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The Visual and Performing Arts Department

Welcome to the Abraham Lincoln High School Department of Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)!

Our classes are designed to provide a comprehensive program in Visual Arts, Music and Theater. Our courses fulfill the one-year graduation requirement of the district and are approved for entrance to the State and UC systems. VAPA courses also fulfill elective requirements. All courses are two semesters in length and expose students to a broad spectrum of skills, techniques, concepts and cultural contexts important to literacy in the Arts. We provide introductory courses for beginning students and advanced instruction for students interested in the arts. Students intending to major in VAPA in college should take 2 –3 years of high school coursework in the arts. Our students often continue their studies in college, art and music school or vocational school.

Visual and Performing Arts courses are aligned with the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards and SFUSD Standards.

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Art 1 and 2

A beginning art class that introduces the student to a variety of art techniques, methods, and concepts that will promote creative expression. Students will learn to use the same principles (sensory, formal, technical and expressive qualities) that artists use, to think, produce, talk and write about art. Students will be instructed in the art forms of several cultures including historical impacts and contributions. Most lessons are project based.

Advanced Art

A course for students who have successfully completed Art 1 2. Students must demonstrate technical competence, building and refining skills using a range of media; pencil, pen, chalk, crayon, watercolor and ink, paper mache and clay. Students will learn to think, talk and write about art through the study of artists and art concepts from a variety of cultures and time periods. Craftsmanship, self – expression and experimentation are emphasized.

Art and Architecture

Course Description:

Art and Architecture is an introductory level, two semester, survey class designed to provide instruction for the secondary student in the fundamental concepts of ...more

A. P. Art History

A. P. Art History not only seeks to understand history though studying its works of art, but also to understand art by studying the context in which it was created. Works of art document history. How ...more


Students will receive instruction in musical technique and expression on wind (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone), brass (trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba) and percussion (snare drum, bass ...more

Ceramics 1 and 2

Students are introduced to methods and m

aterials used in Ceramics, including handbuilding techniques used for the construction and surface decoration of clay, such as; clay modeling, slab building, ...more

Advanced Ceramics

A course for art students who have successfully completed Ceramics 1 2 with an A or B. Students must demonstrate technical competence and an interest in exploring intuitive and imaginative expression ...more

Computer Art

Working on paper as well as digitally, students will explore the creative process of making images that can communicate ideas and information through word and image. The course will develop creative thinking and successful solutions in graphic design and illustration; introducing topics as the principles of art and design, typography, composition and layout.

Beginning Drama

This class is designed to teach the fundamentals of theater. Students will learn movement and vocal techniques as well as theater vocabulary. Students will also learn to work in an ensemble as well as individually. The second part of the course will focus on theater history and basic scene study.

Advanced Drama

Students will continue to study important aspects of theater as well as focusing on the production and performance element of drama. Students will investigate various ways to build a character and create a relationship. Traditional and non-traditional theater methods of acting will also be explored. Students will be required to put in after school hours to work on various drama productions. Previous theatrical experience required.

Drawing 1 and 2

Designed for the serious art student, assignments will cover one and two-point perspective, drawing from nature, figure drawing, portraiture, drawing from models and photographs, exploring a variety of drawing styles and media. Students will learn to appreciate the efforts and work ethics of others. Students will be instructed in art forms of selected cultures and explore historical and contemporary views.

Advanced Drawing

Designed to give the serious art student an opportunity to further develop personal drawing skills and portfolio. Assignments include, but are not limited to; drawing, collage, printmaking and painting, using various media and techniques.

Beginning Theater Technology


Sudents will be instructed in all aspects of operating and maintaining the stage, auditorium, the surrounding areas, the lighting and sound system. Students must be available for selected activities, such as: assemblies, rallies, shows, concerts, and selected football and basketball games. Students and their Parents will be required to sign a contract, which is a commitment of participation.

Intermediate Theater Technology

Continuing students will receive additional instruction in all aspects of operating and maintaining the stage, auditorium, the surrounding areas, the lighting and sound system. This will be a ...more

Technical Theater

Emphasis will be placed on the production element of theater and each student will be expected to put in a number of hours outside of the normal class time. Students are expected to work after school ...more


Students will receive instruction in musical technique and expression on stringed instruments (Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass). While the class is designed for the four members of the string family, ...more

Painting 1 and 2

A studio course, designed to give students an opportunity to develop an understanding of color, image making and techniques while creating personal symbolism and expression through painting. The paintings created in this course will result in a portfolio that is helpful for students wishing to pursue art in a college setting. Assignments will cover color theory, design, composition, application and rendering.

Advanced Painting

A studio course, designed to give students an opportunity to further explore various painting techniques while developing an awareness of personal style, symbolism and emotion through the exploration of color, line, composition and form. The paintings created in this class will result in a portfolio that is helpful for students wishing to pursue art in a college setting. Assignments will cover theory, design, composition, and rendering.

Photography 1 and 2

An introductory course in Black and White film photography. The course is designed to serve students who have probably never used a manual camera or worked in a dark room before. Concepts and skills ...more

Advanced Photography

Students will plan and execute longer and more complex projects – they will work on several long series of images, rather than only one print per project. Students will learn to use experimental ...more

How to Contact Faculty & Staff

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Visual/Performing Arts Directory

Alter, Jack
Geiser, Christian
Lussier-West, Kathleen
Melander, Karen
Pacini, Cynthia
Vetrone, Christopher
Walenta, Elaine

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