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Math Department Directory

Arietta, Jenny
Chu, Albert
Fong, Julia C.
Gerek, Rebecca Ida
Hartung, Kimberly
Kelley, Susan
Lee, Roger Michael
Manuel, Carol
Mosheim, Mark
Ong, Marilyn
Raygosa, Ramiro Robert
Scott, Kenyatta
Mathematics/ Boy's and Girl's Soccer
The Mathematics Department

Department Head: Susan Kelley DeGrado

The Mathematics Department offers courses from first year Algebra 1 through Advanced Placement levels. During the 2014-2015 school year we will be using materials aligned to the new Common Core State Standards in Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.  Both Advanced Placement Calculus and Advanced Placement Statistics have new textbooks. We will also offer Computer Programming for the first time in many years.  This should be a VERY exciting year in mathematics education.

Math Department Course Offerings

Algebra One

This course is required for graduation and for admission to the University of California or California State University systems.  College eligibility requires a grade of C or better.

Students complete one year of college preparatory Algebra in this two semester sequence. Incoming ninth graders are placed in this class based on scores on the placement exam and record from middle school.



This course is required for graduation and for admission to the University of California or California State University systems. College eligibility requires a grade of C or better.This course is designed to follow Algebra One.


Algebra Two

This course is required for graduation for the class of 2014 and beyond.  It is required for admission to the University of California or California State University systems. College eligibility requires a grade of C or better. 


Probability and Statistics

This is an introductory high school level course to statistics and probability. Students taking this course should have completed at least through Geometry and Advanced Algebra is highly recommended since topics covered in that course are often used in this course.

This course covers all of the standards listed in the California Framework, but covers many other topics in addition to those listed in the Framework. The course tends to have a hands-on approach so that students can generate their own data in many situations. Topics include linear regression, analysis of one variable data, introductory inference, and probability. Teachers often use a variety of sources for the class, including websites for additional enrichment.



Prerequisites for this course are Algebra, Geometry, and Advanced Algebra. Success in this course is very dependent on students having a thorough knowledge of second year algebra and geometry since both are used and built on throughout the course. Students must have teacher recommendation to take this course and scores on CST math subjects are considered. A diagnostic test is given to determine if placement in this course is appropriate.

This course covers all of the traditional trigonometry topics as well as many analytic geometry topics. The standards listed under Trigonometry and Mathematical Analysis in the California Mathematics Framework are addressed in this course as well as almost all the topics in the Linear Algebra listing in the Framework.


Advanced Placement Statistics

This course is the College Board Advanced Placement Statistics course and includes all of the topics listed on the College Board website. The course has four main components: exploratory analysis, probability, experimental design, and inference. Students enrolling in this course must have fairly high reading and writing ability and must have successfully completed through Advanced Algebra (An A or B in that course is recommended).


Advanced Placement Calculus 

Students must complete Precalculus successfully to enroll in this course. The course covers all of the topics in the College Board syllabus. Students taking this course must take the Advanced Placement exam in May of the year they take the course. Students who pass the Advanced Placement exam are then eligible for college credit at many universities.

Winners in the first SFUSD Geometry Video Challenge 2013

Winners in ther First Geometry Video Contest 2013

Math Twins

Math Twins