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  1. What is the most embarrassing thing that could happen to you?
  2. Hug your crush and have your gigantic pimple pop on their face.                 28%
  3. Go on a date and have a slimy green booger hang out of your nose all day.  36%
  4. Have your crush walk behind you on the stairs facing your butt and then accidentally fart in their face.                                                                    26%
  5. Accidentally flash your smelly armpit hair in your crush’s face.              10%


  1. Which horror movie would you have for a life if you were forced to?
  2. “The Grudge”                          36%
  3. “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”  18%
  4. “Saw”                                      10%
  5. “Paranormal Activity “           36%


  1. What animal would you rather be?
  2. A monkey with a face full of pimples                                      28%
  3. An alligator with moldy scales and horrible breath.                 40%
  4. A cat with loads of permanent and very noticeable earwax.    30%
  5. An obese blind rat with blisters all over your body.                 2%


Would You Rather


1. See in black and white OR See in just one color?

             64%                              36%

2. Only be able to shout OR only be able to whisper?

             58%                               42%

3.  Be hairy all over but able to shave OR be completely hairless and allergic to wigs?

             42%                               58%


*50 Lincoln Students were surveyed.



by Shirley Zhu and Victoria Conn

Features 12/2010

Gift of Giving

            It’s almost that time of year again! That’s right, Christmas! Christmas to many people means spending time with family or friends and receiving or giving presents. I personally think the meaning of Christmas is being generous.

            The feeling of giving someone a gift and seeing how happy they get fills me with happiness. Nowadays, people may even be unhappy with the gift they receive because it was not what they wanted. They should be happy to have even gotten a gift at all instead of being so unappreciative. I remember when I was young, I was filled with joy when I saw a man, who I thought was the real Santa, giving out toys to every child who lined up, wanting a gift. Now, I have respect for those people who supplied the toys because they gave the toys out and expected nothing in return except for happiness in the children.

            The Salvation Army volunteers dressed up as Santa Claus on the streets should be given change. Most people walk by the volunteers and don’t even spare a single penny. The money we give them goes to a better use than if we kept it. Clothes and toys are brought and given to those who actually need them. Gifts today are going to people who don’t actually need them. Many other people in the world have little and would be more than happy to receive a gift. Children in foster homes share their toys with other children. I am sure that they would be happy to have a toy that is actually theirs. Homeless people or people living in poverty have little or no money at all to spend on gifts. When I receive a gift that I don’t really want, I tend to never touch it again and it is left to gather dust. I could have given those gifts to people who really want the gifts, but couldn’t afford them. I bet it would make them happy.           

            It does not have to be Christmas to show kindness towards anyone, but Christmas should be a holiday where people show more joy when they give gifts than receive gifts. I have given change to beggars. It really warms my heart when I see them show their appreciation. I honestly think it is one of the best feelings anyone can feel.



by Edward Chung

Black Friday

            Now who doesn’t love shopping? Whether it’s from clothes to shoes to video games to furniture to food, everyone has got to love to shop. Some of the biggest sales start on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

            Why is this day called Black Friday? Historically, the term “Black” has never been used for good events. In September 1869, the U.S. underwent a great financial crisis and named this day Black Friday. The 1929 stock market crash refers to Black Tuesday. In 1975, the shopping rush that followed Thanksgiving turned into Black Friday, in attribution to the furious and anxious crowds and hectic traffic.

            Black Friday is referred to as the busiest shopping day of the year. Most stores open as earlier as 5 A.M., and some of the even larger retailers open at midnight. These stores remain open for 24 hours, with some open until the midnight following Saturday. In 2007, it was estimated that 137 million people shopped on Black Friday. Although Black Friday is not an official holiday, many workers have this day off as part of the Thanksgiving Holiday, which increases the number of potential shoppers.

            Senior, Jarrett Mui tells us, “I enjoys shopping but it can be somewhat materialistic. I understand that when this time of year comes around, everyone is cramming to buy gifts. But more importantly it’s not about the value of a gift but a meaningful gift that comes from the heart.”

            More and more consumers are choosing to shop online due to long waits outside early mornings.  They want to avoid the usual crowds and battles over the most wanted items. It’s more convenient to sit warmly at home and buy whatever consumers want with just the click of a button.

             Electronics and popular toys are the most popular items during this day. Major deals and discounted prices are on most electronics. The retailers use big promotions to draw in customers so that they would shop around and see what else they might like, which makes more money for the store.

                 But why isn’t all America is out shopping? There are some who choose to not spend any money on this day. There may be some good deals to be had on this day but you don’t actually save money by buying stuff you don’t need. People mostly spend money on what they want rather than what they actually need.

                 There is an international day to protest against consumerism called Buy Nothing Day which is also the day following Thanksgiving Day. This day is expressed in numerous ways from the different perspectives of people. Some people stay home and do other things they enjoy. Others gather strikes to protest in shopping malls, holding up signs to spread the problem of over consumption.



by Lisa Lam


          Bullying comes in many forms and has been around for centuries. Over the years, bullying has been escalating from simple name calling to assault. However, a particular form of bullying has been trending in recent years. Cyberbullying is where a minor is harassed over the Internet or through text by another minor. (Note: When a minor is being harassed by an adult, it's refered to as "cyberstalking.")

