heart to play, they’re on the team. “We practice everyday on the side field; except for Wednesdays we head to Beach L.A.,” said Mejia. Practices are two hours a day and are a lot of hard work. There they can improve on their skills and also help their teammates improve too.

            Even with the pressure that comes with being on the team, it’s totally worth it. “I joined the team in sophomore year, but I wish I joined when I was a freshman,” says Mejia. He will be graduating in May and doesn’t regret being on the soccer team and taking the responsibilities that came with it. He gives advice to the graduating players."Be good leaders. Look out for yourselves and look out for the ones that can’t look out for themselves. Once a Mustang always a Mustang,” said Scott. Scott plans to continue coaching the Lincoln soccer team and will take the memories of this year with him.



by Crystal Lee

Lincoln Lifters, More than Muscle

Lincoln High weightlifting team began with a group of football players who just wanted to weight-lift.  Now it is a diverse group of young Mustangs who weight-lift not only for fun or to gain muscles but in worldwide competitions.  Three years ago, D’Angelo Osorio was a troublemaker in school with a GPA of 1.67. During his 9th grade year he joined the football team and was introduced to weightlifting. From there his life started to change. He became more focused in school and in his new big interest of weightlifting. Osorio has competed in many states like Georgia, Indiana, Florida, Missouri and also in an international competition in Peru.

    Jenny Lam, a senior at Lincoln, joined the sport after doing track. She was attracted to the competitive aspect of weightlifting. She has competed in two junior age school They have devoted their time to this sport that they would both like to pursue after high school.

            “My dream is to go to the Olympics,” Jenny Lam said. But her biggest competition right now is Sara Cowles from Florida who currently snatches (a one motion lift) 66kg and clean and jerks (a two movement lift) 83kg. Jenny currently snatches 53 kg and clean and jerks 75kg but with 1-2 hour trainings she is still making progress. It is possible for her to make it to the Olympics Kevin Doherty, gym teacher and weightlifting coach, believes. “This is one of my best groups I ever had,” he said.

This year the team consists of not only high school students but Lincoln alumni. This year some of the Lincoln weightlifters will be competing in Youth World, a worldwide competition held in Lima, Peru. It will be held in early May of 2011 ; students 17 and below will compete. Also the Junior World (for ages 20 and below) will be held in Malaysia where Abraham Lincoln alumnus Chioma Amaechi, who now trains at the Olympic Training Center, will compete. Those who rank high in these competitions may have a chance to represent our country in the Olympics.

            The Lincoln High weightlifters are not only representing our school but city, state and country in intense competitions.



by Uchechi Amaechi

Mustang Athletic Spotlight: Jimmy and Aaron Zhu

    Since their freshman year at Lincoln, two sophomore twin brothers, Jimmy Zhu and Aaron Zhu have taken field events to a whole other level. Jimmy Zhu, the older of the two currently runs for Lincoln’s  Junior Varsity team along with his younger brother, Aaron. Both Jimmy and Aaron are also  on the Junior Varsity Track Team for Lincoln, competing in many field events.

    On the track team, students compete in many field events. These field events include pole vault, high jump, long jump, hurdling, and many more. The students practice year round until the All-City Trials in spring. Aaron competes in pole vault and high jump. He enjoys these events the most because  he likes to be high in he air. Last year Aaron placed 3rd place in high jump during the All City Trials and 2nd place in pole vault.     Jimmy competes in pole vault and hurdles. He also enjoys being high in the air and jumping.

            Jimmy and Aaron recently competed in their Cross Country Finals in November. Jimmy placed third in the whole race, while placing first out of the competitors of Lincoln. Aaron placed 14th in the whole race, while placing third out of the competitors for Lincoln. Out of over 100 competitors, Aaron and Jimmy have proven that they should not be ignored. Now, they don’t have any more races to practice for, besides next year’s Cross Country Finals. They have already started training for that race.

            Despite the All-City Trials being in spring, Jimmy and Aaron have also started practicing their field events. Everyday of the week they go to Cross Country practice, then to Track and Field practice. Aaron had his own opinion of practice.

            “I don’t like going to practice very much, but I know that it will help me become faster and stronger, so I go everyday,” Aaron stated.
            Even with practice everyday, Aaron and Jimmy somehow find the time for academics and they prove that they are hardworking people. For the 2nd marking period, Jimmy received a 4.00 on his GPA and Aaron received a 3.50. Maintaining a 4.0 GPA while practicing everyday isn’t easy, as Jimmy explained.

   “I barely have any free time on the weekdays, and on the weekends, I can catch up on some good sleep.”

            Aaron and Jimmy have always done things together. They like the same food, the same television shows, and the same sports. In their 7th grade at Francisco Middle School, they joined the school’s track team together. They thought it would be fun and they both liked to run. They became more intrigued and fascinated while being on the team and there, their running careers began.

             These brothers are a unique pair, and with two more years at Lincoln, they are definitely a pair to keep an eye on.



by William Tien