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Peer Resource

What is Peer Resources?

 Peer Resources is a program found across the city that seeks to empower students by training them to be:

-Peer Educators -Conflict Managers - Change Makers - Researchers -Peer Mentors -Peer Tutors and Counselor


What do you do in Peer Resources?

  What do you do in Peer Resources?

We do a variety of activities training students in: communication skills, analyzing oppression, analyzing and solving problems, acting as mentors to younger students, etc.

Peer Resources is not a normal looking class. We have couches and comfortable chairs. With a few exceptions, everything that is said in the class is confidential.



Can students just stop by the Peer Resources room?


MOST DEFINITELY!!! Peer Resources is not just for people in the classes. It is also for people who just need a safe, warm, comfortable place to hang out during lunch or with a teacher pass.




For more information, see the brochure HERE:

APPLICATIONS for next year are being accepted now.


They are available in the Counseling office, room 126A, the Wellness Center and Peer Resources (room 160, of course). Applications are also available online:

Applications are due Friday, March 27th.