          Just like bullying in the "real world," there are many levels of bullying. It can be something simple such as mean comment on a person's Facebook profile, or it can be more menacing, such as an embarrassing video or picture. Since name calling is considered normal in present-day society, most minors don't even know that they're being bullied. A question that's often brought up is, "How doesn't cyberbullying hurt a person more than bullying them in person?" Does bullying someone on a social networld site like Facebook or Myspace have more of an impact?

          "The difference with having Facebook is that it has a much wider audience," said Jorge Gonclaves, the Academy of Information Technology (AOIT), Even it an old post or video is deleted, it's too late. Someone has already seen it, and they can repost it. It only takes a matter of seconds for a comment to show up on someone's profile. In recent months, tere have been sit gay youth suicides due to harassment, In one of these cases, cyberbullying played a major factor. Tyler Clementi, a Rutgers University freshman, committed suicide after his sexual encounter with another man was posted on the Internet. Cases such as this one is enough proof that cyberbullying has just as much of an impact as face-to-face bullying.

          But how can cyberbullying be identified? And if someone finds themselves as victims, how do they prevent further harassment or rather, prevent harassment all together? "Save all posts texts and show them to an adult for an opinion," Gonclaves said. "If you can, get a screenshot of your profile where the comments are posted. Then, show it to the police." However, this tactic can only go so far. "If it happens off campus, schol officials can only guide the students," Gonclaves said. The best thing for a victim to do is report the harassment to a responsible adult and be careful about who their friends online are.



by Julianna Echeverria

Addiction causes afflictions

          “Who’s your best friend?”

            “My computer.”

            “Wait what? I thought I was your best friend!”

            “Yeah, but I found a new one, I play with my computer all day now.”

            Some treat their online games like their best friend; they don’t talk to anyone else but play all day. Some don’t eat or sleep for days and even weeks. Everyone loves to play some sort of game. To what extent has the virtual world affected our real world?

            People enjoy games and use them for enjoyment, to relieve stress, or  to practice certain skills, but there are some that get so consumed by the game that the game is all they think about. Although online games are fun and enjoyable, addiction may develop resulting in severe delusion, significant loses, and remorse or regret.

Games consume players that are vulnerable when they are in their lowest emotional point.In CRC Health Group’s Article on “What Makes a Video Game” states, “Most adolescents like to spend at least part of their free time playing video games. Soon, friends, family, school, and even personal hygiene are neglected as nearly every spare moment is spent playing the game.” For any kid or teen, on their spare time, they would want to play some fun, cheerful, and challenging games to take their minds off the stress they have with school, home, or any other problems they might have. Sunny Ng, a senior, tells us “I pay about 20 hours a week. I play right after coming home to take a break from school and homework. It helps me relax. Games are like my secondary activity to school.”

Sharon Lynn of “Why People Get Addicted to Video Games” claims, “People get addicted to video games because they like the challenge of beating these games, and accepting a challenge to beat another player at these games.” Gamers like to brag when they have won a challenge, achieved a high score, advanced to the next level, or beaten the whole game. It makes them feel good and makes them feel like they are on top of everyone else.

“As a result of low self-esteem, not socially active, and dissatisfaction with life, they explain why some teens are so attached to online video games that nothing else seemed to mattered, totally unaware of their surroundings and enjoying their fun,” asserted by Jennifer Chan of “Unhealthy Gaming Habits and Addictions”.  There are some teens who are not publicly socially active, that feel more comfortable talking to others online where faces aren’t seen and where judgments can’t be made.

The CRC Health Group also explains, “But those who begin to play video games excessively may become so engrossed in the virtual fantasy world that they shirk their responsibilities and other interests.” Some choose to play uncontrollably, neglecting what they need to do and what’s most important in their lives.

Austin McKenzie of “Gaming Addiction Leads to Death of 3-Month Old Korean Girl” remarks, “Gaming addiction turned horrifically tragic as the three-month-old daughter of a Korean couple starved to death while her parents we re caring for a virtual daughter during a 12-hour gaming session.” This terrible lose is an example of forgetting what needed to come first and the responsibilities the parents had to take. They took care of a virtual child before even taking care of their own. Paula Martinezmoles, the Main Office Secretary says, “Gamers should know when to stop playing before it interferes with their productive lives.”

People who are not satisfied with the way they look create avatars to represent themselves. Having an avatar is a fascination you play around with. But it is not something you live through yourself. They are all self-controlled, self-expressive, and self-created. But anavatar is merely something fake; it is game you are playing with yourself.

Even though the virtual world is appealing and, it is not reason to charm yourself to the extent you where you exclude the reality you are in. Reality is vitality. Sherry Rauh voices of “Video Game Addiction No Fun”, “The virtual life becomes more appealing than real life.” Games are everyday newly improved with better graphics and realistic characters made to look like the outside world.

 “The most addictive part of massively multi-player online role playing games is the ability to create, personify, and improve a character,” declares Chan. Anything is possible in the virtual world. There are endless possibilities in the virtual world. But why would you want to replace that with a world that isn’t even real?

South Korea is the first to take gaming addiction as a psychiatric disorder. Gaming addictions need to be considered as a more serious matter. Action needs to be taken in the short term effect, because the long term effect is much worse. Safety always comes first. Rauh states, “It's like a food addiction. You have to learn to live with food. Because video game addicts can't avoid computers, they have to learn to use them responsibly.”



by Lisa Lam